Eligium Meduze Treasure Guide

Eligium Meduze Treasure Guide by belly

Solo dungeons in Eligium should be done everyday for the following reasons:

1. Training Experience Points
2. Experience Points
3. Loots/Meduze’s Treasure Chest

I put Training Exp in number 1 coz it is the most important thing you’ll get in entering dungeons, you can only acquire training exp in solo dungeons and legend mode party dungeons which as you all know can only be entered once a day. Training Rating is very vital as you level, in increases your base stats as it levels up.

As you gain Training exp and exp, solo dungeons will also give you good loots which you can use or sell as you progress in game. The good thing about solo dungeons is that monster’s level will be same or 1 level higher with the players, assuring no level gap on loots and exp gain.

Now going back to the dungeon in discussion, Underground Ruin splits into two plots where you will either kill or help Treasure Hunter Meduze. Either way, if you follow this guide correctly you will obtain the best reward of the dungeon, Meduza’s Treasure Box.

Meduze as a foe

The first possible scenario will be you fighting Meduze at the end of the dungeon. When you first enter the dungeon there will be a scene, after the scene you can talk to Treasure Hunter Meduze and click I’m ready. You can clear the mobs first before talking to Meduze if you like. When the two of you reached the steps there will be a Royal Skeleton and an Undead Singing Girl kill them to make your way through. They can drop a royal family badge or a shabby library token which are required to finish this plot with the best ending. Making your way through the narrow pathway you will encounter goblins, this will be the area where Meduze will tell you that it’s a trap and after killing a bunch of monsters Meduze will either go left or go right. When she walks into the right doorway you should follow her and make way by killing all the monster in her path. She will lead you a stairway going to the right second level of the map until you reach another stairway going to a room full of goblins. Don’t kill all of them yet, just kill enough to make Meduze advance halfway to the room, doing so will stop her on heading straight ahead to the first chest when it appears. You need to open this chest before she does. To open this chest you will need a shabby library token dropped from the monsters you had killed previosly. This chest will contain a random gem.

Having opened the chest first, Meduze will try to open it herself only to find out that you had made it before she did. Now she will walk downstairs and lead you to another area with two stairways. When she reach the stairs another scene will play, this scene will trigger Seal Master Sario to spawn at the circle on the upper level. Kill him and be sure to pick the sealer’s crest it will drop, you will need this to open the second chest. The second chest will be located above the room with the circle where you killed Seal Master Sario. Be sure to open the chest before Meduze does. After this Meduze will go downstairs using the right stairs until you reach a statue and here you will fight two Royal Skeletons and an Undead Singing Girl.

Finally after killing your way half through the dungeon your final destination will be the royal throne room. Just follow Meduze to the throne room, when the treausre chest appears grab your chance and open the chest using the royal badge.

When you are able to collect all the three chest Meduze will attack you to get all your treasures. Now you just have to kill her and you will get Meduza’s Treasure Chest as the reward for the dungeon.

Note: Always save royal badge, shabby library token, & sealer’s crest in your backpack for your following solo runs.

Meduze as a friend

This is the second possible scenario on the Underground Ruin. I like this plot more than the other because for a start you wont need to rush to open treasure chest saving you if you don’t have the keys yet. Another reason is that it’s very straightforward – just kill your way through. And compared to the previous scenario this one will let you kill 3 bosses instead of two, giving you more chances of obtaining good items. While treasure chest gives you a gem each chest, boss monster drops both gems and equipments. This plot will start right after Meduze takes the left path. Kill all monster on the way to the throne room but make sure Meduze enters it first before you do. The royal treasure chest will appear but you will not able to open it.

When Meduze get near the chest there will be a cut scene and Grave Digger Sykes will appear afterwards. Kill him and his two sidekicks. Now that you killed the grave digger Meduze will be sealed and will not be able to move. In order to free her you need to kill Seal Master Sario, kill all monsters on the way to him including those in the library. When you defeat Seal Master Sario, Meduze’s seal will be broken and you need to get to her in two minutes. Go back to the throne room and you two will meet halfway. Escort her back to the starting point of the dungeon. On your way you will encounter Guardian Oridoss and a skeleton warrior. Kill them and make sure Meduze wont get killed on the way. If you successfully escorted Meduze back your mission is accomplished. You can go back and kill monsters you might have pass before you teleport back to the city.

If you follow this guide you will get the best reward in the dungeon which is the Medusa’s Treasure. With it you can get cool stuff like runes, gems, and soul augmentation. I tried other possible scenarios with this dungeon but they all end up negative so I wouldn’t waste my time writing them.

I hope this guide will help you and good luck on your treasure hunting!

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