Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Story Achievements

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Story Achievements by dulfy

Hey everyone, here is a guide to completing all 6 achievements of Tangled Paths. They are fairly easy for the most part but a few such as Master of the Maze or Dancer in the Dark can be a bit frustrating and require multiple tries.


You can complete all 3 achievements in one go. However, No Teragriff pack Snack achievement is easier when done without the challenge mote achievement Dancer in the Dark as the challenge mote makes the fight slightly harder.

Light’Em Up – 5 pts

  • There is a flamethrower at the back from where you enter the instance. Grab this flamethrower and defeat the Rooted Mordrem Leeching Thrasher that spawns once you have defeated the Mordrem attack
  • You cannot be downed before defeating the Rooted Mordrem Leeching Thrasher as doing so will cause you to lose your flamethrower. There isn’t another flamethrower to use so you will need to restart the instance. Luckily the flamethrower is pretty quick at killing all the Mordrems so as long you don’t screw up majorly you shouldn’t be downed. What can mess you up are the tendrils pulling you back and forth with stuns so you need to kill these tendrils quick or risk losing your flamethrower. Stability may help with them as well.
  • Video guide:

No Teragriff Pack Snack- 10 pts

  • You need to avoid getting hit by the Malformed Mordrem Teragriffs while fighting the Mordrem Teragriff boss. Ranged weapons and knockbacks are your friend for this achievement as you can kill these guys from ranged and use knockback if they get too close.
  • A total of 3 waves of Malformed mobs spawn in this fight. The first two are during when Mordrem Teragriff tramples around the area. You can just stand on the outside of his trample area and range attack the malformed teragriffs as the red circles from the boss’s trample will also knock the malformed mobs down (
  • The final wave is a bit difficult since the boss doesn’t trample when he spawns them. You may need to run around abit if the situation gets hairy.
  • Video guide:

Dancer in the Dark – 15 pts

  • Interact with the challenge mote at start of the instance to begin this achievement. Challenge Mote does not change the first half of the instance much but the fight with Mordrem Teragriff becomes slightly more challenging in the following ways.
    • Room is much darker, harder to see the boss and the direction he is charging
    • Mordrem Teragriff’s dive bomb circles overlaps (
    • The circular attack that Mordrem Teragriff perform when he gets below 50% covers the entire room. You will need to time your dodge/evades or have your healing ability off cooldown to survive it (
    • NPCs will not help you if you get downed. If you die the fight restarts.
  • The last 10% or so of the fight is the most challenging as he will spawn tendrils and perform his circular attack fairly close to each other. If you are not topped off after killing off the tendrils his circular attack can down you or even kill you if you are low on HP. Save your cooldowns and max DPS him when he gets low.
  • Video guide:


Like the first instance, all 3 achievements can be completed in one go. The only achievement you might fail the first time is Master of the Maze.

Video guide to all three achievements:

Connnect the Dots – 5 pts

  • You need to reach the following NPCs in this order: Rox, Braham, Marjory and Kasmeer. Here is a map to guide you to find the 4 NPCs in order.
    • Map:
    • Rox – Follow the red line from start to reach Rox
    • Braham – Follow the blue line from Rox to reach Braham. You need to wait for Rox to open the vines at the orange wrench location 1 and 2. You may need to clear the mobs in the path as Rox tend to aggro everything in her path.
    • Marjory – From Braham, follow the green line backtrack to near the start
    • Kasmeer – From Marjory, follow the purple line
    • The white line will lead you to the center of the maze.
  • The achievement is awarded as soon as you talk to Kasmeer.

Master of the Maze – 5 pts

  • Your goal is to not get hit by the Mordrem Lurcher that patrols the maze (you can attack him as long you don’t get him. He respawns when killed). He has a set pattern that he follows so it make take a couple tries to learn his pattern or you can follow along in the video. I tend to wait a bit after reaching Rox and then again after reaching Braham to let the Lurcher pass me so that I am behind him when running to rescue the next NPC.
  • If you are having issues getting this achievement, you can group up with someone and have them kite/aggro the Lurcher while you go grab the NPCs.
  • Once you rescue all 4 NPCs, the Lurcher disappears and you can safely reach the middle of the maze without fear.

Labyrinth Runner– 5 pts

  • Complete the instance in under 20 minutes. If you follow the route above, you should complete it in 15-16 minutes easily.

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