Odin Quest Alliance City Battle Guide

Odin Quest Alliance City Battle Guide

Do you have the dream of ascending the throne and conquer the whole continent? Do you want to obtain the supreme honor?
Brave warriors, take arms and lead all members of your alliance to beat strong competitions to make all people in Medgate bow deeply to you.
Show your power in City Battle and don’t let all your followers down!


A. About Participation

1. Requirement: any player (there is no limit of level and joining an alliance or not) can enter Ancient Altar to participate City Battle without registration when the City Battle is open. But only members of an alliance are available to become the castellan of Medgate.

2. How to participate: From 20:25 to the time of City Battle ending in the day when City Battle opens, please click icon of City Battle in the upper right corner to enter Ancient Altar and participate City Battle. Or select City Battle in Alliance panel to enter Ancient Altar.

3. Tips: Names of players in alliance which has Soulblade will be marked as red color and these players can use Defense Respawn Point. Names of players in alliances which are available to snatch the Soulblade will be marked as green color and these players can use Offense Respawn Point. Players who are not available to scramble the Soulblade will be marked as white color and use Offense Respawn Point.

B. About Application

1. How to apply: President or Vice President can apply by clicking Apply button in Alliance panel.

2. Requirement: Presidents or Vice Presidents of lv3 alliances or higher are available to apply. Application fee is 100 Gold each.

C. About Duration


D. About Rules

1. Before the City Battle starts, all players who enter Ancient Altar will revive in the Offense Respawn Point located in the corner of the scene.

2. After the City Battle begins, all players will appear in the Offense Respawn Point. Players can go to altar in the upper left corner to snatch the Soulblade.
3. Players will revive within 5 min in the Respawn Point after killed in Ancient Altar.
4. There is no protection zone in Respawn Point. Players will be invincible for 3s after revive or entering City Battle. In the invincible status, players cant attack and be attacked by others.

5. Players who are killed in Despawn Point will revive in Medgate and players who are killed in other zones will revive in Despawn Point.

6. Pulling out the Soulblade is the process of collecting. The process can’t be interrupted by being attacked but will be interrupted by being killed.

7. The player who first complete the collecting will obtain the Soulblade when multi players pulling out the Soulblade at the same time. The Soulblade will appear behind the player who obtains the Soulblade.

8. Player who obtains the Soulblade will lose ownership of the Soulblade and the Soulblade will disappear.

9. The Soulblade will go back to altar after the owner changing line, leaving Ancient Altar, disconnection to server or being killed by others.

10. Ownership duration of Soulblade will be reset after the Soulblade is back to Altar and will be retiming after it is obtained.

11. Players in the same alliance cant PK in Ancient Altar but they can team up to benefit from using bonus skill. Players from different alliance cant team up.

12. There is no punishment for PK point in Ancient Altar if players killed others. So players who killed others won’t lose equipments after being killed by others.

E. Requirements of success

1. If one player can pull out the Soulblade and own it for more than 20 minutes, the City Battle will end and alliance which the player who obtains the Soulblade in is success and that player who obtains the SB will be the Castellan.

2. If no one can own Soulblade more than 20 minutes, the Soulblade will belong to players who obtain it when City Battle ends at 21:00.

3. If on one owns the Soulblade when City Battle ends, the alliance whose member own the Soulblade for longest time will be winner and player who owns the Soulblade for longest time in this alliance will be the Castellan.

4. If there is no winner, no Castellan appear in the City Battle.

F. About Rewards

1. All players who participate in City Battle will obtain some rewards after it.

2. All rewards will be calculated after the City Battle. But if players aren’t in City Battle at the moment of its ending, they won’t obtain Exp rewards.

3. Exp rewards can only be obtained by players who have fought more than 10 minutes in City Battle.

4. Rewards for Winners


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