Wonderland Online Forgotten Scrolls Guide

Wonderland Online Forgotten Scrolls Guide by MAMC2K6

Hi there I’ve got all these forgotten scrolls so I wanted to share it with all of you, I Hope it will help you guys, They are organized by region so enjoy it =)

1. North Island
Condition: Use an Aircraft
Location: X: 3482 Y: 2735 (Near the Cave)
Procedure: Click on the box

2. Welling Village

Condition: Use an Aircraft
Location: ET’s Rest Area X:3482 Y:2735 (The Area is dark)
Procedure: Talk to the ET

3. Holy Village

Condition: Have a Rope Leader
Location: Go down to The Well passing the bridge
Procedure: Click 10 times on the rusty mirror (the one that can’t be moved)

4. South Pole
Condition: Go to the South Pole in the cave and find the big steam ship first
Location: From the cave entrance go all the way to the left
Procedure: Save the captian in the south pole cave then go back where the steam ship was and give to him 1 Large Asembly Machine (made by Carpenter’s Lathe) and 1 Steam Engine (made by Grinding Equipment)

5. Mayan Tribe
Condition: Use an Aircraft
Location:In the Mayan City in the Town X:4402 Y:515
Procedure:Talk to the Blue ET, Defeat the 8 ET (like 3k hp each one)

6. Mayan Forest
Condition: Use an Aircraft and have 1 Boat
Location:X: 4989 Y:4331
Procedure:Talk to the guy in the who is standing on the rock in the river then battle the cocodriles 6 cocodriles 800hp and 1 huge cocodrile 13K hp then just give him the boat.

7. Inca
Condition: Use an Aircraft
Location: X:4002 Y:5755
Procedure: Click on the Box

8. Japan/Koyota
Condition: None
Location: in the Beach where te (?) mark is
Procedure: Talk to the men near the turtle then answer 8 and then 5, after that the turtle will lead you into the seabed enter in the palace at the end of take the scroll on the window.

9. Yamataikoku
Condition: None
Location: Talk to the left guard standing at the left of the entrance
Procedure: Accept the quest just find the 4 ninjas and fight them just 20k each one the locations of the four ninjas areX:2322 Y:795 ;X:1042: Y:475 ; X:742 Y: 1895 ; X: 900 Y:2300

10. China
Condition: Use an Aircraft
Location:Near the top left tres X: 542 Y:1355
Procedure:Click on the Box

11. Chang’an/China
Condition:Have 10 pieces of Paper
Location:Next to the Hotel, the civil house in the back room the guy named “Scholar”
Procedure:Give to him the 10 piece of paper

12. Chang’an/China
Pre-Quest: No Ink Now
Condition: Have 5000g
Location: Talk to the same man X: 1182 Y: 895
Procedure:Talk to the man and then go to the hotel talk to his girlfriend then go back and talk to him again and give him 5000g

13. Chang’an/China
Condition: Dragon Spirit’s trial (DS Quest)
Procedure:After getting the DS the scroll its a reward

14. Chang’an/China
Condition: Dragon Spirit’s trial (DS)
Location: In the same room that DS
Procedure:Click on the dragon pilar 100 times

15. Chang’an/China (2 Forgotten scrolls)
Condition: None
Location: the business man located on the west side of town
Procedure:Exit the town through the back portal and follow the map to the only portal available. Once inside there are two fights that take place. The first fight consists of 8 Earthen Figurines with spawns. All enemies have seals. Fire Lvl 135 20990HP Wind Lvl 135 22660HP Earth Lvl 135 23330HP Water Lvl 135 21050HP. Prior to the second fight the gods ask you some random questions, the answers are as follows. 1 Splinter 2 Britain 3 France 4 Micheal Jackson 5 the Moon . The second fight is much like the first one, the gods will use magic mostly and seals, water can revive so its easiest to just take him out first. Knight JS is very helpful in cutting down the time during this quest. I’m unsure of the outrun speed on either fight, but it is between 550-1000. Enemy Info Fire God Lvl 155 32990HP Wind God Lvl 154 33450HP Earth God Lvl 151 36000HP Water God Lvl 153 35560 HP Fire Lvl 135 20990HP Wind Lvl 135 22660HP Earth Lvl 135 23330HP Water Lvl 135 21050HP Once finished claim your reward from the chest, 10% capsule and 2 forgotten scroll.

