War of the Immortals Dragon Blood Spawn Locations List

War of the Immortals Dragon Blood Spawn Locations List by elitekai

Yeah, yeah….never going to hear the end of the crying from those who don’t want anyone else to know….
But, I don’t care. I’m not selfish and greedy.

Eos-I -50- [ url]Roan Harbor(66,243)[/url]
Eris-II -55- [ url]Undead Canyon(114,171)[/url]
Eros-III -60- [ url]Dwarves’ Forest(80,174)[/url]
Naiads-IV -65- [ url]Doomed Jungles East(213,157)[/url]
Kalypso-V -70- [ url]Doomed Jungles West(159,283)[/url]
Simois-VI -75- [ url]Sand Castle(52,117)[/url]
Achelous-VII -80- [ url]Cursed Desert(275,106)[/url]
Axius-VIII -85- [ url]Demigod Prairie(258,141)[/url]
Glaucus-IX -90- [ url]Nordic Lands(53,256)[/url]
Triton-X -95- [ url]Burning Land(150,192)[/url]
Leucothea-XI -100- [ url]Everstill Lands(113,108)[/url]
Nereids-XII -105- [ url]Plain of Despair(128,224)[/url]
* Remove the space in the URL tag to make it linkable in game. Silly BBCode…

I will update with all new dragons once the locations for all 18 become available.

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