Gotham City Impostors Tips and Hints

Gotham City Impostors Tips and Hints by elor

Hello all! first off lemme say that this game is long over due. post tips yall! lemme start. **update 2.0****
Make sure to keep posting as i will update and more tips! bring dem 1337 tips over heaa

now for the WALL-O-TIPS

-with a muff shotgun, after a dive bomb, itll be a one hit kill without a zoom

– if someone on the other team has 30+ assists, its safe to assume they are using googles (wallpaper fun fact accordingly)

-if you like to glide, KNOW THE MAP!! and where all air vents are so you can keep on gliding without stopping, i call this air cycles.

-obiously when dive bombing aim at little above the target for the perfect swoop!.

-knowing this, using the boomerangs, i run towards them for an easy toss.

-If you want to learn the maps or get to grips with using a new gadget go to challenges, select map you want to learn and select the gadget you want and go into challenge but don’t do the challenge, just run round and learn to your hearts content.

-dont use red dot with ninja smoke bombs b.c there is a delay in scopping. i dont know if it is a glitch or what, but use reflex

-falcon blade is here. taht sword plus the toxic gas = win.

-flank using the NSB then drop a toxic waste on a group. watch all the murdering that will occur.

-On dealing with players using Invisibility on Fumigation maps: deploy the bear traps around the gas boasters. The trap in the box is not such a good ideas, because cunning Invisible players may shoot your own box and kill you with it!

-toxic gas on point, then hide with NSB. then come out and chop em all out. nothing better then chopping the whole team.

-mighty with a sword can pretty much one shot anything

-but a speedy using the sword block = less hits.

-You don’t have to have counters in your main loadout, but for the love of everything sticky and sweet, have some in your other loadouts in case something becomes a problem.

-bear trap on trampoline sword block with medic
Freeze people, wait for them to break out, freeze them again (repeat step 3 as much as desired), watch then die a little inside

-learn ur bad habits and break them
I would recommend, though, using hard target. On every class. It really is the best perk in the game.

-All i can add is, try using setups that help your team and yourself. Goggles + Care Package + Motivator and a good automatic weapon and watch your score skyrocket.

-Learn to use the Hatchet as it onehitkills Mightys and even when they have def rampage active will do 180 damage.

-Always have one loadout with Gnome and the Fun Fact that reduces Divebomb Damage.

-Remember that Grapple Hook is a one hit kill on small/nimble body types and as accurate as a sniper.

-Remember that you do not have to stand on the middle of a fumigation spot to capture, many can be captured from behind hedges etc.

-Always keep moving, even if you’re a sniper. It won’t be long before you’re caught out, I’ve killed lots of snipers this way.

-Take less obvious routes. You’ll likely appear behind your enemies which is great for surprise attacks. Not as useful against Goggles, etc, but still essential.

-Keep moving. Get your 2-3 kills , and then find a new spot. Do the same and find another spot.

-Be Aware of where your team is on the map. If you are not by the majority of them, then be aware that your enemy is probably close by.

-Have different classes set up that can cover any situation you will run into during a match. Have a long range set up, have a close range set up, swtich up your gadgets and fun facts so you don’t have them the same on all your custom classes.

-Flank…flank..flank….Remember where you just died and how many enemies where near, then try a route which may take longer but will surprise them. If they have to worry about shooting players from 2 different sides, it makes it harder for them to decide who to shoot which may give you that split secodn you need to get the kill.

-High Grund rules. – For the most part having the high ground is key to holding certain sections of different maps. it’s not a must, but you will definitely help your team out be getting a few eaasy kills from high up.

-Have goggles equipped on one of your classes. If the other team starts holding down an area or surprising you, you will need to see where they are coming from and mark them for your teamates.

-If your doing bad in a match switch up your load out. You may come across a build that you never thought would be useful until you had to use it.

-Play to your strengths. If your a mighty, don’t try exposing yourself needlesly, because you are an easy target. If your skinny , don’t try to take on 3 opponents at once. It just won’t work.

-It’s not about how many kills ( it is really but….), more so about how much damage you can do for your team. Don’t try to spend 3 minutes killing one guy. That is a waste of time. Find the most amount of enemies and set yourself up to do the most amount of damage possible.
Yea you will die eventually, but you will get a few kills and set your teamates up for a few and earn yourself assists in the process.

-If your not in TDM then play the objective. But do so with caution. Don’t rush in with skinny gys and try to take on 3 guys. Assess the situation and determine what is the best solution for your current problem.
EX: 3 guys at fumigation spot 2….Don’t rush in with sniper…..Use yor boomarang to stun, unload a clip with straffing, and then take cover. Re-load and do it again. This is make them focus on you and not be aware of your teamates behind them or to their flank, and you will survive the fire fight longer.

-When the word “TAGGED” is above your gadget/support item, you’ve been marked by Targeting Goggle and the enemy team can see you. This is where you should probably avoid “flanking”, coming around a corner like Rambo or dropping through a roof like you’re a ninja.

-Run away and try to circle round and attack an enemy from behind.

-Camp near the health and ammo drops. Enemies are harder to kill when they are actively regenerating.

-Drop a trap-in-the-box directly on a health point so it looks like it’s part of the stack. People love blowing up when they come in to heal up.

-.The most important thing is picking a load out/build that plays to your strengths. Everyone is different. You might want to test a few different options before you pick a main build that you’re comfortable with.

-Having multiple load outs is always a good idea. You might have your main load out which could a combination of various things. You might also have load outs for:Healing/support, sniping, running*Being speedy/having a faster way around the map is good for objectives*, heavy/burly load out complete with armour and tons of health, etc.

-Staying near the health supply is always a good idea. Staying close to your team mates and being aware of their locations on the map is important too. If you’re near your team mates you can all support and assist each other in kills,as well as provide healing for each other.

