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DK Online Quests List by GallusGallus

Disclaimer: There is currently no quest list section under DK Online’s wiki. This is a quest list dump for all of DK Online’s Quest. It is still a big big work in progress, but it will be done as soon as it can.Quest List Contain the following:
– Lv of the quest
– Title
– Goal
– Description
– Rewards
– Receiving and Reporting NPC
– Picture Guide (coming soon)
– Coordinates (I wish)Balt -Tutorial Maps ( lvl 1-10)


Lv. 1 The Journey Begins
Talk to Lena
Goal: Kills Deepwater Crabs (0/4)
Whoa, There! You look a bit dizzy. Maybe you should – gods! The Deepwater Crabs are attacking another injured refugee! We’re all so defenseless—do you have any weapons on you? If we all kill 4 crabs, maybe we can push them back into the sea.
Report to Lena.

Lv. 1 The Road to Town
Talk to Lena
If you head north, you’ll find a small road. It’ll take you to the village, and should be safer than the beach—it’s lined with militia. You’ll meet up with Negua first, and he can give you any more directions you might need.
Report to Negua.

Lv. 2 Bee Sting Treatment
Talk to Negua
Safer than the beach?! It’s clearly been awhile since Lena’s been inland. Some monster just mauled a courier! He was transporting Hornet anti-venom. I can’t leave my post and let that monster attack another traveler. Can you deliver the anti-venom?
Report to Gan.
Completion Reward
Experience: 300xp

Lv. 3 Bisons’ Bounty
Talk to Leoka
Goal: Collecting Bison Leather (0/5)
You look like someone who can take care of yourself. Look, I’m running a little side business. Leather armor’s in high demand right now, and I plan to sell it. I can’t leave my post to hunt, though. Can you get 5 pieces of Bison Leather? Take them to Savior; he’ll make it worth your while.
Report to Sapiel.
Completion Reward
Experience: 1,000

Lv. 4 Annoying Kobolds Group
Talk to Sapiel
Goal: Hunt Balt Kobold (0/5)
The soil here’s weak. Most craps can’t grow. We import much of our food from the mainland. Now, the Kobolds have been raiding our supplies. We’re asking every able-bodied refugee to take up arms and defend the food. With force, if necessary.
Report to Pluto.
Completion Reward
1 Adventurer’s Gloves
Experience: 1,800

Lv. 5 In Wolf’s Clothing
Talk to Pluto
Goal: Hunt Gray Wolf (0/5)
When the wolves howled at night, it once sounds like a lullaby. Then a black shadow swept across the land, and the wolves went insane. One attacked a young girl gathering berries! Can you help us clear out some of the wolves around the village gate?
Report to Laeile.
Completion Reward
Experience: 2,000

Lv. 5 Merchant of Balt
Talk to Laeile
Welcome to the village, young refugee! It’s a haven of safety. Go see Viergen, the grocer. He’ll give you some rations.
Report to Viergen.
Completion Reward
1 Townstone
5 Adventurer’s Town Scroll
Experience: 750

Lv. 5 Northern Threat
Talk to Lannik
Goal: Hunt Froagar (0/6)
The Froagar have been killing all of our livestock – not even to eat, but just to worsen our food shortage. When our hunters leave the village to get food, they pick them off one by one. Can you help us take the fight to their beach? My men need some time to recover.
Report to Gynt
Completion Reward
1 Adventurer’s Boots
3 Valkyrie Metamorph Scroll
Experience: 2,500

Lv. 6 Elena’s Request
Talk to Elena
Please – can you help me? The militia are all either too busy or too afraid. My brother is an archaeologist studying some ruins outside town. I haven’t head from him in weeks. Can you see if he’s all right? I can try to transport you there. Just select Teleport, then North Ruins.
*note North Ruins has been renamed to Northern Balt Coast*
Report to Jeromiah.
Completion Reward
Experience: 600

Lv. 6 How reducing spiders?
Talk to Jeromiah
Goal: Collecting Gaelt Spider Hair (0/4)
I think I’ve found a spider venom antidote recipe in this carving, but I’m not sure I’m reading it right. I’d like to make the antidote; if I’m successful, I’ve translated correctly. But I’m no fighter and can’t get the ingredients. Can you? I need 4 spider hairs.
Report to Jeromiah.
Completion Reward
Experience: 3,200

