Soul Saver Fighter Stats and Skills Basic Guide

Soul Saver Fighter Stats and Skills Basic Guide by sliceroy

From my general knowledge, Fighters are the, base-wise, strongest characters in the game of SoulSaver Online. Ill start off with the axes. Axes have the strongest base damage of all other weapons and Fighter armor has the greatest defense. With this, your character will always have a high level of attack and defense. With that being said, the critical rate for this class is not as high as others, like assassins. The stats to be invested in this class are STR and DEX. A lot of people will tell you that VIT is a good stat for fighters, but it is not. Every class in SoulSaver benefits from different stats in different ways. VIT does not give Fighters nearly as much HP and DEF as an assassin, or a mage. DEX will give fighters critical rate and STR will give them HP that will make up for the lack of VIT, while still increasing your damage. With the high damage, and superior armor, your DEF should be fine to take on any monsters of your level. Recommended stats are 3 STR and 1 DEX.

This also applies to wheels, 3 DEX and 1 STR. Although wheels dont have the same attack power as axes, their skills are long range and stack on mobs, meaning you dont get hit as much.

Now on to the skill allocation. For axes, max Axe Mastery, the level 43 skill for axes, and the Tiger Roar attack buff that is common to all fighters. The extra 3 points leftover can invested into anything you want. Since the level 60 cap is probabaly going to be raised and 2nd job is more than likely to be released, this will give you time to save up points for 2nd job skills. REMEMBER TO MAX Level 45 DOUBLE JUMP After 2nd job, you guys are on your own, mostly because a lot fo people have their own build systems for skills in 2nd job and many feel one skills is much better off than the other so I wont go into detail with those.
Skill allocation for wheels: Max Wheel Mastery, the Tiger Roar attack buff common to all fighters, and the level 43 skill. The extra 3 points can be invested into whatever you want. Remember to max the level 45 skill.

I know that with this, you wont have a decent attack skill until level 43, and many dont want to wait that long. In the long-run, the level 43 skills are superior to all other skills, but the axe level 18 skill is very good, especially when upgraded, and so is the wheel level 18 skill. If you want, max the 43 and 18 skills for both sets of weapons, but youll have to give up a skill in 2nd job, like HP UP, the 62 skill, or something more. Again, im not an expert on Fighters and Id rather some of my friends to edit this for me but the ultimate way to get experience on this is to play around with the skills and see what you like best.

I really hope this helps guys, and cant wait to see you in-game SoulSaver!

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