-Using different tactics is important too. You don’t want to always rush head to head with a guy. Maybe you’ll flank them from behind, jump down on them from above, toss an unexpected grenade their way.

-If you’re playing an objective game, then go for the objective or help your team mates who are going for it. If your team mate is arming the battery, you should be defending them, not running around on the other side of the map. If there are multiple enemies gathered around the objective, don’t just rush in there. Use a grenade, or rocket launcher. Grenades that are timed well can kill multiples at once, and rockets can be good for damaging multiples at once. A boomerang is also good for stunning multiples at a time.

-Spotting with goggles works wonders and can help out your entire team. This is especially great if the other team doesn’t happen to be using goggles. When spotting enemies, you can easily see them coming at you from various angles, allowing you to get the drop on them.

-This also goes with the subject of goggles. Having the wallflower perk on a class is very helpful. If you go into a game and notice the other team is using goggles, just bust out your class with wallflower on.

-Always try for head shots. Head shots are very important.

-Making use of traps always helps. Dropping tap-in-the-box or bear traps next to health supplies or near the objective always works.

-Moving is very important as well. You should use the entire map to your advantage. Even if you’re sniping, it’s never good to stay in the same spot. People will remember where you are and tend to come back. Especially with the option of people having goggles, it’s good to keep moving.
Play the percentages. More often than not people take the same routes when playing fumigation. Know where people will be and get the surprise kill.

-To be truly effective you will want at least 2 or 3 loadouts built. Sometimes you simply have to counter aggressive players.
When playing Psych Warfare, don’t bother turning invisible when you have the battery. You still leave a golden trail, and the battery is visible while you aren’t. I’ve watched too many Nimbles die due to trying to be ninja and failing horribly.
Grapplers can kill enemies. To be exact, each shot does 180 damage, meaning that if you manage to line up the shot then you can kill a Tough without any health perks and any body type below. If you are having trouble with hitting enemies, then I suggest freezing them, making them helpless to your harpoon of justice.

-Play fumigation learn where the gas blasters are located on each map, then use those locations for tdm as reference points for the rest of your team. I play alot of MAG on the PS3 which is a team based game, and quite a few of my clan mates from MAG have and play GCI, the use of reference points is extremely helpful when you have a team that works together. By the way you need a mic in order for it to work, LOL.

-Be aware of everything around you at all times. Everything in the game makes a distinct sound or gives something to make it easy to tell whats coming for you.

-FLANK. If you die by a large group, then don’t be scared to try a different route to get behind them when you respawn. I can’t tell you how many kills I’ve gotten off of this.

-Don’t automatically pop your rampage right when you get it, wait for the right moment to use it. You’ll know when.

-If you are dying a lot with one class on, don’t be scared to switch it up and try something new, utilize traps if you feel like you are being killed by dive bombers. etc. This games all about variety and strategy.

-A great strategy for Psych Warfare on just about any map: equip a Mighty with one of the defence Rampages [Angry Hedgehog or Tough as Nails], and when you get it, grab the battery and run toward the objective. Provided you don’t come across too many enemies on the way over, when you start to get close to the Propaganda Machine, activate the Rampage, preferably shortly before you begin plugging it in. Then, no matter what the enemies do, they pretty much have to wait for your Rampage to stop in order to kill you.

-This strategy is best paired with a Tanked Mighty, complete with Hard Target for those pesky snipers.

-If your trying to kill a guy with a bow or sniper, keep moving. If they miss their one hit kill shot you should more than have enough time to take them down seeing as you’ve been shooting them, plus they missed thier kill chance. Should be an easy kill for those that are prepared.

-Kind of an easy one but AIM HIGH – If you are consistantly aiming for the upper chest/ face you will get some random headshots that can save the match for you…or at least save your score.

-Don’t try to grapple escape from a firefight. 80-90% of the time it won’t work becuase you will be a non shooting sitting duck. Suck it up and do as much damage as possible and try to espace on the ground and hide behind cover until you either kill them or can go find a health box.

-Learn every part of the map – If you don’t have a grapple class, then make one. Then spend one game just finding new areas to grapple to that can give you good sight lines without exposing you. I’ve found 3-4 new spots on every map that I didn’t even know you could stand on ( ledges ) once you grapple to the spot.

-Stick by teamates – All I’ve played so far is with randoms ( my friends don’t play this game ), and the best thing to do is if you are doing bad or unsure of your self on a map, stick by teamates.

– This way you can be protected and not be the single target of the enemy, you can contribute to your team winning, and you can clean up on easy kills. When there are 2-3 players together they do a lot of damage, and even if you lose the firefight, you probably have killed and damaged a few of the other team. point being, don’t go solo unless you are really good.

-If you have a bomb or boomerang USE IT. – They re-charge so you never actually run out, but you can’t spam em like in other games. If you are running into an area you can’t fully see, launch a nade. If you are going into an area you suspect the enemy to be in, ready your boomerang so when you pop around the corner you can stun 2-3 players.

– Once again, use them. If you get 2 kills then die and only use the nade once then ok, but if you get a kill and can take cover, wait for it to re-charge, then launch it into your next battle.

-Imagine Nades & Boomerang as your mascot being able to fire a weapon every 20 seconds or so. They are not really fireing a weapon , you use it often, it’s like a lil buddy by your side getting some damage every now and then. lol

-Aim for Mighty & Burly’s heads – Yea Mighties are stong and huge but that is their weakness. Their head is HUGE, so it makes for a very easy headshot target. I constanty get mighties tryinbg to dive bomb me, even if they hit I just unload a huntsman clip into them as fast as possible and they are done. Even if I have 3-4 health left.

ill keep adding when i think of more. lemme hear your tips!

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