C&C Tiberium Alliances New Player’s Guide

C&C; Tiberium Alliances New Player’s Guide by SmallArmy

Ok here’s a little guide to help you in this game!

First of all:

Getting to know the game

You have 4 kinds of resources and those are:

Tiberium, Crystal, Energy and Credits

You use these resources to build your base to the next level and get more buildings.

There’s a limit of how much resources you can have so you’ll have to build either a Silo which can contain Tiberium and Crystal and an Accumulator which can contain Energy. Credits you have unlimited limit of. As you build these Silos and Accumulators you can connect them to many resourcebuildings and give them a bonus. So if you have a Silo in like level 3 you gain an amount of 900 bonus on Tiberium and Crystal.

The Construction Yard is very important since it’s your main building which controlls over how many buildingspaces you can have. If you upgrade it you’ll get more buildingspaces. A good start is to lvl up to a reasonable level like 7.

Then there’s missions which you can find in the top above your resources. When you complete a mission you gain a reward which you claim by pressing complete.

As you build you’ll have to build a Command and Defense HQ (headquarters) to make a good offensive army and a defense army.

Your defense is limited and can get bigger as you level up the Defense HQ, the same thing is with the Command HQ.

Then there’s the Command Points which you gain one each six minutes and can have 100 at max.

When you attack Camps and Outposts which are data bases who can’t attack you. The Command Point gets “paid”.

Then we come to Research Points which you gain by killing enemy forces/defenses. It can be either Camps’ or Outposts’ or an enemy’s defenses. But you don’t gain Research Points (RP) by defending. These RP you use to research for new troops either for offensive or defensive. Even you research to get a new base called the MCV.

It’s a good tip to check your base either 2-3 times a day cause you don’t want the production of your resources to stall or anyone attacking you.

Joining alliances near you is a good tactic to not get attacked by enemy bases. You gain rank as you build and your base gets more score.

So now we’re at Supply Crates which can be gain by attacking Camps or Outposts with a supply crate mark. The supply crates can contain either Tiberium, Crystal, Energy, Credit or even Command Points.

As you start you see your base has a blue shield around, that’s to show you got newbie protection and can’t get attacked. As the newbie protection disappear your shield will aswell.

These are the troops you can have:


Rifleman (basic troops that are very good in higher levels)
Missile Squad (second basic troops that are effective when to destroy structures)
Paladin (basic plane which damage vehicles and are very easy to shoot down)
Pitbull (used to destroy structures on a far range)
Guardian (main “tankjeeps” which are good against infantry and anti-air cannons)
Firehawk (bombplanes which are very effective against structures and are very fast)
Zone Troopers (good against vehicles)
Commando (good against structures)
Predator (tank used against vehicles)
Juggernaut (good against structures)
Orca (good against infantry)
Mammoth (heavy tank used to bring down structures to the ground)
Sniper Squad (longranged snipers who easy takes down the enemy infantry)
Kodiak (massive plane who crush any structures in it’s way)


Wall (slows down enemy forces)
MG Nest (anti-infantry cannons and good against airforces)
Anti-tank Barriers (good against vehicles)
Missile Squad (good against airforces)
Predator (good against vehicles)
Barbwire (good against infantry)
Sniper Squad (outranges all infantry)
Flak (anti-air cannon)
Zone Troopers (good against vehicles)
Watchtower (good against infantry)
Titan Artillery (good against vehicles)
SAM Site (great anti-air cannon)

Destroying bases is done by destroying the Construction Yard, as I said before it’s the most important.


Funds are used in multiple games; Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, Lord of Ultima and this Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances.

You use these funds to get more resources or get more Command Points or other stuff you wanna get more of. These funds cost real cash and are at a reasonable price like it has always been.

Hope this help you, see you in the game!

If you have an own tip you can write it down for your fellow players below

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