16. Chang’an/China
Condition: CompletePaper is Expensive it’s a forgotten scroll quest too
Go to the second floor of the Hotel.Click on the Sedulous Scholar and he will ask you to locate his 4 missing treasures. * Writing Brushes : go to the house near the kids that need a common stone. Inside go to the back room where the girl needs rice. On the table here you will find the writing brushes. * Ink Stone: After talking to the scholar go in the house next to the hotel, on the table (near the scholar that wants paper) you will see a black stonethis is the ‘Ink Stone’.* 1 Ink – obtained through fishing, monsters’ drops, or by compounding Barley + Goose or Funny Feathers *1 Paper.

17. Bangok (5 forgotten scrolls)
Condition: Rebirth Quest(RB Quest)
Procedure: After the 3rd round you will get an Forgotten scrolls (5 scrolls in total)

18. Persia
Condition: None
Location: X:3250, Y:850 Talk to Lacey
Procedure: Go inside the palace and then enter the door on the left. Continue through the areas until you reach the end (one way). You will see statue of a monster and statue of a man. Click on the statue of a monster and you will have to fight it. [Parth, LVL:180, HP:56850, SP:22000, Earth]*1, [Kusarikku, LVL:164-170, HP:28350, SP:3500, All]*3
After the fight, Lacey’s boyfriend will need a Life Crystal. After giving him a Life Crystal, head back to Lacey and you can get your reward.

19. Persia
Condition: None
Location: Talk to Lia who is on the street
Procedure: http://forum.wl.igg.com/viewthre … ight=%2Bkeyoshikira
20. Cairo/Egypt
Condition: Use any water/air vehicle (to reach cairo from the pier)
Location: On the bottom left in the map just swim on the Little lake there
Procedure:Click on the box

21. Cairo/Egypt
Pre-Quest: The Stranger never Eats and Drinks
Pre-Quest:http://wonderlandonline.wikia.co … ver_Eats_and_drinks
Condition: Use any water/air vehicle (to reach cairo from the pier), 3 magnets and 1 magnet stone
Location: On the bottom RIGHT in the map in the little island where (?) mark is
Procedure: Give the 3 magnets and the magnet stone to the martian

22. Cairo/Egypt
Pre-Quest: Camel with Sunstroke
Pre-Quest: http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Camel_with_Sunstroke
Condition: Use any water/air vehicle (to reach cairo from the pier) / Have Bright Key
Location:X:1742 Y:4855
Procedure:Go to bottom pyramid. Use Bright Key to Enter Pyramid. Opposite Side of Map in Middle X:1502 Y:855, and read the paper on wall. It say correct ciphers needed to enter. Click on the Door and it will ask u for the Cipher.Choose: Sesame Opens the Door.
Go inside and head up hallway. And then Click on the Treasure Pile a battle starts. In this battle u fight 8 mobs lvl95-97 with 5-5.5k hp of all Elements. The Fires cast Hot Fire (GS) and the Winds do Vanish (GS).

23. Hanging Garden/Babylon
Condition: Have the key of babylon
Location: Enter the main building, go to the back room where the (?) is.
Procedure: In Hanging Garden, enter into the first floor of the castle, and head straight foward to the top-right exit. In this room, go into the area on the right, where you will see a monster defeat the [Huge Megapod Beast, LVL:180, HP:58000, Fire], [Megapod Beast, LVL:120, HP:10580-11800, All]*3 +5 respawns, then go to the other way and You’ll enter like a jail area, open the door and go to the stone with the symbol, an huge eagle will apper deaft it (it’s an very easy battle) then go up and talk to the Queen.

