Wonderland Online Quest Guide for Beginners

Wonderland Online Quest Guide for Beginners by TianDan

Kelan Village:

1. Unknown Fate

Target: Astrologian at Civillian’s House

Condition: None

Process: Enter the Kelan Village and talk to Mary Lou, then talk to the Astrologian’s at her home. Will gain reward after the conversation.

Reward: Notepad (Quest Log)*1, Tent*1

2. The Monkey Incident

Target: Monkey at North Island

Condition: None

Process: When you land on the shore, will then see a monkey on the tree, after activation, the monkey joins the troop.

Reward: The monkey joins the initial staged troop as a member

Sub-Quest – Monkey returned to his parents

Target: Welling Village

Condition: Monkey in your team

Process: Have the monkey in your team and go to Welling Village on the right entrance. Keep going to the down-right direction until u see a portal going to another forest. In the middle you should see a yellow question mark. go there and talk to the big monkey. Fight lv20 Monkey and finish the quest.

Reward: lv4 necklace +2atk.

3. The Lost Dog

Target: Line

Condition: None

Process: Talk with Lina of the Kelan Village, you will gain a reward if he finds  the
lost dog.

Reward: Coconut*2

4. Pig taking a walk

Target: Villager in the piggery

Condition: None

Process: Will gain reward if you help the pig owner find her pig that ran away. The pig is up hill to the right of the cave in Kelan Village.

Reward: Fine Stick (Attack+1, Defense+3)*1

5. Dinner Incident

Target: Kelan Village’s Doll at big pot

Condition: None

Process: Standing next to the large pot is a Doll who asks you to go to the entrance of
the mine pit to ask Emilie for hill pepper. By answering her question (she asked how old is she – Answer: 23), you can get the hill pepper and pass it onto the Doll to gain a reward.

Reward: Radio

6. Ill Grandfather

Target: Villager in the Mori house, near the large pot

Condition: None

Process: Help the old man, who is laying down to find a comb, and talk to the villager to gain a reward. The honey comb is to the left of the house. If you walk along the side of the trees in Kelan village, you will see some bees, walk in there you will find a honey comb hanging on a tree. Click on it to obtain it and fight 2 bees (I think)

Reward: Beast Bracers (Defense+2)*1

7. Pig’s Nightmare

Target: The pigs sleeping in the Kelan Village’s piggery

Condition: None

Process: Pointing to the sleeping pig will let you enter a game, gain a star if you succeed. The mini game is trying to hit the wolf or the wolf disguise as a pig with the wooden hammer. Last 1 min to win (I think 1min)

Reward: Star*1

8. The initial trial

Target: Kelan Village’s Leader

Condition: None

Process: Talk with the village leader, who will send Roca to help to get a scroll from the Kelan Village mine. The mine is near the girl Emilie when you do the Dinner Incident Quest. You will go to the last floor of the cave and fight a big chameleon (it huge but it weak trust me). You will be able to choose 1 out of 2 rewards. After that Roca will leave your party but talk to Roca gain to get her back in your party. Roca is one of the best beginner NPC pets to have.

Reward: Honor Wand*1 or Honor Claw*1.

9. Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed

Target: The pirate in Xaolan’s home in Kelan Village

Condition: None

Process: You see the pirate in Xaolan’s home, help defeat the pirate to gain a reward. The 3 pirates are kind of powerful in early of the game. They are lvl5-6 I think. Get a party if possible.

Reward: Shale*2, Star*1

10. Avenging Pirate

Target: Outside of Kelan Village – Near the trees you will see Pirate Leader

Condition: Needs to resolve Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed

Process: The pirates return to the village and kidnap Xaolan because of the previous failed robbery. The player defeats the pirate but sees the dying grandma in her home afterwards, the grandma hands Xaolan over to the player.  The Pirate Leader and 2 more pirate will fight you. They are powerful at the beginning of the game. You should get into party and fight.

Reward: Xaolan joins the team.

11. Hit Rabbits

Target: The rabbits at the back of Kelan Village leader’s house.

