Rise of Immortals Pycon Quick Guide

Rise of Immortals Pycon Quick Guide by GenericMale01

I haven’t really been playing him too long, as he hasn’t been out long, but from a bit of testing, I’d say I’ve got a decent build. Anyone else with builds that work, feel free to post them here and to help people understand better, please post them with why you chose those items or skill leveling and such. Thank you.

Build would be:
-Wildrunner’s Boots
His abilities are hard to pass up, what with all the lovely stuns and the good axe throwing ability for finishers and raw damage, I prefer to take these boots over others.

-Arcanist’s Orb
With ability spam, his poor base mana regen can’t keep up, so I get this to help curb the mana problem. I get this over Lytle because the initial +2 mana regen for just 400 gold is very useful for him early game and will allow him to spam his axe throw quite constantly after cooldown with only small pauses in between for his mana to catch up.

-Serrated Edge
It helps him with his anti-carry work and I suppose gives him 4 extra movement speed from his discipline tree, which I suppose also helps but you’re mainly taking it for the good damage boost.

-Blade of Randarz
Helps him with sustainability and for carries without any crit reduction, it might give them a nasty surprise here and there. Also gives more damage, which helps with bursting down and gives movement speed.

-2 Defensive items
After your ultimate ability makes you charge in and you (hopefully) down their carry, at some point, you’re going to want to pull out, and to help survive the flak from the victim’s angry team members, you will want defense items. These depend on the opponent but in general, most often I end up with Ring of Protection and Penman’s Reflector. The ring is to help with his pitiful magic resistance and help against crits as well as giving him a buff on his defense, and the penman is a great item in general, giving you, health, health regeneration, armour and a nice good chance to keep some damage off you, all of which help Pycon a lot.

Skill leveling:
This is my personal preference, but I tend to avoid his war horn as long as possible, because I find that until team fighting starts, your other abilities are a tad better. So my preferred skill build would be:


Of course, if you have his signature unlocked, take that at 16 and his 3rd ultimate upgrade at 17.

Please remember that this is a suggestion and how I regularly build so please do not just use it because it’s here, think and understand what does what and why I’m using it.

Thanks for reading.

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