MechWarrior Online Save Up For A Hunchback Advice

MechWarrior Online Save Up For A Hunchback Advice by Lefty Lucy

If you’re a new player grinding your way through c-bills with a trial mech (you know you could just buy some MC ), then you likely want to get into your own, personal ride as quickly as possible.

However, if you do end up buying a Commando because it’s simply the first mech available, in the long run you’re likely to be disappointed. The Commando simply isn’t as good as the other light mechs, for various reasons I wont get into here.

Instead, I suggest that you save up for a medium chassis. Medium mechs have a lot of versatility, and can “plug holes” where other mech classes might not be able to. While they’re not going to excel at any particular role, you can build a medium mech to be an asset to any team.

As a particular medium mech, I suggest saving up for the HBK-4SP. It costs 3.6 million C-bills, so it will take you roughly twice as long to save up for it, but the wait is worth it.

The HBK-4SP has 5 laser and 2 missile hard points. 4 of the laser hard points are mounted in fully-articulated arms, to give you excellent range of fire against even the most agile of opponents. I cannot stress how much of an advantage this is, especially with hit-scan weapons. An opponent cannot seek blind spots above or below you, and the HBK chassis has an excellent torso twist range so mechs are not even safe behind you. The last laser hard point is mounted in your head, meaning you can fight even after all of your limbs and side torsos have been removed.

The two missile hard points are mounted in the left and right torso, so that the 4SP does not have the same vulnerable “hunch” that other HBK chassis do. Missile hard points are extremely versatile, giving you the opportunity to run LRMs to support your team, streak missiles to defend your heavier pals against light mechs, or a couple of SRM-6 packs for raw damage output.

In short, the HBK-4SP is an extremely versatile weapons platform that will allow you to tinker for a wide variety of play styles and roles. In addition, it has medium-mech economy; you’re not going to have any rounds in the red running this reliable trooper. I highly recommend it.

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