Condition: None

Process: After talking with the rabbit, you can play a little game and gain 10 carrots (HP+75SP+75). Fun minigame =).

Reward: Large carrots*10

North Island:

12. The Mysterious Maiden

Target: Cliff at the east coast of North Island-Maiden

Condition: None

Process: The player sees a maiden lying on the cliff on the the east coast of North Island, so he goes to awaken her, but she speaks something unintelligible. It can only be guessed her name is Niss, you have to take her along.

Reward: Niss joins the team

13. Niss’s Magical Wand

Target: Trees at the tip of the KaMa Mountain.

Condition: Niss is in the team

Process: Take Niss to the forest at the back of KaMa Mountain, and you will see a magical staff hanging on top of a tree, Niss will then come out to talk. Finally, she will get the magical staff. (KaMa mountain is the cave on the east of North Island next to the lake in the middle of the map). Monsters in cave is earthworm lv1x

Reward: Niss’s Magical Wand

14. The unfortunate destiny of the mysterious maiden

Target: 2F Welling Village

Condition: Needs to resolve The Mysterious Maiden

Process: Take Niss back to the hotel in Welling Village, you then consult the village leader on how to leave the island and later find out Niss has been taken away by the presbyters, so you begin a battle with the guards. Luckily, the village leader comes out and suppresses this matter. Niss will rejoin the team. Welling Village is the village in the south of North island. The portal in the bottom of the map will lead to Welling Village.

Reward: Bright Ring (MATK+2,level4)*1

15. Miner without ore

Target: Miner on 1F of the KaMa Cave

Condition: None

Process: Collect 3 iron ores for the miner, and you will learn mining skill. Iron ores can be found by fighting the ore monster in the cave of Kelan Village where you fought the chameleon.

Reward: Junior Mining Skill

16. Story of the Little Red Riding Hood

Target: North Island-Little red riding hood

Condition: None

Process: The cute little red riding hood goes to North Island to collect herbs so as to cure her grandma, but now they are besieged by wolves. They are very appreciative after you drive the wolves away.(Two wolves, level15.) You should be prepare for this. Get a party of lv5+ or so and you can do this quest.

Reward: Grain Shoes*1(SPD+2), Star*1

17. Mermaid

Target: East coast of North Island-Nielide

Condition: None

Process: The player meets the mermaid Nielide while training on the coast. The mermaid pleads the player to help her finding the conch with a thorn. When she gets it, the mermaid transforms herself into a human being to find her loved one, but finds out he already has another lover so she decides to sacrifice herself and becomes the foam, and leaves a will for the player to select to gain reward. To find the item she ask for the quest. Go to the portal after Starter beach, You should see a question mark at the North of the map. If not just go there and you will find a shell-like item. pick it up and give it to her. She will transform into human. Go up alittle bit to see a little scene. and then she will turn into bubbles after she saw her lover propose to another girl. leaving you a will with a reward.

Reward: Psychic’s Dagger  – “ This is the quest item for another quest.

Welling Village:

18. Is it gold axe or iron axe?

Target: Woodcutter of the Welling Village

Condition: None

Process: A Woodcutter of Welling Village lost his axe and asks you to search for it, which leads to an unexpected discovery…The axe can be found laying on the ground about half way on the left  of the lake in North Island. Choose answer Iron Axe for the fairy golden axe and the iron axe back. Then give it to the Woodcutter.

Reward: Fairy’s Golden Axe*1,Lauan *5 – the golden axe also a quest item for another quest along with the Dagger – I think the Psychic’s Dagger is called something else in WL but I forgot what it called.

19. Legendary Weapon

Target: Apprentice of the weapon store in the Welling Village

Condition: Needs to resolve Is it gold axe of iron axe and the Mermaid

Process: Give the dagger obtained from the mermaid mission and the axe from the Woodcutter to the apprentice of Weaponry, then the player can learn the Primary Alchemy skill. This is where you use your 2 quests item you found previously to learn primary mixing skill =)

Reward: Primary Alchemy skill

20. Grandma’s Special Soup Ingredients

Target: Aunt near the Weaponry of Willing Village

Condition: None

Process: An aunt cooking soup finds out her ingredients have been used up. She asks you to take the potatoes from the Fruit Grower at once. From the grandma go to the left of the village to find the Fruit Grower.