24. Hanging Garden/Babylon
Condition: Have solved the key of Babylon quest
Location: Where the Queen is
Procedure:She asks you to get her a couple of things for her because she is lonely.
First, she asks for a Purple Rose (I obtained this by compounding Fine Golden Rose & Fine Grass)Return to her with a Purple Rose and she will then ask you to catch a Flamboyant Parrot for her – these are found in the area behind the Hanging Garden castle.After returning to her with the Flamboyant Parrot.

25. Hanging Garden/Babylon
Condition: None
Location: Back Jungle X:902, Y:1315
Procedure: Click the small flower several times until it blooms, revealing a small Flower Spirit Defeat her just 8k hp I guess.

26. Athens
Pre-Quest: Help Watching the House
Pre-Quest: http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Help_Watching_the_House
Go talk with each of the villagers and leader gathered around the small fountain.They will tell you about how the local pool has been mysteriously poisoned.Thinking that maybe the strange items you saw in the backroom of Hyeres’ house have something to do w/ the poisoned pool, you return to Hyeres’ residence to investigate.Talk with Hyeres again and watch the cut scene in which he is arrested by the mob.Go to back to the fountain, and talk to the villagers again.Find the Villager dressed in black to the right of Hyeres’ house and ask him if he saw anything suspicious around the fountain. Follow the Villager’s clue by finding the young Girl that usually roams the area surrounding the Fountain.Go up the stairs to the right, and walk towards the entrance to the Cursed Palace.Talk to the crying girl. She explains that she accidentally tainted the water and gives you an Introduction Letter (quest prop) to explain the misunderstanding.Deliver the letter to the Village Leader. Hyeres is released, and presents you with a gift of thanks.

27. Athens
Pre-Quest: A) The Mystery in the Book, B) The Lost Oddesy
Pre-Quest: A) http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/The_Mystery_in_the_Book
Pre-Quest: B) http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Disappeared_Odyssey
Location: Same Building as the Pre-Quest
Procedure: Just Answer the followings 1: Homer 2: The Iliad 3: Troy

28. Athens
Condition: Do the last Scroll and u complete the requirements
Location: The Dairy Castly in town the only one
Procedure: Click on the Dairy Cattle and it will speak

29. Rome
Condition: None
Location:The building at X:1942, Y:315
Procedure: talk to the Senate Officer inside. Agree to help him and you will get into a fight (2x, Persian Army, LVL:80, 82, HP:6800, 6880, Elements: Earth, Water). After that fight, walk outside and there will be a group Persian Soldiers there waiting to attack. Talk to the guy leading them, and then you will fight them:(8x, Persian Army, LVL:120,121,122,123, HP: 16500,16500,17000,17500, Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind) Back row all respawn. After you have defeated them, go back into the Senate building and talk to the Senate Officer again to receive your reward.

30. Domremy/France
Pre-Quest: A) Met Joan for the 1st time and B) Fighting
Pre-Quest: A) http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Met_Joan_for_the_1st_time
Pre-Quest: B) http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Fighting
Location: In the same area as the Fighting quest, head to around [X:2200, Y:1700] and you will see Lancelot and two Militia.
Procedure: Talk to Lancelot and you will get in a fight with the Militia. Militia, LVL:121-125, HP:11250-11750. After the fight, Joan comes and talks to you and Lancelot gives you your reward.

31. Cornwall/England
Condition: None
Location:from the entrance go to down/left where the duck is walking
Procedure: Click the duck 10 times

36 Forgotten Scrolls in total (some quest give more than one)
Also You can get them in the Instinct Temple Incident and Yiar & Jiar Instance also sometimes from the magical egg from the Eight Warriors Instance

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