Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Tips and Conditions List

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Tips and Conditions List by Thunderbrew

I’ve been keeping some notes on the Necromancer, especially on some of he
more uncommon things to know.

First of all, here is a link to a doc I put together, listing all of the conditions
for a Necromancer, and what abilities fall under those categories. This will
be useful in making certain builds.…vFdKx–Js/edit

Combo Fields with Lich:

Wells: Corruption, Darkness, Power, Suffering
Spectral Wall
Well of Blood (Ritual of Life trait when you revive someone)
Chilblains (staff)
Corrosive Poison Cloud (utility)

Runes of most interest:

Rune of the Nightmare (Superior) – Best for condition builds
1. +28 condition damage
2. +4% condition duration
3. +55 condition damage
4. +6% condition duration
5. +100 condition damage
6. 5% chance to cause fear when hit. (cooldown: 90s)

Rune of the Undead (Superior) – Favors more defense (toughness)
1. +28 condition damage
2. +15 toughness
3. +55 condition damage
4. +35 toughness
5. +100 condition damage
6. +5% of toughness becomes condition damage.

Rune of the Necromancer (Superior) – Favors more defense (vitality)
1. +28 condition damage
2. +15 vitality
3. +55 condition damage
4. +35 vitality
5. +100 condition damage
6. +20% fear duration.

Rune of Divinity (Superior) – Stat and crit bonus
1. +10 to all stats, 3% Critical Damage
2. +10 to all stats, 3% Critical Damage
3. +10 to all stats, 3% Critical Damage
4. +10 to all stats, 3% Critical Damage
5. +10 to all stats, 3% Critical Damage
6. +10 to all stats, 3% Critical Damage

Here are some things Ive found, or come across, that might prove useful to other people:

-Traits that cannot be used underwater:
Wells – All (including Well of Blood utility healing)
Corrosive Poison Cloud
Summon Flesh Wurm
Spectral Wall
-Marks can be detonated manually by hitting the skill key again
-You can drop marks right on the target for immediate detonation
-Each weapon set has a way to gain life force
-Lich Form doubles your max health and you gain stability for the 30 second duration
-The only life stealing weapon skills are on a dagger and spear (underwater).
-Spectral Grasp acts as a projectile, so has to hit (hard on fast moving targets)
-Your minions die if you go into Lich Form (PvP only) or a Mesmer turns you into a bird
-No corpse is needed to summon a minion.
-Well of Corruption: Boons on foes to conditions every 2 seconds
-Well of Power: Conditions on allies to boons every 2 seconds
-Combo: Signet of Spite + Epidemic – Applies 5 conditions than spreads them to all
-Plague Signet is great vs classes like Ranger and Rogues who can get a 20 stack bleed on you (transfers it to them)
-Spectral Wall – Ethereal Combo field: Applies Chaos Armor to allies and confusion to foes. Chaos Armor
puts random boons on you, and random conditions on foes when struck
-Best looking dungeon armor (IMO) is from Arah (looks like Lich), second best Twilight Arbor (Lv50 Tarnished Coast)
-You cannot finish a downed opponent in Death Shroud form.
-After leaving Death Shroud, there is a 10 second cooldown before you can activate again. The Near to Death
trait in Soul Reaping reduces this to 5 seconds.
-You cannot jump in Lich Form
-Conditions cannot crit, but they ignore armor (ie. Bleeds)

Ill keep adding to this as I find more out, or need to make corrections to changes or errors.

Feel free to add to it!

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