Reward: Remote Control*1 – useful item for afk training. Its function can be found at
Remote Control Guide.

The Squirrel Mission

Target: Monte in the jungles of the Welling Village

Condition: None

Process: Monte’s animal friend got frightened because the forest they lived in was cut down. Monte is very worried and asks you to help him search for the animals. Go down all the way to the bottom of the town and you will see a squirrel standing there. talk to it and go back to Monte to get the reward

Reward: Brown Hazelnut *12

South Island:

21. Shepherd Boy

Target: Shepherd Boy

Condition: None

Process: Talk to the Shepherd Boy on the farm and report to the village leader. The village leader is at Holy Village which is in the South-East of South Island. Then find the Shepherd Boy again and fight with the wolf. The wolf is lv30 I believe. You should be decent enough to kill it solo if not ask for party.

Reward: Title Deed – can be use to extent your tent with 5 stars

22. Sheep’s Nightmare

Target: The Sleeping Sheep

Condition: None

Process: There is a dreaming sheep near the Shepherd Boy, activate it to start a game. Pretty ok mini game =)

Reward: 5% EXP Capsule*1, Star*1

23. The Busy Old Farmer

Target: Farmer

Condition: None

Process: Talk with the farmer in the house near the Shepherd Boy on South Island, the farmer will ask you to collect 5xBarley. Learn collection skill after accomplishing it. You can get barley by fighting chicken in North Island.

Reward: Collection skill

24. A Big Bear Mission

Target: Honey Merchant

Condition: None

Process: Meet the Honey Merchant at the foot of Maka Mountain and accept the mission to defeat the bear. The bear is in the Maka cave 2nd floor –  the bear will be in the right part of that floor – in South Island.

Reward: EXP+1000

Giant Corpse Flower ( South Island )

Target: Villager(1380,2335)

Condition: None

Process: Discover villagers near Maka Mountain and go to the west coastline to defeat the Giant Corpse Flower. The Giant Corpse Flower lvl is really high and it has a huge amound of HP. I forgot how much but more then the bear quest (Bear 4.8k HP). And it also comes with 2 little flower lv50+ and pretty high HP too. Pretty hard quest for lvl below 30ish. Also need full party. Please dont solo this quest at low lvl unless u want to die ^.^”

Reward: 15% EXP Capsule

The other side of cave

Target: Maka Mountain Stone Door. Coordinates (3442, 815)

Condition: *Finish the Quest [Start off again with Roca] *Roca must be in the team

Process: After arriving on South Island, you discover a door at the top of the mountain and enter into the cave to have a look. The cave is near the bear cave. It the on the right side of the bear cave. You will need an air transportation vehicle to get in the cave or to even activate the quest.

Reward: La.Tim’s Lease*1, (ATK+50,MAXHP+350 Human pet used), Crystal Skull

Holy Village:

25. A Man in the Bar

Target: A Man on the 2F of Bar

Condition: None

Process: Defeat Drunk Man in the Bar and save Ferdinand.

Reward: King Certification – I dont know what is this for but if anybody know please tell me, I’m pretty sure it will lead to another quest =)

26. Unbelievers

Target: Holy Village’s Cathedral

Condition: None

Process: *You must activate the Shepard Boy quest and the Farmer quest in order to finish this quest.I don’t know why but I spent hours with my friends trying to figure out what did we miss out in the quest. Finally I took them to activate those 2 quests and they can fight the fight to complete the quest*

In the Cathedral of Holy Village, several aboriginal people are caught for being  non-believers. The priest is thinking of a way to save them. He hopes you can get the key for the cellar from village leader….The Village leader is in the south area of the village. Go through the portal in the south. The leader house should be the big house in that area. Talk to village leader and the go downstairs and leave, you will be stopped and the housekeeper will say the key is hidden in the wall. You should find the key on the wall cover by a brick. Go back to the church and go down the basement where they capture the villagers. Rescue them. Fight 3 lv26 or so guard – advise you have full party unless your lvl is super high. After that release the villagers and come back and talk to the priest. Choose 1st option and fight again 2 lv28 guards. Win and finish the quest

