Broken Realm Mage Guide

Broken Realm Mage Guide by R2352025

Healer Build – This is based on my Current lvl and BR

1 INT 2 END for ever lvlup

Also come down to your Battle Rating, You’ll be giving access to limited skill point

1/5 – Revive * You dont need more then lv1
5/5 – Miracle * It’s a MUST
5/5 – Holy Shield * It’s a MUST – DESIGN for SOLO Boss
0/5 – After Glow * Belive it some what bugged as it dosent WORK!
3/5 – PhotoSphere * Your only AOE Attacks, go EVERY well with PryoBlast Combo


Everything SEEM FIXED, BUT here come the CON and PRO
– For Healer who can solo ICE DEN.. surpising the drop rate has no EFFECT to LVL, I’m starting to think the drop rate only effect when your BR is over the reqiurement entance recommanded… You IDLE here until you can craft all lv30 Set from Blacksmith and also Upgraded lv30 Set; Round this time you’ll be at lv 40-45… Enchant all Gear to Min of +7

-Dark Necklace/Earring/Ring are drop from the MAIN BOSS they are NOT craftable

-KEEP IN MIND Enchant are reset apon crafting the upgraded version (lv 40 gear)



I’ve tried it… and i’ll say it’s the WROST DPS CLASS.. if you want DPS, create NEW and get an ARCHER.. Casting TIME is epic INSANE AND LONG and this CLASS should be REVIEWED… there GREAT for AFK training otherwise 100% USELESS

Chorno Build


ALOT better then Warlock… and it’s MORE toward a long term class as it act as a tank class in the later stages

5/5 – WORMHOLE – Epic MUST SKILL however it SHARE a CD with pryoblast
0/5 – Inner-Version – increase crit hit rate, but at this time it’s 100% useless as crit rate are UNKNOWN
5/5 – VOID BLAST – USELESS but u need consume 10 skill point to go to next tier
5/5 – Chornoguard – the active rate is 50/50 and it rather very good timing
5/5 – Soul Seal – the most EPIC skill ever for PVP and BOSS

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