Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue DPS Cycle Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Rogue DPS Cycle and Skill Tree Guide by gangtopian

there are two types of skill trees that’s commonly used.

A. giving up on moonlight dance(Dancing).

B. full master on Dancing.

so, it’s your either dancing rogue or not.

A. giving up on Dancing tree and DPS cycle.

A-1 Skill tree..


A-2 DPS cycle.

hiding – Dark illusion – Genocide Mark(Mark) – Double Attack(double) – Deadly Blow(Deadly)

if Combo Mastery(ComMa) shows alot, you can have Deadly attack alot.

when to use Dirty Plan(Dirty) – when Mark is gone, Dirty – Mark – Deadly – Double.

with this cycle, it’s easy to move and you can get faster cooldown(CD) on Dirty.

*use Deadly when only gauge is full!!! other wise, forget about using Deadly.

*it’s not Genocide Mark. it’s should be Mark of death(the skill at the bottom right)

B-1 Dancing Tree.


this is exactly what i use.

why didn’t give up on dancing?

sometimes your Deadly skill damage could be missed (which means boss evaded).

Then you have to wait for gauge to be fulled or ComMa.

but Dancing is not just one attack. it’s several attacks. plus dancing gives more damages than one Deadly.

*there is no way to move during Dancing.(i’m sure that there are ppl who moves. i do move too.)

B-2 DPS cycle

Mark – Double – Dancing – Deadly – Dirty and repeat.

when your gauge gets full or before gets full you’ll have ComMa, use Dancing, and then, when Gauge is full, use Deadly.

and ComMa will be shown alot. if your Dancing is cooled down, Dancing right away. if not, Deadly.

C. Common skills.

Duel Stab : if you’re not in Korea, then i don’t recommend you Duel stab. why? because it’s too slow.T_T(the reaction time.)

Gangster Paradise : whenever you feel your HP is Low. if you have Priest friend who gives you Renovatio(Reno), you’re lucky.

Unstable dopping : about 7 red potion V, and several cheap red Potions. After unstable dopping and 7 red potionV, you can find out your maximum attack increase(which will be shown and called Adrenalin).and this effect is only for 3minutes, so you should have lots of red potion I~III to maintain the Adrenalin.

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