Lv. 6 Gelt Spiders’ Eggs
Talk to Jeromiah
Goal: Collecting Spider Egg (0/1)
Hmm. This doesn’t seem to be working. The antidote potion hasn’t affected the venom sample at all. I wonder… could the translation be spider eggs instead of hairs? Let’s try a spider egg next.
Report to Jeromiah.
Completion Reward
Adventurer’s Town Scroll
Experience: 1,500

Lv. 7 A Deadly Danger
Talk to Lannik
Goal: Hunt Balt Goblin (0/10)
Goblins are massing on the hill past the cemetery. They’ve been digging up our dead and taunting us with the bodies in unspeakable ways. None of our militia have been able to end their desecration of our fallen. Can I ask you to help?
Report to Lloyen.
Completion Reward
1 Baltic Ring
Experience: 4,500

Lv. 7 Monitaur Menace
Talk to Lloyen
Goal: Collecting Monitaur Bonebreaker Molar (0/8)
We’re discovered the reason the Froagar have been acting up so much lately – They’re being led by the Monitaur Bonebreakers! Those **** lizards want to conquer our village and use it as a base from which to attack the mainland. Kill as many as you can before they can organize.
Report to Lloyen.
Completion Reward
1 Adventurer’s Helm
Experience: 5,500

Lv. 8 Guardian of History
Talk to Lloyen
Goal: Hunt Bedrock Golem (0/8)
South of Balt, a shallow valley contains remnants of the age of the dragons. Patrols have reported that monsters are destroying these artifacts; obviously, they don’t realize how valuable these items are. They must be protected to preserve our history!
Report to Kazel
Completion Reward
1 Baltic Earring
Experience: 7,000

Lv. 8 The Lumberjack of Balt Island
Talk to Saide
Goal: Hunt Komen Fungus (0/10)
I’d like to reinforce the city walls, but it’s going to require a lot of wood. Problem is, the local lumberjacks are to busy fending off monsters. If you head south out of the village, you’ll reach Balt Forest. Kill 10 Komen Fungus, and hop fully that will give the lumberjacks enough time to fell a few trees.
Report to Barton.
Completion Reward
1 Adventurer’s Armor
Experience: 8,300

Lv. 9 Pit of Lost Treasures
Talk to Barton
Goal: Hunt Crater Orc (0/12)
We’ve trapped some of the maurauding Crater Orcs and Froaks in a pit. They refuse to sign a treaty, but we can’t release them to threaten our citizens again. If you kill 12 of each, I’m sure Lannik would reward you. Our weapons are no match for theirs, but yours look like it has a chance.
Report to Lannik.
Completion Reward
1 Baltic necklace
Experience: 10,500

Lv. 9 To Ledise[1]
Talk to Lannik
You’ve been Great help, and I wish I could ask you to stay longer, but the mainland needs you more than we do. I’ll write a letter of recommendation to the Ledise Defense Commander for you. Go see Clint to board the next ferry southeast of town.
Report to Clint.
Completion Reward
3 Valkyrie Metamorph Scroll
Experience: 1,000

Lv. 9 To Ledise[2]
Talk to Clint
The ship’s leaving for Ledise soon. Hurry a board, and good travels.
Report to Luann.
Completion Reward (select reward)
Adventurer’s Blade
Adventurer’s Sword
Experience: 1,200


Lv. 2 Gremlin Sweep
Talk to Negua
Goal: Collecting Northland Gremlin’s leather (0/5)
I think it was a Northland Gremlin that killed that courier. They used to stick to themselves , but they attack every traveler that passes through now. The mayor even issued a reward for gremlin hides. If you can get 5 hides, turn them in to Gan up the road.
Report to Gan
Completion Reward
5 Adventurer’s Healing Potion
Gold: 50
Experience: 360

