Odin Quest Accessory Star Upgrade System Guide

Odin Quest Accessory Star Upgrade System Guide

With the level upgrading, all the warriors step on the road to the Lost Treasure, fighting for honor. The best way to conquer the continent is to improve your own power. Now, the Accessory Star Upgrade System is opened in Odin Quest. Thus, the accessories can devote themselves to the grand mission!

Accessory Star Upgrade is the enhancement of Accessories, which is available for players above Lv40. The Star increases by 1 when it succeeds and decreases by 1 when it fails. ☆ and ★ stand for singular and plural Star. Accessories can only be upgraded to Lv20, i.e. 10 ★.

The upgrading of Star level is the most basic and direct way to gain power. With the upgrading of Star level, the effect becomes better. Meanwhile, no matter what level of the Accessory is, the Star can be transferred.

Equips can be Star Upgraded: Necklace, Ring, Relic and Amulet
Materials required in Star Upgrade—-Star Stone
There is a success rate in Star Upgrade
The higher level the Star Stone, the higher the success rate
Accessories will not disappear but degrades when it fails.
Safety Token can ensure the accessory won’t degrade if it fails; Luck Token can increase the success rate of Accessory Star Upgrade
VIP card will provide extra bonus for the success rate: VIP Card II for 5% success rate, VIP Card III for 10%.
If the Accessory, Star Stone, Safety Token and Luck Token are all unbound, the Accessory generated will be unbound, no matter it succeed or fail; If one of them is bound, the Accessory generated will be bound, no matter it succeed or fail.
It costs a certain amount of Gold

Click Enhance and choose Upgrade
Put the accessory (Necklace/Ring/Relic/Amulet) to the slot
Material required in Star Upgrade—-Star Stone
Put into Safety Token (ensure it won’t degrade when it fails) and Luck Token (increase success rate)
Sufficient Gold for Star Upgrade
Click the button Stars
Tips: Collect the more Star Stones of different levels to increase the success rate!

Attribute of Accessory Star Upgrade:

In order to enable the dear players to enjoy the considerate Accessory Star Upgrade, we sincerely promote the Star Transfer function; so that players will not worry about these elaborately enhanced accessories will expire with the level increasing.

It cost a certain amount of Gold.
Every relevant accessory will be bound.
Accessories will not disappear after transferring.
The Star Level of the transferred accessory will turn to 0, while that of the new one generated will reduce 2, i.e. 1 ★. Less than 1 ★ will be counted as level 0.
Accessories of different parts cannot transfer with each other.

Click Enhance and choose Transfer
Put the Sub Equip and Main Equip
Check the Result Preview
Click the button Transfer

How to get Star Stone
Exchange Lv2-Lv4 Star Stone with Defender Badge from Star Upgrade Messenger in Talsarah
It has a chance to drop Lv1 Star Stone to kill Flame Essence and Lava Lord in Talsarah
Buy Lv4 Star Stone from Shop
Players will take sub quest Talsarah: ….. from Notice Board, which requires players to help the Medgate Defenders in Talsarah. Finish this series of sub quests to unlock the daily quests of this place. Players can win Defender Badges and exchange them to Star Stones after finishing these quests.
Players of Lv40-Lv49 can finish 5 random Daily Quests
These Daily Quests include:
Rescuer: Collect the injured animals to protect them.
Rescue: Rescue the wounded soldiers in the frontline.
Collect Armor: Collect armor from bodies of dead Coke Goblin.
Last Words: Use the Spirit Box collected in Murdoch’s.
Armed the front: Defeat Coke Goblin and collect Flame Essence.
Charge Forward: Join the fight in the frontline, kill Incursive Flame Messager.
Pains Relief: Defeat Coke Goblin and obtain the Flame Heart.
Wipe out Traitors: Join the fight in the frontline, kill Mutinous Soldier.
Defected Plan: Defeat Mutinous Soldier, get Defected Plan and hand to Murdoch.
Catch the Leader: Defeat Lava Lord.
Players will get the ……quest when reaching Lv50. Finish the quest chain to get 5 random Daily Quests and win more Defender Badges.

Fusion of Star Stone
There are 5 levels in total. Players can fuse low level Star Stones to high level Star Stones.
There is a success rate in Star Stone fusion, but it’s 100% when fuse the Lv4 Star Stones to Lv5 Star Stone.

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