Astro Garden Beginner’s Guide

Astro Garden Beginner’s Guide by RavenChallenge


In the beginning of the game you get to choose from two male characters and two female characters. You can choose your appearance any time during the game by pressing the gender button.

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*********************************SPOILER ALERT****************************************

There are 4 more avatars you can get by getting married in the game. Getting Married? Yes, told you spoiler alert After you get married you get an additional 4 avatars two male and two female avatars, you even get the option to costumize your character.

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Another important thing happens after the wedding:You now have 2 characters to juggle.

If you have your main character set as female, she will do the task by default.You can choose which one of them you want to do a task by clicking the male or the female sign.When you expand, you might have tasks needing done at each end of your land – so the 2 avatars are handy, as you can place them in different sections, so they don’t have to run so far to get anything done. And you just choose which one you want to use. Getting them both working at the same time can help you achieve level 7 combo faster!

Sometimes the extra avatar is more a bother than a help – just like in real life – but other times it’s really handy to have them both!

How to let both of your avatars work for you at them same time:

  • Start off the first one by clicking away on tasks.
  • Change avatar by clicking the male or female sign.
  • Start off the second one by clicking away on other tasks.

Equipment (vehicles and ammunition)


When you start the game your avatar comes with a standard pair of trainers. Once you advance in the game (and earn some money) you can buy a segway or the hoverboard (jetpacks are coming soon!). Use the vehicles to move faster around your farm and keep in mind that unless you buy the vehicles for gold you are only renting them for 24 hours!

SpeedAvailableBuyRent 24 h
Trainers10 km/hdefault
Segway15 km/hlv 145 gold$3.000
Hoverboard17 km/hlv 1599 gold$10.000
Jetpack19 km/h???


By default the avatar is equipped with a slingshot. It will be able to take on all the monsters that will appear in the game, however some of them will have to be shot a number of times.

Besides the slingshot you get 3 additional weapons, the bee gun, the gas spray, and the nanoemitter.
Ammunition for the 3 weapons are crafted in the workshop. The bee gun rounds can be obtained by turning in the monster collection.

WolfYetiMutant TreeAlien
Slingshot1234 – 5

You will encounter 4 different kinds of monsters: The Wolf, The Yeti, The Mutant Tree and The Alien.
Each weapon is designed to take out a specific monster in 1 shot. You can use a stronger weapon to kill the monster in one hit or you can use a lightweight weapon, such as the slingshot, multiple times to kill the monster.

How to make game money

There are several ways to make money in the game. Which route works best for you depends on how you like to play the game and how many hours you spend playing it.


  • Animals are your main source of income. Having the maximum number of animals in your farm allows you to maximize your profit. Feed the animals and replace them as soon as they are mature.
    Pro tip: Place them in your storage, but don’t sell them unless you need the money. You never know when a quest will ask you to sell an animal!
    ~~Check out our animal profit chart for the exact stats on all the animals!~~
  • Crops, keep a constant flow growing on your farm, and sell the ones you don’t need for quests. When you are going to be away for several hours like during the night, spend every cent you’ve got on the highest paying crop you can buy, and sell it off the next morning. If you want to make a profit of the hybrid crops, then go for the Strawberry Volcano. They are easily crafted and grows fast. Don’t sell all of them, though, as you’ll need some in the lab.
    ~~Check out our hybrid animal profit table for the exact numbers!~~
  • Make sure to visit your neighbors daily. Every action you do at neighbors will earn you a small amount of money. You can increase the amount you make at neighbors by getting the 1x combo for each neighbor you visit. Money from neighbor visits may not seem as much, but if you have a lot of them, it will add up!
  • Make tiles and sell them. In 30 sec you can make 4 tiles, and sell them for $240.
  • Go through your newsfeed for reward links. It will take a bit of time and effort, but it can be helpful, if you’re low on cash – especially when you’re just starting out. If you can’t find your reward links, use this link:

How to make Gold (credits)

Note: Money (see post above) is accessible in-game through selling items, quest rewards, collections, etc. Gold is the premium currency. It’s special, so be careful where you spend it!

In the “earn gold” tab at the top of the game, you have different ways to earn gold, including:

  • Purchase with a credit card, pay pal, etc
  • Purchase with FB credits
  • Complete a promo offer
  • Watch videos or complete surveys.

Any of these offers may appear as an icon in-game as well.
Please note: The options available depend on where you’re located. This is not dependent on 6waves, but on FB and its sponsors.

You can also get gold from some of the reward links in your newsfeed. Every time someone shares their winnings of the 5th day of the lottery, the first one to click on the link will get 1 gold.

The Goldmine
The price of the goldmine is 250 gold, and it pays out one gold a day (once every 20 hrs), so it will take 250 days of you logging into the game every day before you start making a profit.
If you want to buy it, you can get a better deal when there’s a sale. You can get the goldmine for 189 gold, and buy 200 gold for the prize of 100 gold. If you buy the goldmine on sale, you will make a profit from it after approximately 100 days.

