Wonderland Online Hiding Skills Guide

Wonderland Online Hiding Skills Guide by chenwy11870

Okay, today, i will tell everyone about the secret of the hiding skill for each attributes. i think all of u definitly were interested about it coz i mentioned that be4. Therefore,i asked edwin to help me to get all the name of the hiding skills, we need to thx to edwin, without him, hiding skills will still be a mystery for u guys.

Then, back to topic, hiding skill means the skill which didnt show up in the normal skill tree, but they still exist. It requires u to add certain stat pts then u can learn it(the way to learn the hiding skill is the same as learning skills from skill tree). All in all, now i’m going to list out all the hiding skills and their requiring stats for everyone.

Fire attribute:
Unfortunately, there is no hiding skill for this attributes. Because it already has some strong skills.

Water attribute: (all of them r supporting skills)
Free from mess – WIS 42, INT 1 – ravel from Mess
Sleep          – WIS 47, INT 2 – Turn enemies to sleep, last 2 rounds(the same as freeze), lv1 can sleep 1 enemy, lv10 can sleep 4 enemies)
Revival        – WIS 53, INT 1 – Revive a dead team member, lv1 revival with 10% of MaxHP, lv10 revival with full MaxHP
Recover Normal – WIS 58, INT 3 – Recover all the debuffs from a person except earth attribute debuffs, coz it is against water

Earth attribute: (1st one is magic skill, 2nd is supporting skill)
Acrolith Attack – INT 114, WIS 9 – summon acrolith to atk enemy (only to 1 target)
Summon Mosquito – WIS 58, CON 12 – summon a mosquito to atk enemy (only to 1 target)

Wind attribute: (all of them r melee skills)
Shadow attack      – AGI 85
After image attack – AGI 103, STR 50
Storm attack       – AGI 124, STR 65
P.S. Those r the atking skills, i dont need to explain too much

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