Dynasty Warriors Online Crafting Mechanics Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Crafting Mechanics Guide by Yurisaki

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Crafting & %’s How Does it work.

This is very simple.


when you type /random in game you will be given a random number.

this number is generated from a random number generator that is constantly moving at differentiating speeds.

When crafting at the moment you hit OK the server pulls a number from /random.

if this Number is on or below your % the craft is a success!
and if it is higher then your % then you fail!
Yes Crafting is ALL Luck Based ; ;

(Fun Fact the /random can stop on 0 & 100)

This also apply’s to Blue Bonus Bars at the Blacksmith – the Blue Bars are a Fixed % (unknown if any factors can alter this %)

Another fact of note is Item Crafting – sometimes you will get a bonus item instead of your desired craft – this is gained in a few ways.

1. /random stops ON your %
2. it’s presumed at a specific number of crafts that you will automatically get a bonus
3. when /random stops on 0 or 100

Elemental Blue Bars are also a set % un-affected by any factors (known) and work in the same way as other Blue Bars

Another Part of crafting that’s a bit of a mystery is when items remain!

As % for crafting seems to cap at 90% I have noticed at this point that I fail less but when I do fail I near always keep the items used.

Additional Information will be welcomed on this.

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