Reward: Star*2, Jalor Design

27. Undeserved Roca

Target: The house closest to the Holy Village entrance

Condition: Needs to resolve [The initial trial], and Roca follows
Process: Player gets to the house closest to the Holy Village entrance and sees a villager dying due to illness. At that moment, a presbyter of Holy Village comes in and blames Roca for killing the villager and takes Roca away by force. You are in danger if you save Roca. Roca is being held in the same place the villagers were held. But her cell is on the left and the villagers were on the right.

Reward: Increases Roca’s friendship degree+

28. Fish Food

Target: Turque from Holy Village

Condition: None

Process: Turque pleads with you to catch a pink earthworm for him, if you can he will teach you his ten-years of fishing experience. Pink earthworm can be catch at the cave near the lake in North Island.

Reward: Primary Fishing skill or Star*1

29. Axeman with a broken axe

Target: Axeman

Condition: None

Process: Talks with the Axe man in the house near the Stuff Shop of Holy Village. He needs a Bei’s Ore. Go to the cave near the lake in North Island (KaMa Cave), 2F to get it and then return to the Axe man, he will teach you his Cutting skills.

Reward: Cutting skill

30. Please buy match!

Target: The Match Girl in Holy Village Square

Condition: None

Process: Talk with the matchstick girl, and she will ask you to collect match materials. You will get a reward after completing it. I am very sorry I forgot what the girl ask for. Must be wood or something because I accidentally talk to fast and  skipped the dialog but I have the items in my inventory or something. She just ran off and I finished the quest. *edit: thanks to thrashnight now i know* you need 3 firewoods for the girl. Firewood can be made in ur tent using the tools. (i forgot which one but its the one the split wood) 1wood => 2 fire woods.

Reward: EXP+100

31. Elf’s tear

Target: Antique Merchant

Condition: Needs to resolve[The Goddess’s Revelation] – I will show u how to do it too along with the quest.

Process: There will be a Waterfall near outside Holy Village. Go inside. Go all the way to the left side of the cave. You will find a big angel statue. Talk to it. After that, go to the North end of the cave to get elf’s tear. Now go back to Holy Village. Talk with the Antique Merchant in the house(X2462 Y895) near the Item Shop in Holy Village and activate the quest, you will get a Vacuum Cleaner as a reward for finding the Elf’s Tears.

Reward: Vacuum Cleaner (Obtain one item every 3 mins while collecting source in the collection place)

The hidden cellar

Target: Holy Village Coordinates(942, 735)little boy

Condition: None

Process: Talk with the little boy at coordinates (942, 735) in Holy Village and find out there is a hidden cellar behind the big tree that the boy says. Go down the dungeon. Go all the way til you see Darkness Spirit. Talk to it and fight (Darkness Spirit 7.2k hp along with 2 ghost mobs 500hp). Win the battle and go to the next portal. Open the chest and you will get the reward.

Reward: Hot-air Balloon Design


Target: King of the Children in the forest of Holy Village

Condition: None

Process: You will see three children in the southeast forest of the Holy Village leader’s house. Click the King of the Children, he will invite you to play Hide-and-Seek. You have to find them. After finish the quest. Talk to the girl not the King of the Children, and play hide and seek again. After that you can trade 3 star for a shoes (gives chance to escape from battle very high – almost every battle)

Reward: EXP+100, Bowling*3

Secret Path under the Gravestone

Target: Holy Village

Condition: None

Process: Talk to the Drunkard in the Holy bar. Go outside to the right and you will see a gravestone. Click on it, you will see a stair. Go down – Go to the next portal on the right. Click on the picture and obtain a picture knife. Go back out and Go to the left of the cave with the hole in it. Click on it and it will open the secret door. Go inside and click on the switch. Go out and proceed til you see a chest and few switch on the right. Read the paper on the wall. Remember the pattern and click on the switch in order of the paper. After that the chest will open and click on the opened chest you will get reward

Reward: Necklace +50Matk +350HP for pet only.

