Battlefield Play4Free Veteran Tips

Battlefield Play4Free Veteran Tips by TankMitchels

TankMitchels here, I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and have ran into a lot of problems that a faced and came over after about the 100th time. I’m feeling nice so im going to post as many of these tips to dominate servers and ones that save you from the suffering of looking stupid on servers. Here it is and i’ll update from time to time

1.) Don’t camp in the same spot round after round over and over again… (find about 5 campin’ spots to alternate from if you really want to camp).

2.) Believe in Yourself, If you see a whole army don’t run, stand your ground and hold it until reinforcements come. (If your outta ammo then hide.)

3.) I learned this when i first flew jets, Don’t do a barrel roll when taking off you will crash and burn BADLY.

4.) Cap bases and help your teammates, otherwise you’ll lose the round and get less credits.

5.) ALLWAYS (and i mean “ALLWAYS”) throw down tons of medics and ammo, to us engineers it’s a pain when we run out of rpgs and are almost dead with you guys not doing anything for us.

6.) Don’t T bag a high level player for a long time you will suffer from his little ‘nade he dropped before death.

7.) On the forums don’t swear, It’s annoying and you might get banned (what i don’t do that…. )

8.) don’t get a shotgun to counter a shotgun it always ends up messy.

9.) (to engineers) If you hide behind a car and the guy tries and shoots at you through the windows let him waste his ammo… then hop out and fire an rpg to their face.

10.) If your outta options and there’s a vehicle about to run you over, For god sake throw down a vehicle mine, C4 or play bull fighting with him (wait what ).

11.) Don’t think of death or it will happen.

12.) Some pistols you can no scope and kill more… others you’ll just look like a blind person.

13.) Don’t call someone a “she” just because HIS signiture has feminine aspects to it (He’ll understand me if he reads this he knows i’m talking about him).

14.) KNIFE BEATS EVERYTHING! it’s fast when it’s set on 3 but if you set it on alt, which i have right now, then it’s even faster. (Warning it takes about a week to get used to)

15.) Don’t ever wear engineer uniform if your not an engineer and visa versa with the medic helmet (i know it looks cool but please don’t)

16.) Medics stand out their gun it is HUGE compared to the rest so you can tell in a sec’ that he’s medic or not.

17.) If a lot of people have deagles turn down the volume a little. I have those 30$ earbuds that are outside sound proof and a Deagle blasted me in the head right into my guy’s head from point blank and it almost blew my eardrums out….

18.) If your playing on a lap top with a mouse pad and no scroll i advise you swap the controls for zooming and weapons selection to 8 and 5 on the number pad thingy… the one that needs the numlock XD.

19.) (One for the engineers out there) When all else fails while capping a flag and the men in white coats are coming to get you lay down as many explosives as you can and aim your pistol at one of them ready to take everyone’s life.

20.) Don’t sneeze during a gunfight.

21.) The XM25 is more accurate if you hip fire but has no scroll or range lock on.

22.) C4 is great to put on your car and run into a apc and blow it up… won’t work on tanks unless if you have a booster tho most of the time… (who made that up…. “Duh, terrorists.”)

23.) If you see a tank and your a sniper do as Baird said in Gears Of War 3 “And what do we do kids? We aim for their ammo!!!” Need another hint? aim for the mounted 50 cal’s ammo box (American tank only)

24.) (for engineers and assaults… i give a lot of tips to engineers eh ) If you leave a vehicle in the middle of no where throw C4 or mines on it so if someone hops in it BOOM!

25.) Don’t watch Tv while playing choose only one at one time or you’ll miss parts of the show and die a lot (unless your multi tasked).

26.) For any and all recons, I highly recommend that you get 2 sniper rifles, One for long range and one for short range. Get a semi auto and you only need that one. (mostly)

27.) you can hate me for saying this but if you don’t like being a sniping and you have a recon for some odd reason, Get a Vss or Svu and put on a PSO close range scope (Smg with a scope! ^-^)

28.) If you have to be away from keyboard (afk) for a minute or a round hide somewhere before leaving or spawn at home base so your K/D ratio doesn’t suffer.

29.) When all else fails on a air map and you have no bases, hop in the black hawk and become paras (don’t jump out if your the pilot get more people to drop off at bases).

30.) while first learning to fly go to empty servers or small servers with your friends so that you can practice.

31.) If you see stat pedallers take pics of them, then kill them, then report them .

32.) Frags are good to throw down an alley before running blindly into the fray, it’ll throw your enemy off-guard and take some of their health! (if boosted then it’ll take some of them out! )

33.) RECONS! if you have a bolt or a semi auto remember that over long ranges the bullet drops. get down the different ranges so you can estimate how high you have to shoot…. pull the trigger and pow! (If your not good with math then i suggest you get a Vss or Svu.)

