Pockie Pirates Getting Stronger Gear Guide

Pockie Pirates Getting Stronger Gear and Equipment Guide by sherrvarma

Gears can make or break your Pockie Pirates characters in game. In this guide, we will go over the different actions that you should do for your Pockie Pirates gears to increase their powers. With increased powers, you will be able to win more battles, collect mastery stars, and more. Leave any comments too if you have any additional information to add.

How to Obtain Pockie Pirates Gears and Equips
You can get the various equipment in Pockie Pirate through normal playing, and special events such as . Your goal is to get the gears that are suitable for your level and class. In general, a set of equip is made either for Pockie Pirates Swordsman/Sniper or Navigator/Doctor. This means that a set of gear can be shared between your crews if they have suitable gears.

Gears and Main Attributes
Each of the gears have a specific stat that they enhance for your Pockie Pirates character. These stats are also enhanced with an added bonus when you use the enhancement feature. Because of how mastery points is determined purely based on the damage that you have taken in battle, consider really boosting the defense segment as well as the attack to kill Pockie Pirates enemies as fast as possible while taking the least amount of damage.

Weapon: Either Physical or Magical Attack
Hat: HP
Cloak: Magical Defense
Boots: Speed
Armor: Physical Defense

Gear Enhancement
To really utilize the potential of your Pockie Pirate equipment, you will have to enhance them via the enhancement function. The main attribute of the gears will receive bonus increases upon gear enhancement feature. The level of Pockie Pirate enhancement is limited by the level of your character.

You will have a luck meter that will determine whether or not you will succeed or fail the Pockie Pirates gear enhancement. You can spend gold to increase the percentage to 100% Each of the enhancement will cost silver to enhance. In addition, the higher level the subsequent enhancement, the more silver costs for higher levels.

Every time you attempt Pockie Pirate equipment enhancement, you will also trigger a 2 minutes cool down. Although the cooldown can be lowered via gold just like in Pockie Ninja. The cooldown time can be stacked up to 20 minutes at which your attempt will be locked. It should be noted that if you are able to keep the enhancement time under 20 minutes, you will be able to enhance while the timer goes down.

Gear Inherit of Enhancement Level
You can transfer the enhancement level from one gear to another. This will save you any silver investment that you have put into previous Pockie Pirates gears. You should be careful when you inherit a high silver cost item into a lower one like from weapon to armor, make sure that your character level is high enough to absorb without loss of levels.

Pockie Pirates Shell Embed and Synthesis
Shells corresponding to all of the attributes exist in Pockie Pirates, these shells include magic attack shell, physical attack shell, etc. The gears have slots that can be inserted with Pockie Pirates shells. Weapons hold 6 slots while other armor types hold 3 shell slots. However, you can freely insert and remove shells from gears without having to pay any silver or gold.

Because you can only insert one type of shell into the gear, it is beneficial for you to combine shells to be able to hold more stat boosts into your Pockie Pirates gears. Shells can be combined or synthesized by using two of the same level together.

Level 1 Shell: 0.75% Increase
Level 2 Shell: 1.5% stat increase.

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