Village Leader’s Secret Chamber

Target: Holy Village – Holy Leader’s House.

Condition: None

Process: Go to the un-lit torch on the right of the Holy Leader’s house. Click on it and it will open. Go inside. Read the paper, click the switch to turn on the flame and remember it. Turn it off and click on the space and put the correct fire color in there to open the trap door. Go in and get your reward.

Reward: an Item that allow you to have 2x exp for awhile, 5 Ship tickets and something else I forgot =P Sorry.

Superior Weapon

Activation Location: Holy Village

Activation Condition: Must have Rope Ladder (made from tent), the dress from a house in Holy Village(1st house i forgot the name of the dress)

Process Description:

First you need to get the item. And go to this place..talk to old woman..and jump in.
When you are in side this cave..first go to the 1 room first.
look at picture.

If You enter that room search the place is look like this.

Cilck the stone that had a mark on it. in picture.
Stone number 1 .. choose third option to anwser.
Stone number 2..choose First option to answer.
if your anwser is correct..you’ll see the screen like this. Another door is opened.

When you enter that door..you must see the box inside the room..open the box.
and you’ll have to defeat those

If you defeat it..you’ll get the x2 EXP potion and the Elin’s key room.
now turn back and go in another room.. number 2 in picture then go to the circle place.

you have to fight another monster

Beat it and you will get Elin in your team.

Reward: Elin join the party

World Map

Who stole the badge ( Cook’s Fleet )

Target: Cook’s Fleet

Condition: Be able to get to Cook’s Fleet

Progress: When you get on Cook’s ship. Go to the stair on the right. Then walk into the cabin. You will find Cook. One of Cook’s sailor took off with a badge. Cook’s want you to help him get it back. The sailor who stole the badge will be in Holy Village near the Holy Leader’s house. Talk to the sailor and you will ask to choose 1 of 2 choices:
1 – Call everybody and catch the thief – the quest will automaticly finish and you receive a 50% exp badge
2 – Ask him why he stole the badge – you will get the stolen badge and need to come back to Cook’s Fleet to finish the quest

Reward: If you choose option 2 – 1 star, 50% exp badge.

PS: To get to Cook’s Fleet, you will need a boat. Spawn or walk to Holy and get out of Holy Village. Go down the bridge and you will see a bridge on the right in the next portal. Go to the right with your boat until you see Cook’s Fleet in the World Map.


Way of the Samurai

Activation Location : Kyoto, Japan

Activation Target : Samurai

Activation Condition : None

Mission Rewards : Phoenix’s Feather*2 (This feather is used to revive in battle), The Guarded Ring*1

Process Description : Player discovers a samurai at coordinates (X1482,Y1415), defeats him will gain the reward. 5k hp fire element. You can only Solo him – He is lv 103 – Uhm recommended you do some training before fighting ^^

Encounter with Kanako

Activation Location : Kansai

Activation Target : The injured rabbit

Activation Condition : None

Mission Reward : Kanako’s Wooden Comb*1 + EXP+500

Process Description : Player finds an injured rabbit on the Map of Kansai, saves the rabbit which leads to the later developed stories – Meet up with Kanako as a pre-quest to get her later on in another quest. You will have to get shusi for her. Go to the town item shop and buy it and come back and give it to her.

The righteous trial

Activation Location : Kyoto

Activation Target : Officer

Activation Condition : None

Mission Reward : Mixed Noodles*5 – No encounter for 1min after eating it

Process Description : Player discovers two villagers fighting for a kid in Kyoto (coordinate:X562,Y455), by helping the officer to judge who owns the kid, player will gain the reward. Choose to give the baby to the younger woman and you will get the reward.

The undersea dragon palace

Activation Location:Japan

Activation Target:Shimura San、Kato San or the old seat turtle.

