Age of Wushu Feng Shui Cultivation Guide

Age of Wushu Feng Shui Cultivation Guide by Earthquake

Welcome to Earthquake’s guide on land type Feng Shui and how it affects your skill cultivation rate. As you travel through the Jianghu, you will notice a variety of land types. Ranging from hills to forest to snow, the type of land which you are currently adventuring in will have an added effect on your cultivation rate. In this guide we will explain how this system works, with the hopes that you will better understand the harmonious nature of Feng Shui and skill cultivation in the Jianghu.

Understanding Your Martial Arts Skill Attribute
Each martial art skill you have in your arsenal will have an assigned Feng Shui attribute. You can check the attribute of any skill you are cultivate by opening your skill book (pressing K in game) and selecting the skill to see the detail window overlay.

You will see something like this:
While the top red icon is a reference to the type of skill, being an overt move in this example, the lower yellow icon is a reference to the type of attribute this particular skill is associated with. Below is a list of possible attribute types for all skills in Age of Wushu. Identifying the attribute of the skill in question is essential to harnessing the Feng Shui land type bonuses in the Jianghu.

Basic Martial Arts Attributes

1. Hardness
2. Softness
3. Yin
4. Yang
5. Tai Chi
6. Yin & Softness
7. Yang & Hardness

The Main Land Types of the Jianghu

1. Hill
2. Water
3. Cave
4. Forest
5. Snow

Details of the Feng Shui Cultivate Rate Bonus System

Now that we have gone over the basics of identifying a skill’s main attribute and the basic feng shui land types in the Jianghu, we can finally get to the important part of this guide. Which land types are the best for the skill you are currently cultivating? You can find the answers in the table listed below.


Simply identify the attribute of the skill you want to cultivate, and find the land type which contains the highest bonus for that attribute. As you stand in that land type, you should notice the cultivate rate reflected in the interface as shown below.


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