Wurm Online Food Guide

Wurm Online Food Guide by Aodhan

This Guide is for New Players in Wurm Online, specifically addressing the need to produce food to eat once the first 24hr grace period has ended.  There are many guides available that cover all the various aspects of game play for the new player, but this Guide’s focus is food.

So you are approaching the end of your first 24hrs in-game time.  Congratulations!  However, when you hit that magic mark, you will no longer be able to ask the food vendors for refreshment and it will be up to you to make your own food.  You may have already discovered how to forage for items in the grass but also found that they give almost no food value and reduces your nutrition.  Listen closely and discover the wonders of making food as a member of the Wurm Online community!

I will give you the skinny of how to make casseroles right now.  You need:

1ea. Fishing pole
1ea. Pottery Bowl
1ea. Campfire/Oven/Forge

That’s all you need to catch and cook your food…well…almost.

You may have noticed that you don’t have any of the items I listed above except for the bowl.  You get one pottery bowl to start with…Woopeee!!!  But if you are going to make enough food to survive on, you will need ten times that many.  Let’s look at ways to get what we need.

Equipment – Fishing Pole
To make a fishing pole, you only need 3 things; a shaft of wood, a hook(wood or metal) and a string.  No problem right?  The string, it’s a problem.  String comes from using a spindle on cotton.  Cotton comes from two places.  Either from planting cotton seeds, watching it grow over several real life days, and then harvesting it or, if you are very, very lucky, you might find one while botanizing a grass tile.  So how do you get a fishing pole now?  You ask the people of Freedom Isles for one.  There is usually someone that will trade you some labor (making planks or digging dirt..ect.) for either a cotton or a fishing pole.  Freedom chat can be kind of rough sometimes, but if you persist, someone will help you out.

Equipment – Pottery Bowls
Next, you need at least 10 pottery bowls.  You make bowls by finding clay(*edit: a new clay tile has been found near Freedom Market*), digging the clay, and then using your hand (inventory window under body>torso>right arm>right hand) to shape the clay into a bowl.  You may produce an unfinished bowl, so you may need to make a spatula and clay shaper from a wood log using your carving knife.  Once you have made 10 bowls, you will need to fire them to make them into pottery bowls.  Simply place the clay bowls in a campfire/oven/forge and light the fire.  You need a kindling to light the fire.  Use your carving knife on a wood scrap or log to make one.  In a few minutes you will have your 10 pottery bowls.

At this point, let me shout out to the other players that may say making Stew or Goulash should be the first food you make because Stew provides better skill gain at lower levels and Goulash provides better nutrition and you only need fish and water to make it.  Both are TRUE.  Stew does provide better skill gain at lower levels but you need containers to carry stew with you and it does not fill your food bar as fast as a Casserole will.   Goulash is indeed very easy to make, with only the one fish with water in a sauce pan and it does make a good quantity.  However, it’s the making of the pans that take a lot of time, and for the very new player, especially if they have just passed the 24hrs mark and need to make food fast, making pottery bowls is much quicker.  Advancement to Sauce Pans and then Frying Pans will come in turn, but for this Guide, its Bowls first.

Ingredients – Herbs & Berries
Now that you have your bowls, you need the ingredience to place in them to make the food.  Time to forage for some herbs and berries.  These can be found on Grass tiles.  Right click on a grass tile, select Nature and then Forage.  You may get various messages like “This tile has been picked clean”.  If so, just move on to the next grass tile until you find one that produces either a foraged or botanized item.  Keep doing this until you get about 10 items to put in your bowls.

Ingredients – Fish
Fishing is next.  Once you have at least 10 herbs and berries, go to the edge of the lake or ocean, and try to catch 10 fish.  With the fishing pole selected in your inventory, right click on one of the tiles that are fully underwater.  You may notice that a 2+ minute timer starts to tick down.  Don’t worry, you will usually catch a fish in less time.  One thing you need to make sure you do is repair your fishing pole EVERY TIME it takes damage.  Fishing Poles are notorious for breaking so keep it repaired.

Butchery – Filets
Consider fileting your fish.  Fish come in different weights with the small ones weighing in at only 0.05kg and with larger fish, like catfish and carp, weighing in at 2-4kg or more.  If you have a fish that weighs 0.65kg or more, you can filet the fish using a carving knife or butchering knife and make 2 or more filets(Marlins can give you 72 filets per fish).  Now, why not just throw the 0.65kg fish in the bowl?  You can.  But if you filet the fish, you get ‘2 filets’ instead of just ‘one fish’, that’s 2 chances at increasing your Hot Food Cooking skill instead of just one.  Get the idea here?  It’s the same amount of food, but more chances to increase skill.

Now that we have the ingredients, it’s time to start cooking!  Place one fish in each bowl.  Also place one berry or herb into each bowl with the fish.  You will either need a campfire, oven or forge to place the bowls in to cook.  With recent changes in the game, it only takes a few minutes for the bowls and ingredients to heat up enough to cook the food and soon you will find a casserole in each of the bowls.

Good News-Bad News
Now for a little bit of bad news.  All the work you just did will make just about enough food to feed you once, with maybe a little left over.  But very soon you will need to go foraging and fishing again to make more food.

Now for the good news.  After your first batch of casseroles has cooked up, you will have received 2-3 points in your Hot Food Cooking skill.  The more you cook, the higher the skill gets.  The higher the skill gets, the higher the quality of the food.  The higher the quality of the food, the less it takes to fill your food bar so that over a little bit of time, you will find you need less and less herbs and fish to make the food you need to feed yourself. (example..30hfc 1fish+1pumpkin = 4-6 game hrs of food)

One last note, food does not keep well in your invetory.  Caseroles will take major damage or disapear entirely, in less than 24hrs, if kept in your inventory.  So, if possible, store you food in a container, like a barrel, inside a house or other secure place.

You now have the knowledge to go out into the big wide world of Wurm Online and survive on your own.  I’m so proud of you!!

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