Age of Wushu DPS Theory

Age of Wushu DPS Theory by IXTHUA

I. Bypassing defenses.

1. Block reduces damage by 50+% – break it by force (high brawn/breath and multi hit skills) or by fake + control skills.
2. Evasion allows to completely avoid damage – counter it by high accuracy and crit chance (from meridians, internal strengths and armor upgrades).
3. Armor (external defense) reduces damage from external skills – future updates will enable items to ignore part of armor.
4. Elemental resistance (internal defense) reduces damage from internal skills – reduce it by stacking ‘Ignore inner defense’ from meridians.

II. Increasing damage.

1. High base damage styles (most of rage skills) benefit from +10% damage upgrades on weapon or armor.

2. High attribute boost styles benefit from internal strengths with high Brawn and/or Breath, strengthened by armor upgrades:
– most of rage skills, certain styles skills (check how much % of attribute value your style skills use).

3. High damage multiplier styles:
– Emei dual dagger style (has +635% increased damage for nuke skill);
– Wanderers Valley dual dagger style (has +315% increased damage for all skills);
– Royal Guard fist style (has +56% increased damage for all skills, unarmed = no benefit from weapon).
They benefit from:
– weapon base damage (up to 25-42 for best jade);
– weapon damage upgrades (up to 27 x 6 for best jade);
– related attributes boost (brawn and/or breath).

4. Fast multi hit styles:
– Wudang twin sword style (does extra 30 damage per hit for all skills);
– Shaolin staff style;
– Emei dagger style (does xx base + 10% of breath damage per hit for all skills);
– Scholar Kicking style (has 200% increased critical damage for all skills);
– Scholar single sword style;
– Tang dagger style (has 60% increased critical chance for rage skill);
– Royal Guard claw style (aoe skill does major extra damage per hit based on brawn);
– Wanderers Valley dual blade style (does xx + 10% of breath damage per hit for all skills).
They benefit from:
– Wudang 2nd internal strength (each hit does extra damage equal to 4% of remaining energy);
– Scholar 2nd internal strength (each hit does minor extra damage based on your speed);
– Scholar twin sword style buffs (party buff – each hit does 100 + % of breath damage per hit);
– Tang 2nd internal strength target debuff (each hit target takes does extra damage equal to 200% of tang posture).
Internal strength type (internal/external) and element (YangHard, YinSoft or TaJi) must match your skill style.

5. DoT styles:
– Wanderer’s Valley palm style;
– Wudang Taji Sword style;
– Royal Guard blade style;
– several common styles.
Do damage per second (other skills have 2s animation + 1.5s global cooldown), means you don’t see high numbers, but real damage is high.
Most of them ignores block, but are reduced by elemental resistance.
Unfortunately there are no known ways to boost their damage, consider them as cheap early game dps styles.

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