City of Steam Tips and Tricks

City of Steam Tips and Tricks by LIV


Basically what I want to accomplish is share some of my experiences that can help you in your everyday life in Nexus. Feel free to add your tips as well, and I will update this post.
So, without further ado, my two cents:

Get Rich Quick scheme: When using the Transmuter, just opt to get 5 or more icons of whatever. The Transmuter gift bundles offer hefty sums starting from 5k for the small transmuter bundle.

Use line of sight to your advantage: I am not sure if it is a bug or not, but sometimes when you are coming round from a corner, you can actually attack mobs without aggroing them (this is only for ranged classes of course).

Play smart in fights: City of Steam is actually one of the few MMORPGs where positioning actually plays a big part in fights. If you have sum stuns/locks in your arsenal, when using them, make distance between you and your opponent. Kite enemies when need be!

You don’t see Usain running with swords:When running from enemies on LOW LOW health, running with your weapon/sheathed improves your HP regen.

Follow the latest fashion:In my humble opinion, having an equipment that focuses only on ONE bonus (ie. Bonus HP only!), is far far better than being a Jack of all trades.

Be green, recycle:You are better off salvaging low level items than selling them, since the big upgrades (Superior>) need some big amounts of materials.

Cover everything:This is pretty simple, but yet I see so many people doing it wrong. In most of the challenges (Smasher, Treasure Hunt, Scavenger) it is best if you split and go different ways, since you are covering more ground like that.

Maybe you’ll even find a wanted poster:There are some daily quests that involve the challenges and are some easy EXP and Chorbs, look for them on the Quest Boards for easy guidance.

The poor man’s bike/pet: Want to be cool with a brand new bike while a mini T-Rex is running around you, and you don’t have the Electrum to allow it. Gambling on the Transmuter might net you the chance for that. Keep in mind though, it is best if you are trying to get one on the Transmuter in Refuge, since there are far less kinds of icons that you can get, compared to, say, Meluan’s Gate.

Use block to your advantage:Blocking not only reduces damage received, but also negates the abilities effects (ie. you don’t get frozen by a “Snap Freeze” while blocking).

Easy challenges:Birds are cool creatures! Zooming out as much as possible and playing in bird’s view for smasher/treasurehunt challenges makes them so much easier!

Get drunk! I mean.. not irl..:Going to taverns and buying beverages brings some nice bonuses for you. It’s like being drunk without the consequence of losing your girlfriend after!

Knowledge is power:While in instances, be careful of an orange shining drops (and I’m not talking about weapon materials either). These books that you find can increase your exp gains dramatically if you happen to be lucky and find a lot of them. Or you might consider starting a library…

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