City of Steam Racial Skills List

City of Steam Racial Skills List by aCraZed

Hi, I know there are some of you out there, like me, am confused on what race to pick at first to complement your starting character class.

Well to spare you the hassle, here is the compilation so far as what I have noticed.
Aven – AoE Cone, Magic? Attack
Heartlander – Self-Buff, Damage Absorption (100)
Ostenian – Ranged-Cast, Pull target towards you. Can pull target from across a crack/canyon.
Stoigmari – Self-Buff, Damage Reduction (25%)
Draug – Ranged, Single Target Attack
Goblin – Ranged [Movement] , Leap to Location. May not leap across crack/canyon.
Hobbe – Melee, Kicks Attack. Does not knock back.
Orc – Ranged, Dash to Single Target. May not leap across crack/canyon.
Dwarf – Ranged, AoE Attack.
Riven – AoE Cone, Affected Targets take damage and deal reduced damage.

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