Bakery Story Basic Guide

Bakery Story Basic Guide by mattdiner

Your customers are waiting for sweet desserts, and your “Running a Bakery for Dummies” book has way more information than you need. How will you ever serve your customers in time?


-Your customers are going to need a place to sit to eat their tasty treat.
-For every table you have in your bakery, it needs one chair to go with it for customers to sit down.

Cooking, Appliances, and Counters

-There are 4 different kinds of appliances: Ovens, Drinks Mixers, Ice Cream Machines, and Deep Fryers. Each of the four appliances contain different recipe lists, so if you want to have all the recipes, try getting all 4 of these appliances.
-As you level up, you will be able to place more appliances in your bakery.
-If you want to place a different kind of appliance, but you have not unlocked a new spot, you can always store one of the appliances you have out and place a new one.

-The number in the clock shows you how long it takes to cook.
-The number on the top is how many coins you need to start cooking the recipe.
-The number with the x next to it is how many servings you have in completion of the cooking.
-The number with a star next to it is how much exp you gain in total completion of the recipe.
-The number with the coin next to it is how many total coins you will have after selling every serving of the recipe.
-Tap a recipe to cook the food.

-If you cook one recipe enough, you can reach a mastery level that recipe.
-You win coins for mastery levels 1 and 3.
-You win a gem for mastery levels 2 and 4.

-When a dish is done cooking you need counters to put your food on.
-Recipes that are identical can add up on one counter.
-Recipes that are different need separate counters to be placed on.

Heart Rating

-A baker wants his/her customers to be happy.
-The heart meter is the pink bar on the top of the screen with a heart next to it.
-The maximum heart rating is 100.
-The higher the heart rating, the faster customers will enter your bakery.
-To get your heart meter to hit 100, you are going to need a clear path to your host table, counters with food on them, and about 25 table and chair combinations.


-The exp bar is the yellow bar in the top-middle of your screen.
-The number in the star shows you what level you are on.
-The more yellow that shades into the bar, the closer you are to leveling up.
-The benefit of leveling up is that you can unlock new items and recipes that you weren’t able to cook the level before!


-There are 2 types of currencies: gems and coins.
-You can use gems and coins to purchase new decorations, appliances, tables, chairs, etc. for your bakery.

-Gems can be earned by reaching mastery levels 2 and 4, and by getting a gold medal in your medals.
-You can purchase gems by clicking the blue “gem” on the top of your screen.
-Keep in mind, you will be using real money if you want to purchase gems.
-Gems can be won by entering the fun contests right here on TeamLava forums!

-You can earn most of your coins through the dishes that your customers eat.
-If you want a certain amount of coins immediately, you can tap the the “design” button and click the “expand” tab. Click the button with the large coins stacked on top of each other to exchange some of your gems for a certain amount of coins.

Buy, Design and Decorate

-Tap the design button on the bottom-right of the screen.
-In this bottom bar, you can purchase tables, chairs, wall decorations, floor decorations, wallpaper, floor tiles, appliances, and counters.
-Under the tab next to the red X, there is many useful things you can do.
-You can purchase the Donut Box, Fruit Basket, Candy Jar, and Madeleine Tin: When you tap these items, you are using 24 gems to see if you can get some of the best items in the game that you can’t get anywhere else!
-You can exchange gems for coins.

-Using expansions makes your bakery larger.
-You can pay for expansions using gems or coins.
-You can click the arrows at the bottom of your restaurant or got to the second to last tab in the design menu to see your current options for expansions.
-You can not skip expansions. You increase in size one row at a time.
-Just because an expansion says it requires neighbors to unlock doesn’t mean that you won’t have to use currency after getting the required number of neighbors.

Tasks and Badges

-The blue buttons on the left side of the screen are called tasks.
-Each requires gems to skip.
-Complete tasks by following the directions of what it tells you to do.
-When you complete one of the tasks, you will get coins and exp.

-To view potential badges, tap “Main” on the bottom right of the screen, tap “Messages”, and tap “Medals”.
-Bronze and silver medals give you exp upon completion and when you fully complete the objective, you will earn a gold medal and a gem!