Daily bonus

The daily bonus is a lottery. It’s a square of 8×8 and for each consecutive day you log in, you get more squares to uncover. You can also pay gold to purchase extra squares.

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Day 1 – you get 1 prize
Day 2 – you get 2 prizes
Day 3 – you get 3 prizes
Day 4 – you get 4 prizes
Day 5 – you get 5 prizes – and you get 1 gold.

The prizes you win can be any item from the game and include XP, money, animals, regular seeds, hybrid , lab-crafted items, materials etc.

At the moment you will still get you’re prizes if you miss the lottery one day, but if you miss too many days you’ll be reset back to day one.

When getting gold on the 5th day, you will get the option to share the news. If you do, the first friend of yours that clicks on the post will get 1 gold as well.


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The combo bar will appear in game right below the energy bar. You can fill the combo bar by picking up the bonus items that are dropping. Any item will count towards the combo bar and you can even complete combos when visiting neighbors.

There are 7 combo levels. Each time you fill up the combo bar, you get a prize and you’ll go up to the next level. Each level is harder to complete than the earlier ones, so that level 1 takes much less to fill than level 7. When you get the level 7 prize, you’ll instantly start working towards level 1 again. Remember that combo prizes (such as the food and money) can also be picked up to count towards the level, and level 7 prizes are often super useful items like Toxin.

In the beginning you might feel that you have to hurry! You have to constantly pick up pieces or the combo bar will disappear. If your bar is starting to turn red, it’s about to go away so work quickly!
When you get some more experience you will find that you have time enough and don’t need to stress about it.

Complete combo lv 1: $4
Complete combo lv 2: $4, 1 food
Complete combo lv 3: $5, 2 food
Complete combo lv 4: $12, 3 food
Complete combo lv 5: $14, 5 food
Complete combo lv 6: $16, 7 food
Complete combo lv 7: toxin, bronze, aluminium, radium OR neon

How to get a level 7 combo
The easiest way to get the level 7 prize is by chopping down trees, as they tend to drop the most items. 2 medium astro-woods and approximately 250 energy will get you 3 level 7 prizes, but that’s an estimate so no guarantees!
You don’t have to be particularly fast to make the combo. You should have time to refill your energy, scare off monsters or buy extra fertilizers. The trick to doing any of the above is to leave some items on the ground for the cat to pick up. Do NOT pick up all the dropping items right away! Let the cat do it for you, while you make the refill or scare the monsters and then time will not run out on you.

Combo level 8
In some quests you may see a reference to combo level 8 – but there is no level 8.
For some reason, getting the level 7 prize is called level 8.


The Cat

You get the cat after completing the “home comforts” quest. The cat helps you around the farm by picking up items that drop from farming, feeding animals, collecting from buildings, chopping, etc.

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When you feed your cat your energy bar refills, so make sure you are low on energy! As an added bonus your energy bar will increase with 5 extra energy when you feed the cat. The energy bar increase will last for 24 hours.

You have to feed the cat 10 sour cream once every 24 hours. Ask your neighbors to send you sour cream or obtain 1 sour cream each time you turn in the food collection.

The Dog

You get the dog once you buy the last expansion. You have to tame the dog first before he will help you out! Tame your dog by feeding him every 2 hours for 5 times straight. After you tame your dog he will give you extra energy to spend at neighbors and he will make it easier to get rid of monsters.

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You have to feed the dog 10 meat once every 26 hours. Ask your neighbors to send you meat, or make the meat in the workshop. Don’t forget that the dog kennel gives you 1 meat a day.

Tip: Don’t ask all your neighbors to send meat or sour cream at once. Somehow only a very little amount of the requests reach your neighbors if you send to all at once So it’s best you send out 10 to 20 request manually each time.  


When you visit your neighbors, you get extra energy and resources and some materials you can only gather at your neighbors. On occasion you will also get the option of an extra bonus – the nano chest.

You may want all of your neighbors to be just as active players as yourself, but sometimes it’s an advantage to have some who left the game – either for a while or for good. They can be a great source of rocks – and you will always need plenty of those!

If your neighbor has crops growing and has been away from the game for more than 24 hours, the crops will go rotten. You can help out your neighbors, and revive the crops for them, as they will not be able to do it themselves.

If your neighbor has a ‘do not touch’ sign at rocks or animals, try to respect it when possible – but don’t stress if you see it to late to do anything about it or if there’s nothing else to be done in the garden.

Tip: If you have a quest that requires you to smash rocks, chopping wood or feed animals, it’s best to not accept neighbors help until you have completed the tasks!! Neighbor help doesn’t always count towards the quest! 

News Feed Posts – Gift Requests and Bonuses

Requests are posts that ask your neighbor to send you a gift. It is closely connected to the daily free gift. If you post a request, you will only get the needed item if your neighbor has not already sent your daily gift. Your neighbor also has to load the game complete and send you the gift from inside the game. You will not get any extra gifts from using the request-links and each link can only be used once.

