Soul Saver Assassin Stats and Skills Basic Guide

Soul Saver Assassin Stats and Skills Basic Guide by sliceroy

Assassins are the critical hit class with high evasion. In basic, they deal crits on a mass of mobs consistently and have evasion make up for their obvious lack of defense.

Note- Glove Assassins)Throwing Assassins) train on monsters at a much faster rate than Claw Asassins)Hooking Assassins).

For Glove Assassins, since you attack from a far range, vitality)the stat that increases your def and HP) is not really needed. Intelligence is a no for Assassins, and so is strength. Dexterity is where its at for this class. You wanna max dexterity, but keep in mind that vitatlity is ALWAYS useful, so while im not telling you to put an equal proportion of vitatlity to dexterity, remember that it is the difference between that 300 health that a boss or monster can 1 hit KO you. Personally, a 25 or 30 Vitality Base is good enough and the rest into dexterity. Especially since our level cap is only going to 60 for now.

Anyways for Glove Assassins- Everyone has their own build for their characters so this is only a suggestion: to take advantage of the long range critical damage assault on a multitude of monsters, max glove mastery, Double Shot)level 18 skill that throws two stars at an enemy and stacks), Evasion Buff, and the level 43 skill for gloves)That I have no idea what the name is) Double Jump is a great skill for mobility that you get at level 45 from your faction so pick it up and max it.

Claw Assassins- Since we do usual 3 hits on a set of monsters that dont usually stack, and we fight up close, Id say 30 base vit and the rest dexterity. Max Claw Mastery, Thundersprint)level 18 skill), Evasion Buff, and level 43 skill for claw. Max Double Jump as well.
Also, if 2nd job is available at level 60, max HP up for both claws and gloves.
Hope this helps if youre new and are wondering about the assassin class.

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