MechWarrior Online Unlocking Variants Guide

MechWarrior Online Unlocking Variants Guide by Huron Fal

This guide will explain the difference between unlocking your first mech in a certain weight class versus unlocking subsequent mechs in the same weight class. The thread also indicates when it is “safe” to sell a mech you do not want, and contains other helpful information regarding leveling. It is highly recommended that you read the entire guide, including the NOTES at the bottom in order to avoid any costly mistakes.

Example 1:

Assume I have just bought my first mech ever, a Cataphract, which is in the ‘Heavy’ weight class.

  • I have to unlock all the basic skills for 3 variants in order to unlock the Elite tree for those variants.
  • I then have to unlock the elite skills for all 3 of those variants in order to unlock the master tree.

(After unlocking all the elite skills for a variant you do not want, you can sell it. Also note that after you unlock all the elite skills for a variant, that variant gets 2 times the bonuses from the basic skill tree! You will see a “2x” appear next to the basic skill tree when this occurs.)

  • I then decide to unlock master for one of my three variants.

Unlocking the master skill for the Cataphract will give me “Master” Status for the ‘Heavy’ weight class, which causes Example 2 to occur the next time I buy a ‘Heavy’ chassis and for every other ‘Heavy’ chassis I buy in the future.

Example 2:

Now that I have a mastered a Cataphract, I decide to buy a Catapult, which is also a ‘Heavy’ chassis.

  • I have to unlock all the basic skills for 3 variants in order to unlock the Elite tree for those variants.

(If you only wish to master 1 variant, you can sell an unwanted variant after unlocking all of its basic skills.)

  • This time however, I only have to unlock all of the elite skills for 1 variant in order to unlock the master tree for that variant.
  • This means I save 43,000 EXP worth of grinding over when I had to unlock the Cataphract skills. I can now master the variant I decided to keep.

This Example also applies to any subsequent Heavy Chassis I decide to buy as well, but If I chose to buy a chassis in another weight class I would have to start the same process that I underwent with the Cataphracts in Example 1.


  • When you sell a mech you do not lose any unlocked skills or EXP.
  • However, you will be unable to spend EXP or GXP on skills for a mech that you do not have in your mechbay.
  • You must have a mech purchased and selectable in a mechbay (I.E do not sell it), if you want to be able to assign any of it’s EXP or convert it to GXP.
  • Basically, do not sell your mechs unless you are done unlocking skills for them, unless you want to waste CBills buying them back later.

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