Age of Wulin Life Skills Guide

Age of Wulin Life Skills Guide by v2seraph

Another important aspect of the game. Life skills not only bring you wealth by selling produced items or providing certain services, your character can also gain various bonuses by leveling your literature skills.

You need Energy (体力) in order to perform most life skills. You will only get a fixed amount of energy per day, so if you finished your energy for the day, you will need to wait another day for your energy to regenerate.

Your energy regenerates every 5 minutes, amount regenerated is based on your hunger. Note that if your hunger is at 0, you will start losing HP, but you will still regenerate a small amount of energy. You will not die of hunger, but theoretically you will only have 3/4 of your maximum HP left.

Your maximum energy is determined by your highest level life skill, VIP and guild territory level.

You earn Life Skill Experience (心得) by performing life skill, and your life skill will level eventually, unlocking new recipes in the process. However, you can only accumulate fixed amount of experience per day. You don’t need to force yourself to reach the capped experience for the day daily as the limit will get carried over to the next day as long as you have been online for at least 1 minute.

Lastly, life skills were divided into 4 categories:

Harvest / Collect
Before you start crafting, you will need different types of raw materials which can be found by performing these life skills.

You can learn ALL skills listed in this category.

Farmer (农夫) / Silk Farming (养蚕)
* Grow and harvest all sorts of vegetation for cooking, clothes making etc
* Cultivate silk worms to produce various types of silks, mainly for clothes making.
* Post-process harvested product into intermediate material for cooking, such as turning bean into tofu.

Hunter (猎户)
* Extract skin, fur, meat and other animal products from hunted beast/animals.
* These animals products can be used for cooking or crafting medicine, poison, clothes , weapon.

Lumberjack (樵夫)
* Chop trees to produce various types of woods for weapon crafting and guild structure building.

Fisherman (渔夫)
* Fish various fishes, prawns etc from river/ocean, for potion making and cooking.

Miner (矿工)
* Excavate minerals for weapon & accessory making and guild structure building.
* Produce ingot from minerals


* You may only choose 1 of the life skills in this category.
* Various items can be crafted through crafting life skills.
* There are two modes of crafting. The normal mode and the challenge mode.
* Normal mode crafting produces item 1 by 1.
* Challenging mode crafting requires you to play a minigame (Bejeweled) and gives you a chance obtain higher grade items from your crafting and more items per craft.

Mini Game
* Crafting challenge

* The mini game can be played with NPC to obtain Life Skill Experience, up to maximum of 12 wins per day.
* Players could also battle between each other with this Life Skill mini game. Experience will be gained from these PVP plays too.


You can only learn ONE skill listed in this category.

Blacksmith (铁匠)
* Craft weapons
* Produce items to enhance weapons stats.
* Enhance weapons (and certain armor parts)

Tailor (裁缝)
* Produce clothes (armor)
* Produce items to enhance clothes stats.
* Enhance clothes (armors)

Goldsmith (巧匠)
* Produce accessories
* Produce items to enhance accessory stats
* Enhance accessories

Apothecary (药师)
* Produce medicines and potions
* Enhance accessories
* Collect herbs

Collecting Herbs:
Making Potions:

Chef (厨师)
* Produce food
* Enhance weapons

Poison Expert (毒师)
* Produce poison which can be applied to weapons and buff potions.
* Enhance armor.
* Collect poison plants.

Your character may acquire various bonuses from literature skills.

You can only learn ONE skill listed in this category.

Zither (琴)
* Playing zither (in battle mode) grants various buff to your allies. While in battle, you will only need to play zither for few seconds and it will play automatically until end of a song.
* The AOE of Zither’s buff is extremely large (can cover the whole city), and the effect is very powerful in large-scale war.
* Practice mode can be played to gain experience:

Playing Zither (Battle mode)

Chess (棋)
* Chess mastery strengthens party formation skills and give various buffs to your party members.
* You can be in battle, while using the buff from chess, since it’s activated along with the party formation skill buff. The AOE is not as large as Zither’s buff though (Approximately the whole screen).
* Reaching level 6 or higher in Chess will trigger extra effect on formation skill.

Solution for Chess can be found >HERE<

Calligraphy (书)
* Produce scrolls which can be consumed to increase the Experience for all crafting classes.
* Reduce the amount of Mastery Point required to learn Nei Gong (Inner Strength Kungfu which boost stats)
* Give one random stat to the book when equipped

Artist (画)
* Produce scroll which can be consumed to increase the Experience for all crafting classes.
* Reduce the amount of Mastery Point required to learn battle moves/skills.
* Give one random stat which boost a skill’s damage by 10% when equipped.

Street Traits
You can learn both skills listed in this category.

Fortune Teller (卦师)
* VIP Only
* Grant a buff which gives higher conversion rate of Experience Point to Mastery Points. (see the articles on Growing Your Character)

Beggar (乞丐)
* Beg for money from players.
* You gain a small portion of the money only (at least at low level), and most of the money will be taxed by the beggar’s clans.
* If a player decide to donate money to you, he will get a fortune pouch, which give him a random item (normally it is rubbish).
* Players slaughter value will be reduced if he donate to beggars.

Additional Info

Double Harvest
You can double your harvested materials by reading books which can be obtained from Cash Shop or life skill instructors (100 silver).

Basic level recipes can be bought from life skill instructors. Advanced recipes are obtained from instances.

Daily Quest
Be sure to accept life skill daily quest from the NPC beside life skill instructor. You will receive life skill experience book by completing tasks. (Saving your precious energies)

Resentment Quests / Miracle Encounter
Performing life skill in front of certain NPC may activate resentment quest / trigger miracle encounter!

Ranked Top 10
You will receive free fashion if you’re ranked on top 10. Ranking recalculated weekly.
Link to fashion:

Removing & Learning a New Life Skill
Regret choosing a wrong life skill? Worry not! You can delete existing one and learn a new one! Note that all recipes & life skill exp will not remain once deleted.

Click following button to delete your life skill.

When a confirmation pop-out appears, type… or copy paste ‘删除’ to the box and press ok.

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