-You can adjust game settings by tapping “menu” on the bottom left of your screen, and tapping the second to last button on the bottom right of the screen.
-Here, you can adjust your push notification settings, connect to Facebook, and turn sounds on and off.


-Your profile shows an overview of the progress you have made with your bakery.
-Tap “menu” on the bottom left, “messages” on the top right, and the third tab titled “profile”.
-Here you can name your bakery and change the gender of your avatar.
-The profile page also shows your level, how much exp. you need to get to the next level, your neighbor stars, how many neighbors you have, and your heart meter.

Everything Social

-See who’s around the neighborhood!
-To have a social bakery, create a Storm8 ID. You’ll be asked to create one along the way.

Other Bakeries
-Tap “menu” on the bottom right, and “social” on the left.
-The community tab on the left to view a list of random bakeries.
-The bakeries are sorted in the order of neighbor stars.
-To visit one of these bakeries, tap “visit”.
-You can leave a message by tapping “wall” on the top of the screen, typing a message in the message box, and tapping “post”.
-If you want this person to be your neighbor, leave a message saying that you would like them to add you. Include your Storm8 ID in the message.
-You can tap this bakery’s tables to add “coins” on the table. This gives them a little bit of coins and exp. You don’t lose anything by doing this. It’s called “tipping”.
-You can tip each bakery’s tables 3 times a day.
-When you tip another bakery, your neighbor star rating increases.

Neighbor Star Rating
-This rating increases every time you tip a table.
-The higher you increase the rating, the more active of a player you show yourself to be.
-The rating will decrease a bit every day to make sure that you’re still and active player.

-To view this section of your bakery, tap “menu”, “social”, and “neighborhood” which is in the second tab.
-Here, you can view a list of your neighbors and neighbor requests.
-At the top, sometimes you might see some neighbor requests, which you can accept or decline.
-When you are neighbors with someone, you can tip them 6 times a day.
-Using this list, you can easily visit your neighbors to tip them, or you can send gifts to them.

-When you send gifts to neighbors, you don’t lose anything.
-You can send gifts to people every 24 hours.
-Tap the “gift” button next to one of your neighbors.
-You can select from Hot Chocolate, Croissant, Cappuccino, Chocolate Cake, Brownies, or appliance parts.
-Your neighbors will like it if you send Cappuccino because it has the highest total amount of money when all of the plates are sold.
-Tap “menu” and “my gifts” to view the gifts people have sent you.
-You can tap the gifts to put them on one of your counters.

Inviting Friends
-The last tab in social is titled “Invite Friends”.
-If someone leaves you a message stating their Storm8 ID, or you someone you know told you their ID, you can add them here.
-Type their ID in the text box and hit the “invite” button.
-These bakeries will be shown in a list below until they have accepted or declined your invite.

Inviting Someone who Doesn’t have the Game Yet
-Tap “menu”, and “invite” on the top right.
-You can invite people you know to get the app if they don’t have the game yet.

-View “Other Bakeries” to learn about tipping other bakeries.
-When people tip your bakery, coins will appear on your tables.
-Tap the tables with the coins to collect the coins and exp.

News Feed
-Tap “menu”, “messages”, and “news” which is the second tab.
-Here, you can see who has recently tipped you so you can easily visit their bakery to tip them back.

-Move one tab to the left to view your wall.
-Here you can view the comments people have on your bakery wall.

Constructible Appliances

-These appliances will appear as cardboard boxes in your bakery.
-Tap the cardboard boxes and hit the ask friends button under one of the tools if you need it.
-You can check down the list to send the invites to more people.
-If you want to finish building the appliances immediately, you can hit the “finish” button and pay for it for a certain amount of gems.

Easy Appliances
-The Ice Cream Machine and the Deep Fryer work like normal appliances, but easy appliances are easier to work.
-You can start cooking a recipe with one tap.

Forever and Sonic

-Forever appliances never spoil, even if you’re late to check.
-Sonic appliances cut down cooking times so you can serve the food sooner.

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