Kings and Legends FAQ

Kings and Legends FAQ

VIP and Gold

I paid for Gold. Where are my VIP rewards?

All VIP rewards will be sent via mail. Check your mailbox for your rewards. Silver and Crystal rewards will then appear in your hero inventory as packs. Double click these packs to open them and have the rewards added to your account.

Why does it cost Gold to become VIP?

The VIP levels are activated as a result of buying Gold, you so don’t buy them directly. The VIP ranks and rewards active once the amount of Gold purchased on your account hits the various markers. Think of them as a bonus to buying gold.

I’ve earned 200 Gold. Why am I not a VIP yet?

Earned (Free) In Game Gold does not count towards your VIP level. Only direct purchases of Gold from the shop will count towards your VIP level.

Auctions and Mail

Where has my mail gone?

If you cannot locate a mail, your mailbox is most likely full. Check to see if you have a full five (5) pages of mails. If you do, delete some unwanted mail and your other mails will appear in your mailbox with all attachments still in place.
Where are my bought/unsold auctions?

Check your mail. All bought and unsold auctions are sent automatically to your mailbox. If you cannot find it still, check that your mailbox is not full. 

Where are my Daily Rewards?

Check your mail. All Daily Rewards are sent automatically to your mailbox. If you cannot find it still, check that your mailbox is not full.

Why did I only get my deposit back when I sold a card?

You didn’t, when selling a card in the Auction House you will receive Rubies which can be used to buy Card Packs. This does not include your deposit which will be returned to you as Gold.


Why can’t I set my Guild Positions?

At present the ranks cannot be manually set and are determined by the amount of overall contribution points you have given to the guild. The positions update on a weekly basis after maintenance.

If I leave Guild do I lose my Research / Contribution Points?

Research levels purchased with Contribution Points will transfer from Guild to Guild and cannot be lost. Contribution Points are tied to the specific Guild you donated to and will be lost upon leaving the guild.

Events and Updates

Why haven’t my daily login rewards reset?

The daily login reward system is a once only event, so unfortunately, once you claim all the rewards you have nothing left the gain. The screen will stay in place however until the event timer has counted down.

Cards, Packs and Items

Can I find Legendaries / Godlike in X pack?

All packs, disregarding the Novice Pack, offer a chance to get Legendary Cards. Although, only the Kings pack offers a small chance to find a Godlike card.

Can I still get Legendary / Godlike Cards without buying Gold?

Yes, even if you don’t choose to purchase Gold you still have access to these cards. Legendary Cards have a chance to drop from all packs except the Novice Pack and can also be created by combining Epic Cards. Godlike Cards can be acquired through combining Legendary Cards, albeit with quite a low chance of success.

How do I link a card / Item in chat

Simply hold the Left Shift button and left click on the card or item you wish to link.

Classes and Skills

Which is the strongest class? / Why is X class so over powered?

As with many games, all classes work in a rock, paper, scissors style with all classes and skills having an effective counter measure. Due to this, no class can claim to be the strongest and are all fairly evenly matched. We advice players to play the class that appeals to them the most.


My shift button is stuck on, how do I fix this?

This is caused by Windows sticky keys and can normally be fixed by double tapping Left Shift. You can also avoid the problem by turning off sticky keys in your windows settings.

Registration/Login FAQ

I can’t login – Email / Password is incorrect

Make sure to type your email address in low cap letters and try again

How do I change my password?

A password reset function is being developed. Currently the only way to change PW is to contact the support on:

I can login but can’t connect to the server!

1. This seems to be an issue connected to programs similar to “adblock” or other add-ons installed in your browser. Please make sure to deactivate “adblock” for Kings and Legends.

2. We have server maintenance in Tuesdays from 9 AM CET – during this time you will not be able to connect to the server.

I don’t have adblock installed, still can’t connect

Try the following: 1. Clear browser cache from beginning of time – refresh and log in again

2. Try another browser – does it work now?

3. Try another computer – does it work now?

4. Contact and let us know which step that helped, so that we can optimize the login for the future.

Can I have more than one character per server?

Unfortunately not, we ask that our players only have one character per server. You can however have multiple characters over several servers (Once we have more servers)

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