Zorg Empire Veteran Tips

Zorg Empire Veteran Tips by Weasel

I’ve made my share of mistakes in learning (and have a few moons now from others mistakes). I think overall it is not that the game is too tough, or that players need more protection, but, that the advice given to new players is misleading.

Almost all anyone says is learn to fleetsave. While this is good advice, it is not the only advice and leads to a new player getting caught with his pants down when for some reason can’t get back on line when their fleet comes home. If I was a puppy-stomper that is the only advice I would give as I know sooner or later I’ll be able to trash them once they get beyond the new player protection.

If I was giving advice to new players it would be:
time – this game cannot be learned to play well in a short period. You can spend a lot of money upfront to try and build a big empire but you will go down fast when you make a mistake.

ships – keep a low profile to begin with. Only build as many ships as you need to raid the planets of inactive players. You will make a mistake sooner or later (yes, you will) and so be willing to lose those ships. I would hold off on the big expensive fancy ships until you have some more time under your belt. That destroyer sitting all by itself is a big juicy target.

mines – mines need power, but solar satelites are a target. the more you have the bigger the target you are. think about growth balanced with ground station power

vacation mode – if you know you are coming up to a time period and your schedule won’t be stable then use vacation mode.

puppy-stompers – let it go for now. Build your experience and learn how to protect what you’ve got. In the long run puppy-stompers have weaknesses and you can make yourself into more of a porcupine. They can stomp you but it can be painful for them.

And finally, this is just a game. If you can’t enjoy it you should be looking elsewhere.

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