34.) On Myanmarr attack a base from all sides, I didn’t nickname the map myself as “sneak attack jungle” for no reason . You can flank and attack a base from all sides at once with a cooperative team, making it hard to keep the base by the opposing team.

35.) when capturing a base with more then 3 people capturing at a time have one guy near the edge of the base covering the enemy spawn until the enemy flag is down and yours is being put up.

36.) For Medics the tactical respawn will get shot if you put it near a enemy base, put it near the base but not in it so that the enemy doesn’t find it but you still can respawn there.

37.) Assaults, smoke screens are good to smoke out a base right before you capture it so if anyone comes to take the base back the smoke screen will throw them off their guard.

38.) Medics, Defibs can kill but don’t have as much range as a knife, (you can take a life and save a life with one shot! )

39.) Those gun shots you always hear can help you, Depending on how loud the shot sounds depicts how far away they are.

40.) Xbox and Ps controllers are compatible with your computer and are especially good for flying… a lot easier to turn then with a mousepad >.<.

41.) shotguns mainly only work great on land maps with no air vehicles (I.e. karkand, just got 35/15 with an 870 on that map )

42.) Some times your hearing is just as good as your sight on the battlefield, You can hear anything from a tank fire in the around the corner to a enemy motion sensor at your feet. Remember this tip at all times and be the first to know something before the rest of your team.

43.) Got another medic tip for ya, Lmgs are good for keeping the enemy pinned behind cover while the rest of your team moves up to capture a base. Remember, be a TEAM player

44.) Be a TEAM PLAYER stick with your team mates, cover their six, pick them up when they need it, tracer vehicles, etc etc ETC!!!!

45.) it’s always good to stick with a friend so that you can kill 2x more baddies  (it’s better if you have different classes).

46.) reload, just do it… trust me it works.

47.) Tanks and apcs are the backbone of your offensive on non air maps (and air maps) stay with them and take out engineers before they get power hungry for vehicle kills.

48.) if your clip runs out don’t turn around and run take out your pistol and finish the job.

49.) don’t waste bandages/ syringes when you have near to full health it’s a waste and your supply is limited. Ps: if you get hit while healing from a bandage you’ll stop getting healed.

50.) I’ve came so far :’D, Don’t chat when your capping a base. Stay alert, stay focused, and watch out for enemies.

51.) Invest at least 1 training point into tactical reflexes, trust me it helps.

52.) before running into CQC areas remember that there’s always claymores and if you don’t have training against clays then be sure to watch the ground while moving.

53.) Since rush just came out let me say, DEFENDERS! do not sit on the M-COM! keep room to it but not too much because if someone kills you while your next to a M-COM it’s already too late.

54.) another rush tip, flank the enemy! Sharqi is no longer a small map it’s HUGE!!!!! use the flanks whenever you can.

55.) Always remember, this is a team game.

Tips by other vets that i forgot:

1.) while aiming down the sight with your sub/lmg/assault gun, dont move and shoot at the same time, this aint cod,hold your ground and shoot at him,otherwise the bullets will just spread around your target!

2.) I’m not a vet. I’m an average player but reload before and after the firefight.

3.) Well these are some useful tips so I think you guys may like the one below, unless you already know about it.
Those “anti-land-vehicle” weapons that you find on Karkand (Near C/D) and at Dragon Valley (D/B) can change direction once you shoot. So if you are aiming for a target shoot at him, hold down the LMB (left mouse button), and move the cursor (mouse) UP/RIGHT/LEFT/DOWN you will notice that the “rocket” changes direction according to your movements. This is very useful when taking down mobile targets such as soldiers, and even helicopters if you master the skill ^^

Very hard to explain in words so just go in game and try it out, if you never have.

4.) Always and I do mean always knife when you are going around a corner where you might run into an enemy. It has saved my butt many times plus they will usually call you a hacker

5.) Tank, here’s one, if you haven’t heard it.
No matter what gun you have (even the M9 can work with this), if you’re in a bad situation, you can shoot the tires on an APC and get damage from it. Will it do much? No, but it’s xp

6.) Always switch to your pistol(or your other purchased primary slot) if you run out of ammo in a firefight, it’s always much faster than reloading your primary weapon.

7.) crouching and firing in bursts while in ADS is very accurate, spraying over long range is a no-no

8.) (i got this one from warboy on his videos) “If your an assault it’s important to get either frags or C4 early on.”

9.) A useful Tip to make Jet Pilots Ragequit: If you are a Engineer and you see a Jet flying over your head try to Trace and immediatly shoot an RPG into it. The RPG will hunt the Jet faster down than the Stinger/Igla.

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