Lv. 2 Hive Mind
Talk to Gan
Goal: Hunt Grass Hornet (0/6)
Did you see that? A dam Grass Hornet stung me right in the – well, never mind, but it’s dam hard to walk. I can’t protect these travelers. Can you kill 6 hornets for me? Then let the militia down the road know. They’ll reward you with a cut of my wages.
Report to Leoka.
Completion Reward
100 Adventurer’s Spellstorm
Gold: 50
Experience: 500

Lv. 3 Watch Your Back
Talk to Rhudy
Goal: Hunt Bison (0/8)
This entire herd of bison has turned wild. We need to cull their numbers before they stamped again. I know you’re just a refugee, but there aern’t enough of us militia to manage it yourselves. You look strong; will you help?
Report to Sapiel.
Completion Reward
5 Adventurer’s Healing Potion
Gold: 100
Experience: 700

Lv. 4 Feather Pillow
Talk to Sapiel
Goal: Collecting Baltic Rapturion’s Bloom (0/6)
Many refugees fleeing Kharvag’s forces are injured. We don’t have enough beds for them, but we can at least offer pillows. Help repel the Rapturion invasion, than strip the feathers from the fallen buzzards’ backs. I’ve been at it all day; I need a rest myself before I make a deadly mistake.
Report to Garcin.
Completion Reward
5 Adventurer’s Potion
2 Adventurer’s Vigor Tonic
Gold: 150
Experience: 900

Lv. 4 Protein-Packed
Talk to Garcin
Goal: Collecting Grey Wolf Heart (0/4)
Ugh. Is the world spinning or is it just my head? I gave my food rations to some young children. I thought I’d be able to hunt later, but there are too many travelers; I can’t leave my post. Can you take some wolf heart meat to town? They’ll cook it up for me.
Report to Bierhee.
Completion Reward
5 Adventurer’s Healing Potion
Gold: 200
Experience 1,400

Lv. 5 Assassinating the Assassins
Talk to Gynt
Goal: Hunt Froagar Assassin (0/8)
Froager may live on the seashore, but they need fresh water to survive. Their Assassins have been sneaking into the village at night and stealing water from our wells. Can you distract them while we dig another? I don’t want them spying on us and knowing where it is.
Report to Gynt
Completion Reward
5 Adventurer’s Healing Potion
3 Adventurer’s Town Scroll
Gold: 350
Experience: 3,000

Lv. 5 The Burning Heart
Talk to Khrys
Goal: Collecting Rose Starfish (0/1)
Adventurer! Help! I’m in love with Elena, but she’s a great deal younger than I am. I want to be sure I can make her as happy as I could have as a younger man. Can you get me a Rose Starfish? The beach is too dangerous for me, but starfish are, shall we say, an aphrodisiac.
Report to Khrys
Completion Reward
5 Adventurer’s Healing Potion
Gold: 250
Experience: 800

Lv. 8 Powerful Creation
Talk to Oliver
Goal: Collecting Golem Keystone (0/6)
I think the Bedrock Golems are being possessed by Kharvag’s evil; I don’t think they have truly BECOME evil. I grew up with a pet golem; they’re gentle creatures. If you can get some Golem Keystones, maybe we can prove it. No one believes me.
Report to Kazel.
Completion Reward (select reward)
2 Adventurer’s Valor Elixir
2 Adventurer’s Wisdom Dram
Gold: 550
Experience: 5,500

Lv. 8 Forgotten Magic
Talk to Zeramis
Goal: Collecting Fragments of Ancient Ruins (0/1)
Can you lend a hand? I’m studying the ancient dragon relics for clues about the Dragon Knights. However, last time I tried to collect relics; I was badly bitten by a Komen Fungus. Can you retrieve some relics? I’m hoping they contain information to help us battle Kharvag.
Report to Zeramis
Completion Reward
5 Adventurer’s Healer Potion
Gold: 350
Experience: 1,500

Lv. 9 Just Playing
Talk to Barton
Goal: Pit Puck (0/10)
The Pit Pucks sneak into our village to harass people and loot our supplies. Can you get rid of these bothersome beasts? Annihilate 10 of them; that should send a decent warning to the rest.
Report to Gynt.
Completion Reward
100 Adventurer’s Spellstorm
2 Adventurer’s Vigor Tonic
Gold: 600
Experience: 9,000

Ledise (coming soon)

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