World of Warplanes Controls List

World of Warplanes Controls List by CrashTailspin

F1Press for help in battle
Arrow keysControl the aircraft:
UP: pitch up,
DOWN: pitch down,
LEFT: roll left,
RIGHT: roll right
A, DYaw Control
A: yaw left,
D: yaw right
Space, Left Mouse ButtonFire selected weapons
W, SEngine Boost & Engine Idle
W: boost engine,
S: idle engine
+, –Throttle control
+: increase throttle,
-: decrease throttle
Keys 1-3Fire weapon type
CLevel off aircraft
EExtend Flaps
IInvert Y axis
RLaunch Rockets
BDrop Bombs
1Fire with Weapons Group 1
2Fire with Weapons Group 2
3Fire with Weapons Group 3
XSwitch to next target
QEnable Rear View
TLock Target
Left TabShow / Hide Team Lists
FSwitch to Sniper mode
Right Mouse ButtonSwitch to Free Camera mode
MShow Map
NMap / Radar Toggle
YSwitch to Bombsight Mode
F9Switch to Standard Camera
ZEnable voice chat
CtrlHold: Enable cursor
EnterEnter Chat Mode
Enter (after typing message)Send message to teammates
Ctrl+Enter (after typing message)Send message to all players
F3Follow me!
F4Back to Base!
F8With Reticle on Target: Attacking !
NUMPAD 4Camera Left
NUMPAD 6Camera Right
NUMPAD 8Camera Up
NUMPAD 2Camera Down
NUMPAD 1Camera Left and Down
NUMPAD 3Camera Right and Down
NUMPAD 7Camera Left and Up
NUMPAD 9Camera Right and Up

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