Blade & Soul Synergy System Guide

Blade & Soul Synergy System Guide by futilepath

What is the Synergy System?
Synergy system is a mechanic in Blade and Soul for combat. It’s main purpose is to make fighting against named bosses or world bosses much easier.

What does it do?
Synergy system basically is a counter to the status ailment resists that the bosses all over the game world have. Pretty much all elite bosses have natural resists to status ailments.

What are status ailments?
These are just fancy words for the effects that gives a disabling condition to a target. Stun, Grogginess, Knock Down, and Knock Back are all the disabling conditions in Blade and Soul. Putting targets in any of these states will let you use certain skills that are otherwise unavailable.

How does the Synergy System work?

Synergy system is easiest to use in a party with other players. When you start fighting a boss, and you cast a status ailment skill, the boss will not get affected. Instead, an after image of a certain color will receive the status ailment. The color of the boss’s after image varies depending on what status ailment is being applied. Below are the color codes for each of the 4 conditions:

Red – Grogginess state
Posted Image

Yellow – Knock Back state
Posted Image

Green – Knock Down state
Posted Image

Purple – Stun state
Posted Image

The method doesn’t just end with making the after image appear. Once the after image appears, you have a 1 – 2 second window to cast a skill that gives the EXACT SAME status effect. This means that, once a person uses a knock down skill to pop the after image, another person needs to use a knock down skill immediately to make the actual boss land on it’s back. Remember, you only have a second or two to make the 2nd skill hit the boss for the boss to physically receive the status ailment.

The Synergy system basically asks of a better-than-average teamwork from party members. Now we all know that this is very difficult if you are pugging groups…but I guess this is Blade and Soul’s way of encouraging coordinated party play.

*Important* This may be a bug that is present in the beta tests so far, but you cannot have more than 2 people use the skill(s). If a 3rd person uses the same skill, the boss will get canceled out of the status effect.

hopefully this will help those english players hunt bosses easier~ :)

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