Path of Exile Marauder 2H Strength Tank Build Guide

Path of Exile Marauder 2H Strength Tank Build aka Mordekaiser Guide by rumsey

Always live, never die. That’s the principle behind this build that focuses primarily on survivability, with 2H maces or staves thrown in for their high base DPS and higher possible +PhysDmg% modifiers than 1H weapons.

2H Strength Tank – Pre Mericless
2H Strength Tank – Pre Mericless (Mace)
2H Strength Tank – End Game

Here are the base figures:
+350 strength
+166% life
+103% armor
+41% all elemental resists
+545.3 total life from passives (205+166%)

+164% 2H melee damage (94%+70% str)
+76% stun duration
+9% attack speed
+66% fire dmg (use Anger)
+30% increase burn duration

Begin heading left out the strength side and make a bee line for Resolute Technique since you won’t be grabbing any dex, you should hit it by 18. After resolute technique fill out the passives using your own decisions, taking more offense or defense as needed, making sure to grab at least a few more life nodes before taking Blood Magic.

I suggest checking out the pre merciless build first, all my characters hit 45 before ruthless ends so I allotted for 54 points, its a good starting base. After you reach the final difficulty, fill out the rest of the tree by preference, use the end game build as a generic guide for good choices.

For weapons you want the highest DPS you can grab (+IncPhysDmg%). Armors, rings, and amulets are preferential but I like to take a few +HP pieces if they have the right stats.

When doing the bandits quest you can choose to take the skill points (you’ll need them to complete the tree), or sacrifice a few extra offense nodes in the long term and take the +8% ele resists as many times as you need through the difficulties.

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