Path of Exile Ranger Assassin Build Guide

Path of Exile Ranger Assassin (Dagger/Evasion/Dodge) Build Guide by Henide


I am experimenting with the data found on site and while i have no access to the game I decided to tinker around. Thinking also that this is not the best char to start out with (cmon…items, just get fire sor- i mean witch with item drop skills i guess), but i like to think far ahead (PvP).

Without further adue here is the link (110):
Full Build

Lite (77)
Lite Build

I was building this with PvP in mind, after summing everything up, the person should have around 10k evasion by just using non-preffix,suffix items. 20k vs Rangers with bows.
To top it off, the guy is deadly if he lands a single crit.
I dont know about existing skills or how they work, but 45% increase in skill duration seemed insane (compare 2 guys…one with this, one without), and use some kind of slow or stun skill, if there are any…as far as skills go, i would aim for single hit burst, or some gap closers, disable, and most importantly ‘silence’ type of skill…this char loses vs any kind of spells or disables i guess.

Item pre/suffixes ? I guess accuracy increase, he might dodge, but then he himself lacks some aim, once he hits 95% of time, improve the crit chance/multiplier.

Attack speed ? You are an assasin…

I tried pure int/dex, he can get more dmg output on crits, but i did not find him as a good survivalist (PvP)…he might be crazy wielding dual daggers tho (vs afk enemies), but i dont know if the poison stacks and if it procs double-poison…lol

The people who have already played, is this viable build ? :D

I did not take iron reflexes, because of the dodge…cmon 24% dodge, why would you use armor or energy fields at all if you have this.

If it is viable, I will try to improve all the layout and add more in-depth description. Although this is just beta i guess…

____Some variables____

Stealth Tunic 842 (Aesthetics matter)
Swiftsteel Treads 428
Moonlight Gloves 428
Harpy Crown 643
Hunting Shield 1542

+212% Evasion rating (from passives)
+90% Evasion on shield (from passives)

In the end we get: (842 + 1785) + (428 + 907) + (428 + 907) + (643 + 1363) + (2930 + 3142) = 13375 Evasion (…hmm if I would take brigandine the number wouldnt be so charming, so it was destined to be like this).

also, vs arrows this equals to 26750 Evasion rating.

Well, this calculation is what simple logic tells me, I might not know how the game ACTUALLY handles the variables.

One observation I have from this though, only Ranger is capable of taking all evasion boosts, at least the only one who, in doing so, still can be efficient in other ‘trade’.

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