EverQuest PvP Locations Guide

EverQuest PvP Locations Guide by Ashlanne

Qeynos (The Grounds of Fate): In front of the Warrior’s Guild in South Qeynos is a medium-sized arena. It’s divided into two parts; one square directly in front of the guild building, and a smaller square on the other side of the walkway running out of the guild. There is a tunnel on the north side of this arena that leads into the dungeons underneath the guild. On the west side is the gate leading out into the city, where two guards stand. The east side leads into the warrior’s guild itself. There is a balcony off the guild that overlooks the arena, which is a prime spectator spot. The walkway is also good, as it provides an open view of both sides of the arena. People with bad faction with Qeynos may have difficulty accessing this arena, as well as fighting in it. Also, this Arena is not on a separate level; anyone can step in and out of and the only way to get into the Warrior’s Guild is to cross this Arena.

Freeport: The Arena in West Freeport is more traditional. It is a large square surrounded on three sides by two tiers of stands, where spectators can watch fights. The east side of the stands leads back down into the city. On the other side are two levels which cannot be reached from the rest of the stands. NPC warriors hang around here. Unlike Qeynos, this Arena is on its own level below the stands, so the only way into it from the stands is to drop into it. From there, the only way in and out is through the door at the west side of the floor, which leads into the dungeons beneath the levels where the warriors are. People with bad Freeport faction will find that they will still have a difficult time reaching the Arena, but its positioning allows for less “interruption” while fighting.

Neriak (The Bull’s Pit): This arena can be found in the southern section of Neriak Foreign Quarter. It is a small open-roofed courtyard inside of a larger building. The arena floor is a small square inside of this courtyard,just a step below the ground surrounding it, so anyone can step in and out on all sides. An ogre and a troll stand right next tothe floor.The south side of the arena leads into a small room with a merchant selling general supplies, and also further in to the rest of the building. On the east and west sides of the arena are identical two floor structures that look out onto the flor. On the bottom floor of either of these are are merchants selling drinks, and on the top floors are small lounges with balconies hanging over the arena. This is probably one the smallest arena in the game, and so is suited best for pure melee combat. Unfortunately, the close proximity of NPCs around the arena make it pretty much inaccessible to anyone who is KoS with Neriak.

Paineel: in the South Eastern most part of the 1st building you get to. This building houses the Shadow Knight Guild, “The Fell Blade.” After passing the guards at the first portcullis, go straight into the building, follow the right hallway, and open the door. There are tables surrounding the arena so that you can enjoy the bloody spectacle! (Submitted by inoffensive_name)

Cabilis (The Gauntlet): In West Cabilis, near the LOIO zone, is a large rectangular shaped Arena. The sand-covered Arena is on the same level as the non-PvP stone around it (no borders), but this outlines the entire arena so that one does not have to cross the PvP area itself to get to the rest of the city. On each long side of the Arena is a row of iksar statues. These statues can be used to avoid an opponent’s spells or ranged melee damage, making this arena one of its kind. Access is difficult for the majority of players that are KoS in the city, but the arena is situated aways from most of the guards.

Torsis (The City of Mist Arena): Located inside of a large building in the City of Mist, this arena is seldom used (obviously). Since everyone is KoS here, and KoS mobs dwell inside and on the arena itself, there’s not much of a point. It is, however, creative in design. The room that contains the arena is circular, with sets of stands on all sides. There is a large circular gap that separates the stands and the arena itself, which is a platform in the middle of this room. It is unbordered on all sides, making it possible for one to be knocked off to their fate in the waters below. The platform itself is very small.

Thurgadin: In the halls of the guardhouse near the city’s entrance is a very small arena. This arena fills up most of the room that it is in. Once you enter the room, you walk down a small flight of stairs, and you’re on the PvP floor. This leaves little room for spectators. Getting here may be difficult for Coldain-KoS players, and fighting here is even more difficult, as there is a dwarf standing on top of the stairs in the room itself.

Kael Drakkal (The Altar of War): Accessing this arena is very difficult for Giant-KoS players, as the creatures on the route to it see invis. The Arena is in the north part of the city, inside its own open-roofed building. It is surrounded on three sides by two tiers of stands, and several giants hang out here, one of which is a merchant. The Arena itself is on its own floor below these stands, and once one falls in, the only way in or out is through the two doors that lead back around into the Temple of Tactics/Strategy. There is also a large altar on this side of the arena, where the Idol of Rallos Zek and the Avatar of War spawn. The Arena itself is a bit larger than Freeport’s, although similar in design. There appears to be a broken, scripted event here, on which pairs of various level 1 NPCs spawn. I assume they’re supposed to fight eachother, but they don’t, and eventually despawn. These aren’t KoS.

The Plane of Mischief (The Chessboard): This was once a truly unique arena, but has now been ruined thru the 2003 revamp and is covered with several high level KoS NPCs. It’s still PvP marked, though. It’s literally a massive replica of a chessboard, complete with giant chess-pieces. The squares constantly alternate colors (black and white), giving one the sensation that the arena itself is moving. On top of this, there are several hidden pit-traps, which drop one down into the maze below. Since PoM was very remote before the revamp, and now, after the revamp, is covered with KoS mobs, it has never seen much use, though it deserves it.

Sanctus Seru: This arena is much like Freeport’s, but on a much grander scale, similar is design to something like the Roman Coliseum. The arena floor is circular in shape, with an opening on one side leading into the tunnels beneath the main structure. Besides that, it is surrounded by a wall. Above this are several tiers of stands, with dozens of NPCs on it. The arena floor is very large. There is a scripted event that can be triggered from an NPC outside, which spawns one mid level KoS animal in the arena. Accessing the Arena may be difficult for KoS players, but they should find fighting in it easier.

Shar Vahl: Also similar in design to Freeport’s and Sanctus Seru’s, this arena is slightly smaller. Once again, it is on its own floor, with stands above it on two sides. The other side leads out to the city, and the last side is a balcony coming out from the building overlooking the arena. On the floor is one door that leads into this building. This arena should be easy for most everyone to access, as few are KoS to the Vah Shir, and very easy to fight on.

THE ARENA: This is the mother of them all. Situated off of Lake Rathe, this is a zone in itself that has no purpose other than to serve as a focal point of PvP combat. Coming into the zone, you will no NPC other than a soulbinder. The zone itself is made up of two rings. The outer ring walls the entire zone. The inner ring walls off the Arena itself. From the east side zone in, one most run around this area between the inner and out ring to reach the great door into the Arena. All of the ground inside the inner ring is PvP marked. This is an enormous arena. In the center of it is a small, raised platform. A throne is situated at the west end of this platform. There are no other objects on the arena floor besides a few carts near the inner ring wall, and the four big spires that hang over the entire arena. Its large size has made this arena the stage for more PvP events than any other arena, from single-player duels, to guild wars, even to the ancient Best of the Best competitions. There is no risk of intervention by an NPC here, and besides the fact that its massive size allows for little safe room for spectators, this arena’s only flaw (or possibly, advantage) is that it is situated so far from the mainstream of the EQ population.

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