C&C Tiberium Alliances Base Types Analysis

C&C Tiberium Alliances Base Types Analysis by NewAgeOfPower

Base Archetypes

Given the multiplicative nature in which costs of upgrading a building or unit increase while the benefits only increase linearly, bases have to be somewhat focused in their objectives.

Here, I have identified the general archtypes that exist, and their purposes; along with an glossary.

High: Within 1 level of Player’s Highest Level Base
Moderate: Within 2.5 levels of Player’s Highest Level Base
Low: Within 4 levels of Player’s Highest Level Base
Minimal: Exactly what minimal means.

Regular Zone: a zone where you can stack defenses with great symmetry.

General Purpose Bases:

These Bases are necessary for almost any player- they all share the attribute of being a useful resource generator, and thus have a relatively high base level.

—– Fleet Auxilliary(FA)

This type of base has maximised its base level in favor of resource production. This is a generalist base that has not been upgraded into one of the other generalists- its owner simply does not intend to use it for heavy combat, or lacks sufficient resources for some reason or another.

To build any specialist base, one will almost certainly need at least one Fleet Auxilliary. During the early-mid game, a player will usually not be able to afford NOT having at least one Auxilliary.

Base Level: High | Resource Level: High | Defense: Moderate to Minimal | Offense: Moderate to Minimal

^^^Escort Carrier(EC) -> Assault Carrier(AC) -> SuperCarrier(SC) -> Mothership(MS)

This base type is based on a Fleet Auxilliary platform- but with heavy offensive forces. Given that one can almost always obtain resources through offensive forces due to the existence of Forgotten, Carriers are not only the most useful but the most common base type.

An Assault Carrier has to have at least moderate defenses. A SuperCarrier must be able to field 180+ Army Points of attack. A Mothership must be able to field a maximum-sized army of end-tier offensive units, in addition to having infrastructure sufficient for 3 full repairs, minimum.

Base Level: High | Resource Level: High | Defense: Moderate | Offense: High

>>>Battlewagon(BW) -> Battleship(BB) -> Dreadnought(DN) -> Superdreadnought(SD)

This Base type is absurdly expensive to build, and outside of PvP is much less efficient than Carrier types, although far more economical than the extra-specialist types. The Battleship’s purpose is to survive hit after hit in combat, and yet still remain in action and be able to retaliate.

Due to not only the high expense, but high defensive requirements, one needs not only wads of resources (having an Auxilliary is probably not enough) but a base with favorable geography for defenses- either 1 large regular zone, or 2 small regular zones, or 2 near-adjacent, clear lines of fire with a symmetrical boundary between them.

Not only must the offense be of high value, but its defenses must be able to match its own offensive force. A SuperDreadnought requires you have not only end-tier offenses but also end-tier defenses as well.

Base Level: High | Resource Level: High | Defenses: High | Offense: High

Specialist Bases

These bases will account for less than 5% of the bases in existence. Probably less than 1%, but they do exist. They are very impractical for almost any player’s main account, although a powerful alliance can use a few of these. For about every player, building one of these is unthinkable unless it is with your 4th/5th base. Some extremely wealthy players (cash, forgotten farming, extreme war profits) may be able to build one by their 3rd base.

*****Combat Drone+Subtypes ‘Drone Battlecruiser’ ‘Drone Carrier’ ‘Drone Battleship’

As your base level increases, the cooldown from moving your base increases as well. However, increasing the military ability of your base does NOT directly increase your base’s level.

By creating a base with powerplants/accumulators, military infrastructure, and then importing resources necessary for upgrades/repairs, one can create a base capable of trasversing enormous distances at multiple times the speed a normal base could, while wielding absurd amounts of firepower. The level at which you can move is 7, and the shift time is under 1h20 min/20 squares- an absurd mobility.

In the long term, this is incredibly impractical. Even in combat, once you open fire, you are locked down from moving for 20 hours. So impractical, I have never actually seen someone execute this ideal. It requires extensive outside support, is of moderate use in warfare, hence the name, Combat Drone .

Base Level: Minimal | Resource Level: Low | Defenses: Moderate to High | Offense: High

Target Drone

With POIs in existence, new waves of alternate accounts, the emergence of super-players (players with scores higher than 90% of alliances…), a solution was found in the broken mechanics of C&C: TA.

By building a base that your allies are SUPPOSED to blow up, one can maintain control over POIs near-perpetually with low risk of unforseeable POI loss- simply have an ally pop the base near a POI.

Once this occurs, the base is destroyed and can be moved again, to the next POI.

Additionally/for other purposes, this base can have extremely high production values, allowing it to be used as a source of resource-transfer for mid-level players. Simply don’t spend the destruction package (when your base is destroyed, regenerating it causes all your buildings to create a production package) on repairs, but allow it to be popped over and over again for maximum benefit for your allies. Or simply transfer it back to your own accounts while seizing POIs with the base.

Even more insidiously, it is possible to alert your own bases using a Target Drone. In tight quarters, where an alliance has amassed 10 or more bases able to support one, an enemy attacking force can quickly be reduced to rubble before even scratching the defenses!

I have come across Target Drones before. It is doable on a new alternate account, so requires little investment from a player’s true account. As such, it is quite a bit more practical than Combat Drones.

For best results, pair up Target Drones to minimize CP waste from live players.

Base Level: Minimal to High | Resource level: Minimal to High | Defenses: Nonexistent to Minimal | Offense: Minimal

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