Shadow Cities Chat System Guide

Shadow Cities Chat System Guide by Khamos

To chat with other players in the game, slide open the Comms View from the Main View while holding down your finger on the white arrow button on the right side of the screen.

In the Comms View you can chat with both your Battlegroup members and your friends.

Team Chat

In Team Chat, you can chat with your Battlegroup teammates. It is a secure comms system where you can devise cunning plans without the enemy finding out.

Cross-Team Chat

In Cross-Team Chat you can chat with the members of you Battlegroup across team lines (both Animators and Architects). This is the perfect place to taunt the enemy in a civilized manner (be nice).

How often do the people in the Battlegroup Chats change?

The Battlegroups are assigned for each Campaign of all the Mages of one country or state (US). Each battlegroup has maximum of 1000 Mages.

If you don’t want to see someones posts in the Battlegroup Chats, you can mute this person. Click that persons name in the Chat view and select “Mute this Mage” from the bottom of the view.


In Newsfeed, you can post your own status messages to all your friends from around the world and see your friends’ status messages. Your status posts are shown only to players who you have accepted as friends.

Private Comms

In Private Comms, you can send private messages to all your friends on both sides of the battle, the Animators and the Architects.

If you don’t want to receive private messages from someone, you need to remove them from your friends.

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