Battle Pirates Cargo Capacity and Armor Guide

Battle Pirates Cargo Capacity and Armor Guide by sumguy

As far as I know, no one has made a definitive guide to listing any of the cargo capacity’s of individual ships, or armor values. True you can always refer back to the original building that researched it, but as we all know that can be tedious when trying to build a perfect ship/fleet. Why go through all that hassle when you can just get someone else to do the legwork…

So here I am. Doin’ the legwork

I am not completely positive, but it appears that the total weight of the ship is entirely dependent on the armor and weapons, and the hull weighs zero. I’m still too lazy to waste the resources to make a completely defenseless ship. As far as the cargo capacity goes, it does not seem to matter armament or armor, it is entirely dependent on hull type.

The only exception to overloading cargo capacity seems to be looting bases.

Add the capacity of each individual ship and you have your fleets cargo capacity.

So add each weapons weight to the armor weight and you have the total weight of the ship, continue until you have all 5 ships in your fleet and you have the fleet weight.

I plan on working the numbers for base armor, just not now. Also I wanted to include dock capacitys but eh.. It’s late, and i don’t have the info.

As always, these numbers are changing with constant updates and improvements from the devs, if you have anything to add to this feel free. Oh if you can tell me an individual ff cargo capacity, I’d appreciate it and incorporate it into this.

Corrections welcome

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