Guild Wars 2 Thief PvE Dungeon D/D Build Guide

Guild Wars 2 Thief PvE Dungeon D/D Build Guide by ReeseFlame

I’ve only played in BWE3 and I pretty much just messed around from levels 1-10 trying to get a handle on some of the game mechanics. I’d like a few tips or suggestions for thief build I’ve been theorycrafting the last few days. Life circumstance has narrowed the scope and intent of my allotted play time after release, so I am building a thief based on these constraints. Therefore, I need a build that is PvE solo/group dungeon play only. Additionally, here’s a personal play style constraint. I want to focus on D/D close-up and personal damage.

After reviewing a lot of builds and a lot of the threads on different forums I realize the strength of the thief is to focus on empowering a trait line in conjunction with the appropriate skills and style of play. I may have botched that a bit (purposefully), only because I was focusing on crit dmg up close, but also some dmg avoidance/escapism. I know PvP can be a problem for D/D thieves because of the AoE’s. Would I encounter the same problem in a dungeon? If I wade into the fight am I going to get a slap on the wrist and be told to use range? Anyway, I’ll get to it.

Secondary weapon set D/P for Black Powder blind

Healing skills
Signet of Malice or Hide in Shadows

Primary Utility Skills
Blinding Powder
Assassin Signet
Shadow Refuge
A venom of some sort

30 Critical Strikes
Furious Retaliation – Help boost dmg for grp
Side Strike – Help boost dmg for group
Hidden Killer – Boost dmg out of stealth

Shadow Arts 10
Last Refuge (auto) – A failsafe if I’m taking heavy unintentional dmg
Cowardly – I was thinking here that if I did get whaled on and had to run I would be able to heal more quickly and get back into the fight quicker
Cloaked in Shadows – If I got pounded and had to run away maybe this could mitigate peripheral damage as I was escaping. Of course I’d already be stealthed and lose aggro…so maybe this would not be helpful at all.

Acrobatics 20
Power of Inertia – This was just going to increased dmg output, especially if I use evade getting in place to flank the mob
Pain Response – Purely a failsafe if I get agro or start taking heavy dmg

Trickery 10
Instinctual Response – Again, another failsafe if I unintentionally get aggro

Keep in mind that blinds and escaping tactics are only if I screw up and end up getting aggro, or there is a just massive amount of peripheral damage flying all over the place (ie. 360 degree mob reach damage or AoE’s).

The point of this build is to be up there in the front lines (and by front lines I mean behind the primary mob) and not have to worry about every little scrape or scratch so I can watch aggro, stay in place, and deal decent damage while I’m at it. I also understand the Venemous Aura group beneft, which appears pretty awesome, but I didn’t know how to work that in.

Most gear/items will probably be precision/power based to boost damage, but maybe some vitality to boost hps and survivability.

I appreciate your time and any input you can provide to assist me with the goal of a PvE/dungeon brawling close-quarter’s thief. Thank you.

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