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Freefall Tournament Moon Base General Guide by BattleAXE1914

I Introduction/Formalities/General Base Guide
II Gunner Guide
III Tank Guide
IV Tech Guide
V Scout Guide

I Introduction/Formalities/General Base Guide

Hello players of Freefall Tournament. I’m here to give a little something something about the Lunar Base map. I’m just a rank Msg, but I am closing in on SgM. So anybody who thinks they have something to correct or add please feel free to do so and I will correct it in the thread. I will be adding class guides for this base everyday.

First off, you need to remember that you can only control one CP at a time, and it has to be the right one. You will know that it is the right one because there will be the capturing bar with yellow and blue to indicate who has more control. You can find the correct point to go to by looking at all areas of your screen, especially the corners, for the gray icon that has the meters of how far away it is. Go in that direction. Most people say this is a tank friendly map. I agree. By utilizing the boosts on the map along with your own jetpack, tanks can move around very quickly and kill very easily. But the class choice differs with your personal level of skill and capabilities. Basically you want to be able to move around, as this map is huge and the CPs are all over the place, high and low.

However you would like to do that, the choice is yours. There are health spots in the 4 corners of the map, on the bottom, as well as 1 on top of the main house.

My strategy regarding this is going to help capture the point and then grabbing a health icon in the seconds before the next capture point is indicated. If you can stay alive long enough to capture the point, usually this strategy will get you quite a few more points, and kills.

The first and most hardest point to control is right in the middle. You are trying to control this point as soon as the game starts, every game. It is very useful to find your own tactic to help control this point, as EVERYBODY who knows what they are doing can find it and get in there. When you come out of your base, there is a big ramp that speeds you up, and if you don’t move, you will land right on the CP. As a gunner I like to stay on the top shelf, if you will, and assault rifle the opposite team. Then when there is only 1 or 2 more members, I will go down there and help capture the point. Tanks are VERY useful in this first point, by using their forcefield, and then shield to obliterate everyone in their path, (if you are good ;)) For each point your team captures, you get an easy 200 points. As usual, first one to 1000 wins, and kills count as a point also. Now that we have done all of the formalities, lets move on to the class guides.


If you decide to be a gunner, be ready to move around a lot. Even though you have an Assault Rifle and a sniper, you stand no chance against the tanks. So your best bet to to snipe from a distance or fly high and shoot from above. As I said before, you need a lot of jetpack power to move around, even though there are certain spots that will boost you somewhere. As a gunner you can use your melee, which is E, to do a super kick that will boost you very high while spinning and kicking.

I use this very often, but I am not sure if a lot of other people do. As a gunner, you have a perfect combination of speed, agility, and weapons. As I go to capture another point, if I see other players of the opposite team are already there, I will fly to a high altitude, and throw F-Bombs (heh I see what you did there, FRG) at them and use my assault rifle to shoot them as well. They will be confused for about 3 seconds, trying to lock onto me, and by that time, i have their shield down, and will be able to kill them before they kill me (if I’m not a complete noob.)

Now lets go into sniping as a gunner. On Lunar Base, there are quite a few stupendous places to snipe, where other players will have trouble finding you.

Since people are fighting constantly, though, you really need a very steady hand, and a quick “trigger finger.” If you can manage this, I might just name you a hired gunner :). As the new CP is named, you will need to find a different spot to snipe, as you may not be able to see it with your current spot, and if you can, people will finally find out where you are and come to kill you. Never go to the same places over and over, because as you play with people over and over, they will recognize who you are, and where you like to go, and they will meet you at your spot for a date.


Tanks play a very important role in this map in that they make up almost all of the fighting force. If you want to play a tank on this map, you need to know how to do a few key things, although they may not seem that important.

First off, you MUST know how to move around. Tanks are big and slow, and this might give you the first impression that they are not ideal for this map, as I thought at first. However, if you utilize the boosts around the map, you will see things quite differently.

There are many boosts. You need to use each of them. At the start there is a nice huge ramp that will boost you right into the center CP. And if you use your jetpack, will get you to the top of that house. At the four corners of the house there are jumping boosts, which will boost you to the highest CP right above the house. Inside of the house, you will find to jumping boosts on either end.

Use these to get out of the house. If you are trying to get to one of the CP’s around the edges, you can either use the boost behind and below it,

or if they are the ones near your base, you can simply hold the spacebar, release it, and then press E, which is your melee, to give you that extra boost to get on the CP. As a tank trying to move, E is your best friend. If you are looking for a quick boost, just hit E and it will do exactly that.

Use it however much your playing style calls for, don’t be shy.

When you get the the CP of choice, you need to learn how to fight other tanks. Because it is so close range, automatically have your Blitzkreg Mauler ready. Remember that when you press R you do a Mauler Slam, which does a humongous amount of damage. Have your shield at the ready also. Don’t make the mistake of always putting on your force field. It may not be necessary at the time, and if it isn’t it is wasted for when you need it most. Also, when you are stand on the CP by yourself, there is no need to engage your shield. While it’s period of use is quite long, it does have a cooldown period, and if someone comes to attack you and you’ve use your force field and shield, you are left defenseless.