Bonuses/Gift Links
A gift bonus can also only be used once, which means you will get the reward only if you are the first person to use the link. Luckily some players post a really generous amount of links, so it is worth the time and effort to search for posts if you need energy or money. If you get really lucky, you can even get the occasional gold.

Your Astro Garden news Feed


There are 3 different kinds of gifts:

  • Regular daily gift
  • Collection items
  • Requestable items

Regular daily gift
You are allowed to send 1 of these to each neighbor every day and each of your neighbors can send you one every day. You will not get additional gifts by posting requests for them. Regular gifts are found in the gift tab.

Collection items
Of these you can recieve a total of 30 gifts a day. The gifts will be taken from the giver’s inventory.
Collection items are found in the collection box. You can only send collection items that are on your neighbor’s wishlist.

Requestable gifts
This type of gift you get by asking friends for it. The person you ask is not able to get rid of your request in any other way than by sending the item you need, so if you send a request for a gift to an active player, you are likely to get it.

Requests can only be sent when you need the item. The earliest example of this is Sour Cream. You need it to feed your cat, and you can only request it if your cat is hungry and you don’t have enough sour cream to feed it.

Gifts of this type are often required for quests. As a general rule, you can get them by requests or whenever you do work in your garden or at your neighbors.

Nano chest and gold actions

Nano Chest

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The nano-chest is an extra bonus you get on occasion when you visit neighbors. It can contain all sorts cool stuff like collections items, money, xp, and materials.

Gold Actions
Gold actions are extra energy, that you can spend at your neighbors.
You get the gold actions by turning in the hebarium collection, or you craft an aid-package in the workshop.
The energy from turning in the collection will show at once – the aid packages you have to find in your storage and press ‘use’ in order to activate them.

You can use the gold actions as you please, but usually it’s wise to save them for the nano-chest and for quests telling you to do work at the professors. These quests will often take days to complete without the gold actions.
As most players at some point find themselves in dire need of metal, the gold actions could be handy to have around for smashing some extra rocks at neighbors.

Caution!! It is very easy to spend the gold actions unintentionally – and you will not get any warning, when you are about to use them. So it might be wise to only turn in the herbarium when you need the gold actions.

Plan ahead – prioritize

During the first few levels you may discover that new tasks keep comming at you – and you can’t do them all at once.
So what to do first?

These initial quests will guide you to get some funds built and to get your first buildings and animals.
Follow the quests, and focus one the ones furthest down your to-do list. These are the first quests in line, and you will get the others done with greater ease, if the older are done first.
Should you get stuck on the old ones then start on on some of the others, but keep your focus at the bottom of the to-do list.

At this point in the game, you should not spend money that you’re not asked to spend – unless it’s to grow additional crops that you want to sell to make more money.

Only when you get your greenhouse restored, you will be able to see which quests are the important ones.
There will be different kind of markings on the quests that lead you further towards completing the achievements. These quests are the ones to focus on from now on. Choose which line you want to follow first – and complete one quest before moving on to the next – or you will find yourself in a need of materials, that seems endless.

Name:  0achievment3.png Views: 6711 Size:  7.9 KB

And still you should not forget to make money by raising your animals and harvesting extra crops.


Energy – the most basic material of all. You need it to feed your animals, plant and harvest crops, cut down trees and rocks, build and repair – and to scare off the occasional monster.

So how do you get enough energy for all those tasks?

These are your main sources. Which one will give the most is individual, based on how much you play and how many neighbors you have.

  • Energy renewing every 3 minutes
    To get the most out of this, you make sure that your energy bar isn’t filled to the max, as this will stop energy from renewing untill you’re once again below max.
  • Food
    In general you should only use food for energy when you have at least 100, as this will give more value for the amount spent. Use every opportunity to gather more food by always picking up dropping items – you may not always get a big combo, but you will get extra food for each new level you reach.
  • Visiting neighbors
    You get at least 1 energy for each visit – some times more will drop. Visit only a few neighbors at a time if you want to keep the energy bar below max, then return home and spend it, before visiting more neighbors. Collect the dropping items – you usually get the first combo level at each neighbor, and this equals more food to turn in for energy and sometimes you may even keep the combo going between neighbors.
    Feeding animals give the best food drop, approx. 1½ food pr feeding.
    Reviving rotten crops frequently gives additional energy, approx. 1 energy every other neighbor. (The drop is rather uneven, so you may be lucky to get 3 extra energy at one neighbor – and none from a bunch of others).
  • Daily gifts
    Have energy on your wishlist and send energy to neighbors that have energy on their wishlist as well.

These are lesser sources, but when you are in need, every little bit counts.

  • Feeding the cat
    Feeding the cat will give you an energy refill, so you should feed when you’re low or out of energy to get the most benefit from it. Also your energy bar will hold 5 extra energy before reaching max.
  • Crafting
    You’re able to craft energy drinks in the workshop – if you have the needed materials, this will provide the occasional energy refill.
  • Wall feeds
    It’s a bit of a lottery, as only the first person to use the feed will get a prize, but if you’re out of energy, it might be worth the effort.
  • The daily lottery
    On occasion you will get between 1 and 5 energy from this.

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