Bakery Story CandyCane and Marzipan Oven Guide

Bakery Story CandyCane and Marzipan Oven Guide by NorfolkAndGood

Hi – Here is a start to what’s involved with the 2 New “Build It” Ovens and the Update when you get it, to “Unlock” the “Goals”……

I’m part way through both “Goals” (for CandyCane and Marzipan Ovens) so here is the progress so far and hopefully someone “further along” can add to this posting….

Clicking on “Clipboard” or “CandyCaneStick” in top left corner of Home Screen (under your gold coins total) reveals…..

“Chillby”/CandyCane Oven
Level 1
Buy a Candy Cane Oven
AND Request 1 “Sugar” from a Neighbour (or neighbours)
AND Serve 10 Fruit Tarts

Level 2
Visit 4 Neighbours
AND Request 4 “Eggs” from Neighbours
AND Serve 30 Celebration Cupcakes

This is where I am so far (and baking 30 Celebration Cupcakes will take rest of today! lol)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

“Mysterious Baker”/Marzipan Oven
Level 1
Request 2 “Teaspoons of Sugar” from Neighbours
Serve 10 Hot Chocolates (which I am part way through doing)

I understand from other Neighbours that there are 4 Levels to complete possibly (TL love “Level 4” lol)

Hope this helps and I’ll Update as I progress over coming days, but would welcome others further along process adding to

Additional Info…… It appears you can only make Requests once daily (as with the other “build” ovens) and when you click “Request Sugar” ALL your Neighbours are “ticked”!!!!
If you have dozens of Neighbours but need just ONE Sugar – it seems a bit daft asking them ALL, just tick a couple of neighbours who you can rely on to respond promptly?

That way if later in the day you move onto next Level or are completing both tasks together, then you can ask other Neighbours to help!!

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