You don’t want to use your machine gun unless shooting down a scout, or a sniper. Techs will have to stay close to their supressor, and therefore, you can easily maul them.

There will be other tanks to worry about. On a high CP, you can either use E to try to knock them off the platform, or you can throw an F-Bomb or two and that will have the same effect. Even if they are using their shield, they can still be propelled backwards, but no damage will be done. Be aware at all times. If you don’t realize a scout is shooting at you with your force field on, when it comes off, you will have to find them and then shoot them down, and by then, they will have the advantage. If you notice beforehand, you can locate them and start shooting before any real damage is done.


As a tech, your team depends on you for 2 things. First of all, you MUST heal your teammates, especially the ones that do heavy fighting (tanks.) And second of all your supressors. They help kill the opponents by lowering their health. Because of these 2 main things, the good Tech is the second best class to choose for this map.

First off, healing is most important. Most of the people on your team are not going to have a chance to get to a health icon in time. You have to heal them, and by doing this, you will give your teammates a better chance of surviving, and therefore, a better chance of killing the opponents, and controlling the CP. R is a techs special ability. When you press R when you are fully healed, you will heal everyone on your team instantly. Use this in desperate situations. But you can’t just stand there healing. You must move around. If you just stand there then the opposite team will immediately register you as a tech, and gun for you before anything else.

Second, you should lay supressors. And make sure you upgrade them and teleport them to each new CP. You can teleport your supressors? Yes, yes you can. Simply press Q at your new destination, and it will teleport your upgraded supressor. Next, you need to find a good spot to hide your supressor, but yet, open enough to be able to hit everybody. When your Q is back to normal and you have a level III Supressor, point at it and press Q. The supressor then emits a big blue bomb, which will stun your opponents. Your teammates may then kill them.

When you have the opportunity to as a tech, use your pulser to help fight. You can either use it to shoot at snipers from a distance, or lock on to people at close range. Also don’t forget about your melee. You can use it as much as you want, anytime you want by pressing E. This does just a normal kick to your opponent. These fighting methods will help out your teammates, and you’ll get a few extra kills also :D. If you end up loosing some health, you can shoot your repair beam at anything including supressors on your team, and it will give you a heal.


Scouts are one of the hardest classes to be successfully on moon base. You have to be very skilled, and be good with your saber. It took me a whole to consistently have my kills a good bit higher than my deaths as a scout in this map, but I have now so I can give a guide.

As always, your strategy as a scout is up to you. You have 3 options. A doped saber heavy scout, a submachine gun heavy scout, and a balanced scout. I personally am a balanced scout. I will go through these one by one.

First a doped saber heavy scout. If you want to be this way, then always have your sword at the ready, and also be ready to leave a a seconds notice. Because you are using the saber you have t be close, and you have to be amongst tanks. They will destroy you if you don’t strike, then flee. Come back and do the same thing over and over. You must utilize your doped saber chop. This will take away everyone’s shield in one swift motion, and then you can peck away at their health while they are still trying to get your shield down. As soon as you see your shield isn’t deflecting anything anymore, you must instantly be aware of your health. And the health icons around you. Dont be afraid to switch to your submachine gun and finish off someone who has taken to flight and you can’t reach them with your saber. Even if you are a sword heavy scout that doesn’t mean you can’t use your gun once in a while.

If you want to be a gun heavy scout, make sure you are good at maneuvering. You can afford to always be at the site of the action, just much higher, always flying. If your chasing someone, use your saber to despose of their shield and then fly quickly around them locked on so that they can’t lock on to you but you are shooting them the whole time. It’s pretty simple, and that’s about all that goes into a gun heavy scout.

For a balanced scout, you need to use everything you have. This includes the thunder kick f bombs your saber and gun. When you want to go into fittings fighting with your sword, you need to pick one target, and chop him. Then sword him for a little bit, before he recognizes who was doing all the damage, fly up and shoot him. This should work quite a bit. For other scouts, you should just lock onto them with your gun and follow them shooting them. Don’t use your saber unless your close. Those few seconds that it takes to switch, they can kill you. Chop them when they get close.

As a scout, you need to watch your health. Even if you loose 5 health, go get a health icon. Those could be the difference between life and death. Don’t be afraid to use your melee E which is a thunder kick and it gives you a short boost in the direction you point at. You can also use this to get back on a platform you fell off of quickly. When you are running from someone and you don’t know where they are coming from then use Q which speeds you up and outruns/flys anyone. Get to your base quickly and stay in until you know they are gone. Do not forget the holding shift makes you go down.

As I said before, feel free to correct anything you feel needs correcting.

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