Wonderland Online Elf Tear Quest Guide

Wonderland Online Elf Tear Quest Guide by kata95

Here im gona show how to start the Quest and how to end it
And under the informations will be pictures if u dont know english or dont know what i mean ^^

1: Go to The Holy Village and take the Quest ath “Antique Merchand”
2: Go out of Holy Village there where the Lake is and Water fall is
3: Go to the water and leave Roca and Xaolan… U can take them when u will be going Back
4: Go Under the  Water fall .. When u be there and are fyrst time go somwhere u choce Left
5: U walk to the end… Then u meet a big good… Talk to it…
6: Then u go back… And this time u walk up..
7: When u have to choce agein.. Dont go up.. Go right
8: then u walk to the end and clik on the  Crystal( Remember u have to talk to the Goodess Fyrst)
9: Then u walk back to the way where u choce where to walk and go up
10:Now u see a Box… There is the Elf tear! Open it!
11: Now U can Go out .. And When u go out of the water u will get Roca And Xaolan Back^^

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