The Secret World Aux Weapon Signet Effects List

The Secret World Aux Weapon Signet Effects List by Endetium

as the title states list all the aux weapon signet effects you know here.

Aux Weapon Augur – pop shot causes a detrimental effect that deals a low amount of damage after 2 seconds.

Aux Weapon Charge – 10% damage increase for clusterstruck.

Aux Weapon Tune – reduces movemenet penalty of big red button by 33%.

Aux Weapon Overdrive – whenever you activate death from above you gain a beneficial effect that increases your movement speed by 5% for 7 seconds

Aux Weapon Binding – each enemy you kill with pop shot reduces it’s cooldown by 1 second

Aux Weapon Imprint – Clusterstruck has a 8% chance of not triggering it’s recharge timer

Aux Weapon Seal – big red button leaves a 5 meter radius area around your target for 5 seconds that does a low amount of damage every second for 5 seconds on up to 5 enemies

Aux Weapon Mod – reduces the damage you receive when you activate “Death from Above” to 6% of your maximum health

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