Gotham City Impostors Motivator Guide

Gotham City Impostors Motivator Guide by Hitzel

Hey everyone. I’ve been having a lot of success using the Motivator, so I figured I’d share some of my strategy with everyone. In my opinion, if one team is Motivating properly and the other is not, the Motivating team wins 9 times out of 10. I feel that on a team of six, there should be one dedicated Motivator and one player who happens to have a Motivator but doesn’t constantly use it. This guide covers the dedicated Motivator.

Warning: This is going to be LONG. Let’s get started:

Tip #1 – Pair Up With a “Heavy” *******************

I see a lot of people Motivating, but I see very few people working together while doing it. A Motivator can always help the entire team, but if two players build classes designed around the Motivator, those two players become the most dangerous players in the game.

The idea is to have one “Heavy” player shooting (Mighty, Burly, or Tough) and one “Medic” player using the Motivator, not unlike the TF2 Heavy-Medic combo. While you can’t do a TF2-style Uber, the combo is still very potent when the Heavy and Medic work together. It makes you very hard to kill, so your goal is to abuse that by getting into unfair fights and controlling unfair areas for your team. Once you have an area under control, heal your whole team.

There’s a lot of ways to make this combo work, so I’ll outline the basics and show you what I do.

Tip #2 – How to be a Medic *******************

Keep the following strengths in mind while using your Motivator:

*The Motivator can heal around corners and through walls.
*The Motivator can stack healing with other Motivators.
*The Motivator can heal multiple teamates at once.
*The Motivator can (and should) self-heal with Energy Drinks.
*The Motivator can be mobile with no accuracy penalty.
*The Motivator can use any lethal secondary weapon.

The Medic needs to be able to survive. These are my personal class preferences:


I use the same philosophy with both classes – remain as mobile as possible at all times and always look directly at my Heavy. I suggest using Nimble first because she’s naturally harder to kill when jumping around – the Nimble has the fastest and highest jump in the game, and when you put Inflatable Shoes on her, her jump becomes SUPER good – it’s too easy. It’s also easier to keep up with your heavy when you are a fast class yourself.

My personal strength in shooters is the ability to avoid damage, so I’m able to make the Burly seem just as fast and have high health at the same time. Don’t be afraid to make something that uses your strengths. Start changing things up and find your own style – just remember that the goal is to be able to survive when the the enemy attacks you.

No matter what class you choose, you need to be on top of your heavy like white on rice. Learn all the tricks jumps so you can keep up with him. If he moves, you move. NEVER second guess him. ALWAYS do what he says. NEVER get mad if he gets you killed. ALWAYS make sure you can heal him at a moment’s notice. If one of you dies, the new goal is to reunite as quickly and safely as possible. Remember – he’s got the gun so he’s the decision maker.

At the same time, you need to survive. Keep jumping. Walk in zig-zag patterns. Get behind obstacles so you can heal your partner through walls. Heal him through floors and ceilings. Move in front of him so you can watch your backs. When you’re hurt, tell him you need to drink an Energy Drink and wait for his okay. Always keep communicating. Communicating is easy – “turn left, there’s a guy with a shotgun,” “I’m going to die, get ready to run away,” etc.

Remember, the counter to this strategy is to kill the Medic. Always position yourself in a way that forces the enemy to deal with your Heavy. This, combined with good movement and teamwork, makes you very hard to kill.

Tip #3 – How to be a Heavy *******************

Here are two example classes that my friends commonly use when I am Motivating them:


The main goal of a Heavy is to abuse the fact that you’re nigh-invincible. You’re a leader. You’re a killing machine as long as you have your Medic. You’re the focal point of your team’s offense and the anchor of your team’s defense. The enemy must respond to you, so make sure you get yourself into unfair situations, and make sure the enemy is forced to deal with you before they can deal with your Medic.

You should always use the Horse Healthy and Hard Target Fun Facts to make the Motivator work this way. Aside from that, a Heavy can be quite flexible in what his class is – use what you find most effective, just remember that if you’re using a Glider or Grapple, your Medic will have a hard time keeping up with you if he doesn’t use the same Gadget. In general, you want to use Rifles and SMG’s. The Partisan is a great weapon to use, as it has high a very high DPS, but only if you have the skill to use it.

While using this strategy, keep in mind the following weaknesses:

*Hatchets kill you in 1-shot.
*If your Medic dies, you’re in trouble.
*Ninja Smoke Bomb Speedies can flank you easily.
*Explosives can hurt both you and your Medic.
*Multiple Snipers and/or partisans can do more DPS than your medic can heal.

Remember, you’re playing a flexible leadership role. Don’t be afraid to come up with backup classes to counter your opponent’s strategies, and don’t be afraid to call for your team’s aid to take out enemy Snipers and Partisans. Your choice of Support Item can be key – it should be the first place you look when you want to come up with a counter-class.

Also, don’t forget that you’re leading your Medic. Every decision you make is a decision your Medic will follow without hesitation – so remember that a bad decision that gets the two of you killed or separated is on you, so never get mad when something bad happens. Always try to communicate. Say what you’re doing so your Medic can respond quicker and smarter. “I’m rushing this guy, follow me,” “I’m jumping off the roof,” “I’m camping, hide behind this,” etc. If one of you dies, the new goal is to reunite as quickly and safely as possible.

If you play like a lone wolf, you won’t be giving your Medic a chance to heal the rest of your team, and you’ll be depriving yourself of backup when the enemy decides to jump you as a team (trust me, they will). Ask your Medic to remind you when a teammate is hurt (he can see your team’s health bars). If you stand next to a teammate, a Motivator can heal you both so take advantage of that. Two heavies is better than one.

TL : DR — A Motivator following a single person around = win.

To anyone who read through the whole thing, thank you. I want to see this game reach the next level of competition, and I feel that the Motivator is a big part of it. I’ll be answering any questions you guys have if you want to ask =)

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