Sword Girls 2/3/4 Deck Concept for All Factions Guide

Sword Girls 2/3/4 Deck Concept for All Factions Guide by prototype909

Decided to make a full, all-out post for this type of deck that I recently posted up in the Deck Discussion thread because I think this concept is adaptable and strong enough to work for all four factions with good success.

The general concept of the deck is as follows –

Size 2 Spells only
Size 3 & 4 Followers in a relatively close to 50/50 ratio, potentially with an edge given to the size that is most pleasing to you

This type of deck allows for good field mobility without sacrificing follower strength that is normal in most “Weenie Rush” or “Low Size Rush” decks.

Depending on your hand you can either do something along the lines of:

Size 3 Follower (x2) -> Size 2 spell (x2)

Size 4 Follower (x2) -> Size 2 Spell (x1)

Size 3 Follower (x1) -> Size 4 follower (x1) -> Size 2 Spell (x1)

Size 3(or 4) Follower (x1) -> Size 2 Spell (x3)

The following decks show an example for both Darklore and Academy using cards that are available in OBT, though I encourage people to create their own variations using other factions (Or these factions as well). Feel free to use cards that will be available later in your own showcases.

One of the great things about this deck structure is, in my opinion, that your character choice is barring some specific strategy, non-issue to the formation of the deck in most cases. Choose an effect you’re comfortable with (Or with few requirements to activate), build a deck around a specific effect that helps your overall take on the structure, or just pick your Waifu and ogle her art while the match goes by. It’s pretty hard to go wrong in that regard.

Academy Example

Card/Deck Points – 228
Number of Followers – 16
Number of Spells – 14

I chose Size 4s based on survivability, cards like Inscribing Magician seem mediocre at first due to low attack, but when combined with Dark Magic Plans she becomes pretty scary to deal with. Size 3s were chosen on the basis of denial, Silent Maid snowballs if they try to use DEF cheese, Maid Cultist can ruin power plays by removing effects, and Aristocrat Girl also deals with DEF cheeses but is much more survivable compared to the other two. The only buffs I have in the deck come from either self buffs of cards, or Negotiation Table and Dark Magic Plans. Everything else is debuffs.

Outcast Rosa’s effect is mainly just there as a bonus to the idea of the deck, she isn’t necessary to the execution of anything in the strategy. Having two followers stay alive however when dealing with Size 4s and 3s for at least one turn, especially when you can always play a spell provided you have one isn’t that difficult in my opinion unless your opponent was forced to play a removal or similarly crippling spell.

SS Agent Fourteen and Seven were simply chosen as they fit with the deck, in theory ANY Size 4 Rare could’ve fulfilled the same role regardless of faction. You could also remove one of the Size 4 rares and add Sempai Maid for a Size 3 Rare instead.

Darklore Example

Card/Deck Points – 244
Number of Followers – 16
Number of Spells – 14

Darklore works abnormally well with this deck set-up, as it allows for a strong Pass the Blood structure without the normal “Sacking” of the deck with Size 5 cards like Pinot Noir. With Size 3s and 4s you still have all your bases covered from DEF busters to effect removal, Flina’s Command and Full Moon Power allow for large effect buffs for low cost. Laevateinn also struts her stuff here as the fact that your entire deck is composed of 3 different sizes ensures her effect will go off frequently, though not for any significant life gain off any one turn. Deck carries the option of running PtB setups at the drop of a dime while at the same time not depending on them to function properly.

So yeah, comments, questions, concerns, your takes on the 2/3/4 let’s fire it up.

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