Activation Condition:None

Mission Reward:EXP+200、The Forgotten scroll*1

Process Description:Discovers 2 villagers surround next to an old sea turtle of the Kansai coast, what do they want to do to the sea turtle? You stepped out and trying to help the turtle – Agree to try to answer the question given – Answer : 85 – You will now get down to the Sea Palace – Go inside and pick up the Forgotten Scroll ^^” and go back up – This is a pre-quest for another quest which I already try and it is quite hard for me to do – The dragon named Leviathan lv160 21k hp is quite tough for me at the moment.

The parted Kappa mother and son

this image credit do chinese WL

Activation Location:Japan

Activation Target:Kappa Mother

Activation Condition:None.

Mission Reward:Fugu*5、EXP+2000

Process Description:Player meets a Kappa mother on a beach in Kansai who is sad because she couldn’t find her precious son, so the player goes back to Kyoto to help searching for the Kappa kid. Go to Kyoto and find a NPC named Boy near the Golden Temple. Talk to the boy and the Little Kappa will showed up. Talk to the Kappa and fight 3 npc – They are around lv40 around 400hp each. After that the kappa will join your team and take it back to his mother for reward.

Mayan Forest and Maya Village

Human ritual sacrifice

Activation Location:Maya Tribe

Activation Target:Villager

Activation Condition:None

Process Description:The player gets to the front of a villager’s house (coordinates:X2176,Y2134), and activates after entering, the image of ShaSha being taken to the human sacrifice ceremony shows up. At the end, when the player leaves, Shasha’ mum asks the player to rescue her daughter. So go to the well and you will see a cut scene that ShaSha got push down the well – You will jump down – Click on the trigger on the left of the hidden door you see. Get inside and you will see ShaSha – click on her you will trigger a fight with the blue ET – lv110 with 12k hp

After you beat it – take her back to her mom.

Mission Reward:Magical Rug*1 and ShaSha will join your team

Pirates who turn over a new leaf

Target : The cave at the tip end of south island

Condition : I think have Xaolan in your team or maybe None

Process: Go into the prirate cave at the bottom end of south island. Get inside the cave and go to the question mark in the map – Talk to the pirate and enter a fight with 4 elements pirate lv80. Beat it and the door will open – Get inside and talk to the chest and you will fight another battle of 2 lv80 pirates. Beat it and you will get Clive

Reward: Clive will join your team

Hanging by a thread

Target : From the place you get the Kanako’s Comb, go to the Northwest portal and go all the way to all the portal until you see a map with a question mark on the top right corner.

Condition : Must have Kanako’s Comb

Process: You are trying to stop the rascals from taking away a little girl, you beat the 1st few rascals in the 1st battle – But 8 of them came in to battle – But in that moment, Kanako came and lend a hand to defeat them. You can only have 3 people in your party as Kanako will join as the 4th member of the party – She is lv9x with 1k+ hp. After you beat them, Kanako will join you

Reward: Kanako join you.

– Oslya –

Dr. Dinosaur

Activation Location:Oslya

Activation Target:Dinosaur egg

Activation Condition:None

Process Description:Go to the 4th cave of Oslya, then to the portal on the left. Challenge each individual dinosaur.

After that beat all the dino – Go to the next portal and start fighting 4 Dino bosses 1 at a time

1st battle – these 3

2nd battle – similar to the 1st one – more HP though ^^”

3rd battle – similar – More hp and alittle bit harder ^^”

Finally – Last battle

And go to Dr’s Lab. The Dr. asks the player to attain a dinosaur egg (same cave 1st floor – near the right portal, there is a path go down), and will give the player a big present afterward.

Mission Reward:Arez joins the troop、10%EXP Capsule*1

Elin’s Gun Quest (sorry I dun know the name of the quest T___T)

Activation Location:Oslya

Activation Target:Dr in the the lab

Activation Condition:your char Lv30 (dunno if right or not but you should be around 30-40 when you try this) and you must have Elin in your party.

Process description: Go to the 4th cave of Oslya – Then go to the right portal – Fight Stegos. After you fight all of them – You will reach the lab. Talk to the doctor and he’ll give you the Gun for Elin

Reward: Plasma Gun (I think thats what it called) for Elin +45Atk – After you and Elin lv40 – come back and get the Plasma Chip from the doctor to increase Elin atk more.

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