Wurm Online Important Tips

Wurm Online Important Tips by Facesofmu

Here are some of the most frequent reminders I’d like to give. Please reply and suggest things you’ve noticed are important messages often given or overlooked (note if you think it’s PvP/PvE, Freedom/Epic only).

– Find the Wurm Wiki (game manual) at www.wurmonline.com/wiki for guides and details on all objects
– Press H and type in a word to get a brief explanation. Right-click and use “What’s this?” on objects, too.
– Find a map of the servers at (http://blackburrow.s3-external-3.amazonaws.com/overmap/wurm_overmap.html)

– Houses can only be built outside deed perimeters. Double click the ground to check if you are in one.
– (a brief principle or recommended method for finding a place to build?)
– (a brief expression of the stealing/bashing rules for the server?)

– You can get over 30 to 40 times more wood from Birch, Pine, Maple, Cedar, Willow, and Oak trees than fruit trees.
– You can get 10 to 18 times more wood from “Old”, “Very old”, and “Overaged” trees than mature trees. Examine to see.


– When your food drops to 8%, you fast, meaning you get full food and lose nutrition and a fat layer (examine your body in your inventory to see how much fat you may have left). (Thanks bdew!)
– Botanize grass tiles obtain cotton (not common). Cotton can be used for healing bandages and to make string for fishing rods. (Thanks Wraithglow!)

– Shields only work when on your left ARM not your left hand (Thanks Joanavon!)

– To get direction, click Weather button. Use the wind direction and the direction grass blows to orient yourself. All deed tokens also have a compass carved into the top of them. (Thanks Kazkid!)

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