Shadow Cities Tips for Being an Efficient Mage

Shadow Cities Tips for Being an Efficient Mage by Etnom

In shadow cities there is often alot of down time due to mana regen and looking for just the right spirit to kill, therefore it is important to be very efficent when doing quests to rack up on the maximum amount of energy to do well in campaigns for you and your team.

1. Always try to go for the easy kill when doing quests for you can knock down spirits more quickly and finish your quest alot quicker, also when going for kills try to get the most energy/xp for the least amount of casts for example you would want to hit a spirit to just barely kill it without much overkill so you get what you pay for in mana.

2. Have a good general idea where each type of spirit is located at your base or at someone elses beacon, it is also a good idea to keep a beacon up at your base to give other people on your team a better variety of spirits to catch.

3. You don’t have to keep your base right on top of where you normally play, for example if you ussually play at home you can keep your dominators in a near neighborhood and attach a beacon to it so you can go and collect from them and still have a place you can farm spirits when you dewarp, but be warned try to keep them in a close of enough range so you can still harvest them and also know that you can’t make another beacon there if it gets destroyed except if you have the warp spell spec’d to maximum. I wouldn’t reccomend this if your area is heavily attacked since it requires some slight travel time, but this is very useful to capture more gateways in your area so you can get a bonus when you harvest. Another tip if you don’t want to use a beacon you can make a crumb trail of dominators to near gateways and just warp beacon to beacon to collect the dominators.

4. On quests that require specific spirits or hard to find spirits you can always (after you reach high enough level) set up a spirit catcher so that it can provide defense and also let you collect the spirit after the mission is over such as if you give up or don’t have enough time to complete the mission. So when you collect a spirit try to hold onto it until you need it, its kind of like reserving mana for later but use it sparingly since sometimes its better to use the mana to look for the spirit and kill it.

5. Never try to let your mana bar be completely filled up, always try to kill the spirit you are looking for or if you can’t find them try to kill a very weak spirit that would take about one cast so you can still have mana to kill the spirit you are looking for but still be working on collecting energy/xp also you can also make a spirit catcher.

6. Work on spell timing, its important to have good spell timing, your spells should be one after the other so that you take the least amount of damage as possible so that you can kill higher level spirits / players without becoming banished because when you get banished its a huge waste of time because you have to wait to get unbanished and wait for mana regen or if you are in a pvp setting you can pop a potion so you can quickly get back into the fight but still potions are important, so try to save them up especially when your low level because you get little amounts of mana and they can be used for stuff such as avatar or becoming a shadow lord.

7. For pvp there are some things to keep in mind like if an enemy is casting on you can warp to a close building thing such as a dominator and have a 50% chance to dodge a spell, this is a good thing because warping takes up very little mana and this then gives you the oppurtunity to hit them back or heal. Another good tip for pvp is if you are fighting a losing battle you can destroy your buildings from the dominator menu on the top left and you would want to use this so that you don’t give up energy to the enemy team. Warping to cloudview is very important especially if they are at your physical location so that you can stock up on mana or stay out of the fight and if your feeling like fighting you can dewarp and set up a beacon for a planned attack.

8. Friends are the best resouce while playing this game because they can help you find certain spirits and also help on defence or give you a heads up on where to find enemies to kill, its also very good to have alot of people on yours friends list because its much easier to read a status post then it is to find a specific post on the team chat. Having people on your friends list from other battlegroups is very good because it gives you a much higher degree of beacons to reach outside of your battlegroup and a better chance to find the spirit you are looking for.

9. Don’t be afraid to cast a heal on yourself or others, its important to save your life to cast heal on yourself so you don’t die and can get the spirit killed if you have extra mana and if you don’t have extra mana its sometimes good to pop a potion to save your life and the mana used is not wasted as much because you were just about empty on mana.

10. Try to complete all of the quest that don’t require you to catch spirits first such as casting a new spell or putting points in because they give out hefty amounts of xp and also are never really that hard to complete.

Thank you for reading through my tip guide, I hope you found something useful and if you have any comments or cocerns feel free to write for I may update it.


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