Sword Girls FAQ

Sword Girls FAQ

Q: What is Sword Girls?
A: Sword Girls is an anime-style online collectible card game where you can collect cards, build powerful decks, conquer powerful dungeon bosses, and vanquish your opponents.

Q: Is Sword Girls free?
A: Absolutely! You can play the game and get a Starter Deck for free. You can also get Materials for free to craft just about any card you want. Speaking of which, crafting happens to be free. Training, upgrading, just about anything else is free. However, there are a few premium convenience features, and you can buy cards in the Shop, if you like.

Q: What is a collectible card game?
A: A collectible card game (CCG) is a game played with unique cards. Unlike a regular card game, the players will likely have different decks of cards. This is because players can build their own decks from a large variety of cards that they collect. Part of the fun of a collectible card game is discovering unique and powerful card combinations that can bring you victory!

Q: What differentiates Sword Girls from other CCGs?
A: Sword Girls features accessible gameplay, alluring anime artwork created by veteran anime artists, and a completely original storyline. Additionally, the game comes with a revolutionary card crafting system where players can create many of the 500 cards that will be available at commercial launch.

Q: What are the Dungeon boss fights?
A: Every Dungeon in Sword Girls features a powerful boss. Upon reaching a certain level in each Dungeon, players will have a chance to battle the boss. Beating a Dungeon boss grants extra rewards. You can even win boss Character cards.

Q: How do I battle against another player (PvP)?
A: You can battle against other players in multiple ways. You can use the FIGHT option to take advantage of the in-game matchmaking and go up against players with similar deck strength. You can also do private practice battles with friends. Ladder mode will also be available in the near future for official monthly tournaments.

Q: How does the card crafting feature work?
A: Almost any card can be crafted in Sword Girls by visiting the Science Lab. The Materials for creating a card will vary based on the rarity of the card. The Materials can be obtained from beating Dungeon levels and battling against other players.

Q: What types of cards are in the game?
A: There are three main types of cards in Sword Girls:
Characters – These are the real movers and shakers in the world of Sword Girls. Each Character card is unique and your deck can only contain one. Your Character is the single most important card in every match. To win, you have to slash the enemy Character’s life down to zero while protecting your own. Also, each Character has unique skills that manipulate the flow of battle.
Followers – These girls are your fighters, and their lives are tied to your character. If a Follower goes down, so does a Character’s life. They also have special skills to strengthen allies or put extra hurt on their enemies. Every battle is about getting your Followers to do their best.
Spells – Spells can have powerful effects on the field. They can heal allies, damage enemies, manipulate defense, charm other cards, and perform tons of other unique effects. Use your Spells at the right time, and victory is yours.

Q: Do I need to download the game?
A: Sword Girls does not require you to download anything as the game will run in any web browser. Just log in by visiting the Sword Girls home page and then click PLAY NOW to start playing.

Q: Can I play on a smartphone or a tablet?
A: Sword Girls is designed to function in any web-browser and Flash-enabled mobile device. Please check with your tablet or smartphone manufacturer to determine if your hardware supports Flash.

Q: What languages does Sword Girls support?
A: Currently we are only releasing Sword Girls in English. We are looking into expanding to other languages in the coming months.

Q: Where can I find Sword Girls news and updates?
A: All Sword Girls news and events will be posted on the official website. You can take part in the community by following us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

Q: Who developed Sword Girls?
A: Sword Girls is developed by Zeonix, renowned creator behind popular online TCG Fantasy Masters.

Q: Where can I go if I still have more questions or problems with my account?
A: Contact our Customer Service group for additional help.

Q: I purchased Tokens but I haven’t received them yet! What should I do?
A: The various payment options fall into 2 categories: Instant and Non-Instant Token purchases. Instant Token purchases include: Paypal Express, Click and Buy, PayByCash (with the exception of Boku option), and Zeevex. With these payment methods, you will receive Tokens almost instantly.
Non-Instant Token purchases include: Google Checkout and Boku. Applying tokens to new accounts, or using a new Google checkout account will take up to 72 hours before you will receive the tokens. This is due to their payment system regulations and we are unable to make any adjustments to lower the time period on our end.
If you have used an instant payment method and have not received your Tokens within an hour, contact our Support Team for more assistance.

Q: I tried using the free Token methods and didn’t get any Tokens? What happened?
A: Currently our 2 free Token systems, gWallet and Peanutlabs, are not applying the Tokens to the accounts. We are aware of this and working on a fix. Updates will come as available.

Q: I tried to purchase Tokens and received a 500 Servlet Exception error. What should I do?
A: If you receive this error, clear your cache, restart your browser, and try again.

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